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    One Life To Live CAST - Bree Brennan (Past)

    Full detailed profile on Bree Brennan (Past) Played by Brooke and Kiley Liddell on One Life To Live Daytime Soap Opera.

    Brooke or Kiley Liddell
    Bree Brennan (Past)

    Actor: Brooke and Kiley Liddell

    Who played Bree Brennan (Past) over the years

    Stephanie Schmahl (December 9, 2008 - present)
    Brooke and Kiley Liddell (May 2008 - November 25, 2008)
    Carly Simon and Sam Malone Wolfe (October 2006 - April 2008)
    Samantha and Jessica Schaffhauser (May 2006-September 2006)

    Useful information on Bree Brennan (Past)

    * Resides at Llanfair with her family.
    * Was conceived when Tess was in control of Jessica's mind and body.
    * Took her father's last name as her first: Brennan.




    Born in 2006, Bree came into this world as Brennan Buchanan. Her mom Jessica decided to give her the Buchanan last name and Nash's as her first. It wasn't until later when Jessica shorten her name to Bree as a way to try to separate Jessica's alter ego, 'Tess,' from the baby, seeing as it was Tess who had been in control of Jessica's mind and body when Bree was conceived. As sweet as can be, this little bundle of joy has become the apple of many eyes, especially her daddy Nash's who has been left to live without Tess and face the truth that Jessica is married to Antonio.

    However, after Jess and Antonio's marriage ended, Bree was lucky enough to have her mom and dad reunite and is even going to be a big sister herself! Just when things where coming together for her family, little Bree lost her father after an accidental fall.






    Jessica Buchanan (mother)
    Nash Brennan (father - deceased)
    Baby Brennan (sister - deceased)
    Chloe Brennan (thought to be sister but really cousin)
    Mitch Laurence (biological grandfather)
    Victoria Lord (grandmother)
    Clint Buchanan (grandfather by adoption)
    Victor Lord (great-grandfather)
    Eugenia Randolph (great-grandmother)
    Olympia Buchanan (great-grandmother by adoption)
    Natalie Buchanan (aunt)
    Cordero Roberts (uncle)
    Megan Gordon (aunt - deceased)
    Joey Buchanan (uncle)
    Kevin Riley Buchanan Sr. (uncle)
    Asa Buchanan (great-grandfather - deceased)
    Bo Buchanan (uncle)
    Ben Davidson (uncle by adoption/step-father)
    Drew Buchanan (cousin)
    Matthew Buchanan (cousin)
    Todd Manning (uncle)
    Starr Manning (cousin)
    Jack Manning (cousin)
    C.J. Roberts (cousin)
    Sarah Roberts (cousin)
    Duke Buchanan (cousin - deceased)
    Kevin Buchanan Jr. (cousin - deceased)
    Walker Flynn (Laurence) (paternal uncle - deceased)
    Tony Lord (maternal half-uncle)
    Tina Clayton Lord (maternal half-aunt)
    Meredith Lord (maternal half-aunt - deceased)
    Brian Kendall (maternal half-cousin)
    Thomas John McBain (maternal half-cousin)
    Daniel Wolek (maternal half-cousin)
    Zane Buchanan (cousin)





    Tuesday, November 25 2008: Three's A Crowd!

    Viki and Clint arrive at the hospital to take Jessica to St. Ann's. When Natalie and Jared show up, wanting to help, Jessica doesn't turn them away - and everyone watches as Viki unties Jessica's hands, in order for her to sign her commitment papers. Though Jessica signs, and is ready to head out, Viki reminds her, "You need to say goodbye to your daughters first." Later, holding Bree, Jessica tries to remain strong then cries, "I don't know how I'm going to leave you." As everyone watches, Jessica apologizes to Bree for not being there but promises that once she returns, she's going to be her mommy again.

    Now holding her baby, Jessica sobs, "You're so beautiful. I wish your daddy could've seen you. He would've loved you so much." …Never are they aware that Tina is watching them all from the doorway… Jessica then names her baby, Chloe, says a final goodbye to her girls then falls apart in Natalie's comforting arms.

    Friday, November 07 2008: Plans Are Put Into Motion...

    Finally, Charlie, Viki, Bree and Tina are in the basement. Though Charlie and Viki have no idea where to look, Tina cautiously points out scuffmarks by the wall, to which Charlie sees it's movable!

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