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    One Life To Live CAST - Tina Lord - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Tina Lord Played by Andrea Evans on One Life To Live Daytime Soap Opera.

    Andrea Evans

    Birthday: June 18, 1957
    Birthplace: Aurora, Illinois
    Marital Status: Married to Steve
    Real Name: Andrea Evans
    Height: 5' 5"
    Web site:


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    Brody Goes Into War Mode!

    Monday, September 22 2008

    Although Tess arrives back at Llanfair, and demands to know what is going on from Tina, Jared and David Vickers the dog make their way down into the basement - right outside of the secret room! From inside the room, Natalie watches and screams, "I'm in here, Jared!" Back upstairs, after Tess threatens Tina with Carlo, Tina is forced to step away from the basement door, which enables Tess to head downstairs! Just as David Vickers the dog sniffs at the wall covering the secret room, Jared wonders if there's 'something' behind it. However, Tess appears and asks, "Jared, are you okay?" After a little persuasion, Tess gets Jared to head back upstairs, leaving Natalie furious!

    Upstairs, Jared heads off to find Natalie's address book, and Tina tries to grab David Vickers from Tess's hands. "I don't think so, Tina," Tess says. "You're not going anywhere and neither is your dog." Tess rants and raves about urging Jared to go into the basement then threatens to hurt David Vickers the dog if she does it again! From downstairs, watching through the television cameras, Natalie is shocked to hear that Tina knows that Jess is Tess - and that she knows she's down there! After Tess gives the dog back to Tina, she heads downstairs…

    Downstairs, outside the secret room, Tess tries to torture Natalie with having had Jared so close. Though Natalie knows Jared won't give up, she is stunned to hear that Tina helped Tess drag her into the room! Suddenly, Natalie and Tess's attention are drawn to the television screen - where Tina is pleading with Natalie to forgive her and admitting that Tess is blackmailing her!

    Back upstairs, Jared walks in on Tina, and scares the life out of her! Falling into Jared's arms, Tina doesn't know what to say when Jared asks, "Tina, who were you talking to?"

    Tricks Of The Mind...

    Friday, September 19 2008

    As Tess is coming upstairs from the secret room, David Vickers the dog snarls at her! When Tina comes into the kitchen at Llanfair, she tells David to sit then listens as Tess reminds Tina of Carlo - and the crowned jewels - then demands her to convince Jared that he needs to give up on Natalie! After Tess storms out, Tina finds a key that she dropped - just as Jared comes in and asks, "Any word on Natalie while I was gone?"

    In the basement, Natalie vows never to give up - and not to let Tess win! In a rage, Natalie begins screaming, crying and banging on the glass! When she turns on the television, she watches Jared talking to Tina and is relieved to hear Tina tell Jared to follow his father's advice - and not give up on Natalie! Just then, Natalie sees Roxy appear to encourage Jared that Natalie will return for his love. As Jared agrees with Roxy, Natalie begs him to never give up on her! Once Roxy leaves, David Vickers the dog starts barking at the basement door, and Jared wants to see what's made him so curious. However, when Jared finds the door locked, Tina gives him the key and says, "Here's a key, maybe it's to the basement. Maybe you should give it a try."

    Tess arrives back to Llanfair to find the basement door open, and screams at Tina, "What the hell…" Meanwhile, Jared makes his way down the basement stairs!

    Jared Had A Partner In Crime!

    Tuesday, September 16 2008

    Still at Llanfair, Jared reads the letter from Natalie - and Tess reiterates what it says and suggests that Natalie just couldn't take it anymore. Suddenly, Tina stands up and says, "Natalie would never leave you, Jared." However, Tess tries to hush Tina by sympathizing with Jared then says, "We don't need anymore bad news… With Cris missing and Carlo on the loose… Who knows what could happen." That appears to hush Tina up for good! After Tina and Sarah leave to check in with Bo, Jared tells Tess, "I think this letter's a fake."

    From the basement, Natalie watches the screen and screams for Jared to see through Tess! When Natalie hears Jared suggest that the letter is a fake, and listens as he talks about how much Natalie loves him, she begins to have hope - especially when he says, "Someone forced her to write this letter." Though Natalie screams, "Tess! Tess is back," Jared thinks Clint forced her to write the letter, leaving Natalie yelling, "No!" Just as Jared goes to call Clint, Tess stops him and admits that she forced Natalie to write the letter! Tess starts crying and claims that maybe Natalie left because she was pushing her away - or because Natalie was so upset about his dealings with their father! However, Jared is determined to get to the bottom of this! With Natalie watching on, Tess smiles into the camera and comforts Jared!

    John arrives in Bo's office, shows Bo a DVD and says, "I think we might have gotten a break." Having overheard, Tina and Sarah appear and scold them for not calling with news of the lead. Bo explains the DVD is a surveillance tape from the airport, before they left, showing Cris walking away with a man, and says that they found a rag soaked with chloroform. While Bo is showing Sarah the DVD, John whispers to Tina, "I think your shoe is still in evidence," then Tina apologizes for running away from him at Lee's crime scene. However, when Bo rejoins them, they halt their conversation, leaving Bo and Tina to catch up. When Bo asks Tina for her take on how Jessica's doing, Tina almost spills the beans but just claims that Jess is stressed and is not herself. "So you noticed that too," Bo says. "That she's not herself…" Bo talks about Jessica's D.I.D. then wonders if Nash's death caused Jessica to relapse - like with Viki in the past. Knowing how destructive Tess can be, Bo says, "I wouldn't want anything to happen to those kids, would you?" Tina thinks back to Tess's threats against Sarah then says, "All I know is that my niece is really grieving. Other than that, she's fine - absolutely fine." Once Sarah and Tina leave, John asks Bo if he bought what Tina said about Jessica! Later, Bo and John make a connection to the man who led Cris down the airport corridor…

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