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    One Life To Live CAST - Tina Lord - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Tina Lord Played by Andrea Evans on One Life To Live Daytime Soap Opera.

    Andrea Evans

    Birthday: June 18, 1957
    Birthplace: Aurora, Illinois
    Marital Status: Married to Steve
    Real Name: Andrea Evans
    Height: 5' 5"
    Web site:


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    Held For Ransom: David Vickers The Dog!

    Tuesday, October 21 2008

    When Tina tries to remove the jewels from the safe, Viki appears and asks, "Tina, are you trying to break into the safe?" Tina blurts out that her dog has been kidnapped and that she was trying to get into the safe for a gun. After Viki reminds her that there are no guns in the safe - or the house - she asks, "Have you seen Tess?" However, Tina claims to know nothing then is distracted with another text message from Cain - a picture of her dog. Tina heads out to leave but promises when she returns they are going to find Natalie and Jessica.

    Just as Tess storms back into the house, pleased with herself, Tina appears outside and says, "Todd, little brother, there you are."

    Pow! Right In The Kisser!

    Thursday, October 16 2008

    Outside Llanfair, just as Tina puts David Vickers the Dog down and tells him to go find Cain, Tess appears and says, "Foxhunting?" Tess and Tina argue about Cain then Tina tries to get Tess to end this madness and release Jared and Natalie from the basement! However, Tess could care less what happens to them! When Tess leaves, Tina realizes that David Vickers the Dog should have been back by now - and wonders where he is!

    Later, when Viki and Bo find Tina on her hands and knees in the living room, searching for David Vickers, who Tina assures is a dog, they ask if Jessica 'seems like herself'. Nervously, Tina lies and chalks 'Jessica's' behavior up to… "After everything Jessica has been through she may never be the same again."

    After Tina leaves the room, she answers the door and a deliveryman hands 'the princess' an envelope - containing a ransom photo of David Vickers the Dog!

    For The Sake Of Your Daughter...

    Tuesday, October 14 2008

    Upstairs, looking at Cain, Tina is appalled that Tess would try to kill her and Jared with the drugged chip dip! After Tess assures Tina that Cain is just taking a brief snooze, Tina threatens to tell Viki about the secret room! Taunting Tess with thoughts of St. Anne's, Tina convinces Tess to help her hide Cain before Viki walks in - but not before Tess reveals that Jared is now locked in the secret room with Natalie!

    Suddenly, from the foyer, Viki hears 'Jessica' talking in the living room and heads in! When Viki finds the room empty, with 'Jessica' on the terrace, she's shocked to see Tina as well! Over talk of Natalie being missing, and the room being a mess, Viki claims she could use a drink! Though Tina and Tess try to ease Viki's mind about Natalie, and get her to go to bed, Viki is hungry - and goes for some chip dip! "Step away from the dip," Tina screams then tells Viki, "It's poisoned!" Tess interrupts, claims the dip has been out for a while, and is spoiled, but Viki can't get Natalie out of her mind - and tries to call Jared!

    "Mrs. Davidson," Jared answers his cell from the secret room. "Thank God! Listen up, I could lose you at any second…" As Jared rambles on about being locked in the basement, and about Jess being Tess, the signal goes dead - and Tess appears outside the secret room saying, "Nice try, Jared." When Tess threatens to kill Viki, Jared is forced to give her his cell phone.

    Back upstairs, Tina pleads with Viki to try to call Jared again, claiming to care for Natalie - and to have helped be there for 'Jessica' in their absence. Proud, Viki holds Tina close, tells her how happy she is that she's there and is glad to see how much she's changed… When Tess reappears, Viki voices her worries about losing the call with Jared, who sounded so upset, but Tess manages to convince her to finally go to bed. Little do they know, Cain is stirring awake out on the terrace!

    Once alone, Tess and Tina rush outside to check on Cain - but he's gone!

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