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    One Life To Live CAST - Tina Lord - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Tina Lord Played by Andrea Evans on One Life To Live Daytime Soap Opera.

    Andrea Evans

    Birthday: June 18, 1957
    Birthplace: Aurora, Illinois
    Marital Status: Married to Steve
    Real Name: Andrea Evans
    Height: 5' 5"
    Web site:


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    You Raped Me All Over Again...

    Thursday, November 13 2008

    When Tina comes face to face with Jared and Natalie in Llanfair's kitchen, they tell her about Jessica being in the hospital, leaving Tina to wonder if Viki knows about her part in Tess's scheme. Though Natalie admits that Viki doesn't know, she warns, "But she will!" Tina claims she only went along with Tess because she was her victim too - and that she had to go save David Vickers, who had a litter of puppies, and save Sarah from Carlo - but Natalie and Jared are anything but forgiving. Tina begs Natalie not to tell Viki the truth, and Natalie agrees to it - if Tina leaves town, now! Natalie and Jared say their goodbyes to Tina then head to bed - hoping that they never see her again!

    Weighing her options, Tina is shaken when Viki arrives home and says, "Tina, boy am I glad to see you."

    Jessica Faces The Music!

    Wednesday, November 12 2008

    Still in the motel room with Cain, Tina watches the news about the explosion at Llanfair and tells Cain, "They're going to kill me." Tina confides everything to Cain… about Tess and Natalie and Jared being locked in the secret room. Tina knows she deserves everything she gets, as Viki, Jessica and Natalie deserved better. She then hands Cain the real crowned jewel, before the police come after her, to which Cain says, "Come with me." However, Tina refuses his offer, knowing she has to face what she's done to her family. Cain promises to always think of Tina then takes her in a goodbye kiss.

    When Tina arrives back at Llanfair, she's relieved to find no one home. Suddenly, she hears giggling then comes face to face with Natalie and Jared!

    Plans Are Put Into Motion...

    Friday, November 07 2008

    During the heat of the moment, Tina and Cain make love in the motel room then talk about how they double-crossed each other. Looking at the new puppies, Tina says, "Isn't it amazing how David Vickers brought us back together?" Tina then announces that she - and Cain - are going to take care of the puppies. "I'm not going to abandon them like…" Tina pauses then rushes off to save Natalie and Jared!

    Charlie arrives at Llanfair to find Viki screaming, "In the basement, Tess locked them up downstairs!" Noticing that the door is locked, Charlie demands to know what is going on - and Viki explains how Tess has copied her plan when she was Jean! Suddenly, Tina arrives, and Viki asks if Jessica had any construction done while she was gone. Though Tina blows her question off, she pulls the basement door key out of her purse, as Viki is forced to go get a crying Bree!

    Finally, Charlie, Viki, Bree and Tina are in the basement. Though Charlie and Viki have no idea where to look, Tina cautiously points out scuffmarks by the wall, to which Charlie sees it's movable!

    Todd And Marty... Lovers!

    Thursday, November 06 2008

    Holding David Vickers in the motel room, Tina is furious to learn that her pup is a female - and a pregnant one at that! Though the jewelry appraiser wonders how Tina didn't realize that the dog squatted when she peed, Tina explains her preoccupation with the goings-on at Llanfair! After the man leaves, Tina apologizes to Cain for trying to give him fake jewels then convinces him to help her prepare David Vickers for birth. Together, they watch as little puppies are born. Tina and Cain bond with a kiss!

    Listen To Your Mother!

    Wednesday, November 05 2008

    In a motel room, Tina begs Cain to give her back her dog - because there are people who she needs to save! Just then, a jewelry appraiser, Neil, arrives, leaving Tina insulted! After Cain demands that she fork over the jewels, Tina hands him one jewel, to which the appraiser confirms it's real. However, Cain wants 'all' the jewels checked! Wanting to get out of there, Tina admits that the rest of the jewels are fake and says she needs to leave to help those who need her! Peeking in the pet carrier, Tina snarls at Cain, "What did you do to my dog!" With David outside of the carrier, Tina snaps at Cain for feeding him so much food, but the jewelry appraiser takes the dog and informs them that David Vickers is really a female - and says that she's in labor!

    A Frying Pan To The Head!

    Monday, November 03 2008

    Still in the park, Tina is excited to get David Vickers back but snaps on Cain when she realizes that the dog in the pet carrier is not hers! Cain demands the jewels, but Tina wants her dog first! At an impasse, Cain and Tina talk about all of the deception in their relationship, and Cain admits he was planning a life for them - until she called him Cord. Though Tina apologizes, and tries to butter Cain up, he doesn't buy it - but Tina stands her ground and refuses to hand over the jewels. Cain finally agrees to take Tina to see David Vickers the dog but warns, "If those jewels are fake…"

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