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    One Life To Live CAST - Tina Lord - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Tina Lord Played by Andrea Evans on One Life To Live Daytime Soap Opera.

    Andrea Evans

    Birthday: June 18, 1957
    Birthplace: Aurora, Illinois
    Marital Status: Married to Steve
    Real Name: Andrea Evans
    Height: 5' 5"
    Web site:


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    The Dead Girl.

    Monday, October 31 2011

    At the Buchanan Mansion, Rex asks Cutter and Kim's friend, who are in disguise, "Who's hiding under those masks?" Roxy tugs on Rex's sleeve, who invites them inside. Nearby, Natalie warns Aubrey to keep her claws out of Rex. Across the room, Tina looks at Gigi's photo on the mantle and says, "The dead girl." Cord hushes her, saying she's Rex's deceased fiancée. Tina explains how she came to Llanfair and insists on telling Rex that she's alive! Tina rushes to Rex, and explains she has something to say, but hears Rex is going to be Brody's best man. Tina warns that Cord's going to stand up for Brody. Roxy tells Tina to shut it, and the women argue. Privately, Kim's friend admits to Cutter she got the feeling, when seeing Rex, that he was important. While Cutter goes to get them drinks, she sees a Halloween card, opens it and hears Gigi's message to Shane. "That's my mom," Shane says, joining her. When Shane introduces himself, and asks for her name, she rushes off. Cutter tries going after her, but Aubrey has a hold of a piece of his mummy costume. It begins unraveling around his chest. "Wait," Aubrey snaps. "I know those nipples!" She counts his abs and only knows one man with seven of them. She runs after Cutter. Rex joins Shane and asks who he was talking to. Shane didn't get a chance to find out. Rex rushes after Aubrey. Natalie and Brody find Ford, Jessica and Bree at the door. While the adults have a civil conversation, Bree finds the letter in her bag and thinks someone's tricking her. On their way out, Bree throws the letter on the ground.

    Cutter finds Kim's friend in the stables. She feels horrible for Shane. Cutter puts her mask back on. Aubrey appears, sees Cutter and vows to make him and his friend pay. Rex appears and wonders if Cutter brought his friend to try to convince him that she's Gigi. He orders her to take the mask off. Cutter stops Rex from pulling it off and rushes out with Kim's friend. Later, Tina and Cord enter alone. He wonders if she's using Natalie and Brody's wedding to get them back together. Tina kisses Cord. He pulls back and says, "This is trouble." She convinces him otherwise. They kiss again.

    Hogtied To The Altar Before Long.

    Friday, October 28 2011

    Clint warns Cord away from Tina at Llanfair. "It's not like we're getting married again." Cord laughs. Tina appears in Viki's old wedding dress. Viki joins them, as Tina hears Clint can't go to the party. He's under house arrest. Tina asks Clint to cuddle with David Vickers while she's gone. Viki drags Tina off, warning her not to overdo it with Cord by wearing the wedding dress. Tina thinks Viki's just too scared to pursue Clint. Viki denies it and brings up Clint's connection to Kim. Back in the living room, Clint predicts Tina will have Cord hogtied to the altar before long. Later, Brody, Natalie and Liam arrive. Natalie hears Clint's been a bit under the weather. Clint assures them he's fine to watch Liam. Natalie asks if Viki will stay and help Clint. She happily agrees. Brody and Natalie leave. While Clint takes Liam to get some blocks, Viki looks through the mail but doesn't see the letter for Clint from Kim. Clint reappears, thanks Viki for staying home with him and says, "You know I'm helpless without you." Clint starts looking through the mail.

    At the Buchanan Mansion, Aubrey helps Shane and Rex display some of Gigi's favorite Halloween decorations. They listen to a card to Shane with Gigi's recorded voice saying, "Happy Halloween to my favorite guy. I love you, Shane." Aubrey comforts Shane and suggests he put the card someplace safe. Shane keeps listening to Gigi's message. Later, dressed in their Three Musketeer costumes, Rex adjusts Aubrey's hat. Something passes between them. Guests arrive. Tina and Cord are dressed as cowboy and cowgirl. Natalie makes a quick getaway when Tina starts talking about the wedding. Roxy stops Natalie and says she tried to convince John to 'tell her'. Just as Roxy starts to tell Natalie what John really said, Rex ushers Natalie away to rant about including Tina in her wedding. As everyone mingles, the doorbell rings. Rex opens it and smiles at Cutter and Kim's friend in disguise. Back in the living room, Tina sees Gigi's picture on the mantel and tells Cord, "That's her. The dead girl."

    You Know Me? Who Am I?

    Wednesday, October 26 2011

    Outside of Llanfair, Cutter shows Tina the photo of Kim's friend. Tina admits she was there but was confused. The girl called herself Gigi Morasco, who's dead. "She's confused alright," Cutter agrees and rushes off. In the kitchen, Todd thinks of shooting Victor. Viki wonders what has him distracted. He thanks Viki for taking him in after what he's done. Viki sympathizes with what Todd's been through and says he wasn't the one who killed Victor. It's time Todd starts to rebuild his life. He has no idea where to start with his kids. As Todd complains about not having any money, Viki assures him things will straighten themselves out. Irene's dead. Tina appears and reminds them everything belongs to her now. She's Victor Lord's daughter, and Todd was declared dead. Viki plays referee. After Tina leaves, Todd rants at Viki for letting Tina back in the house and giving her another chance. Viki gave Todd another chance and begs him not to let Victor's money tear them apart. Todd wants it all back… his money, his children and especially Blair. She saved his life. Todd knows there's still something between them. They both felt it at the cabin.

    Care For Another Surprise?

    Tuesday, October 25 2011

    At Llanfair, Ford thanks Jessica for inviting him to dinner. She wonders what they're going to do for Ryder's first Halloween. They laugh about Ryder dressing up as a cocktail weenie. Tina appears and talks about how fun it was to babysit Ryder. Jessica's stunned to hear Tina's Natalie's Maid of Honor. After Tina steps out, Jessica wonders how she's going to tell Natalie about Liam. Kim's friend holds a yellow post-it note, hides on the patio and whispers, "Is this where I live?" She makes her way around front and rings the doorbell. Tina answers. Kim's friend explains how she lost her memory and only knows her name: Gigi Morasco. Tina's never heard of her but goes to see if Jessica has. Tina rejoins Jessica and Ford and says Gigi Morasco is at the door. Jessica thinks Tina's mistaken. Kim's friend sneaks in and listens as Jessica says, "Gigi's dead and buried." Jessica attended her funeral. When Jessica finally agrees to go to the door, they don't find anyone there. Later, Tina answers the doorbell to Cutter, who says, "I'm looking for someone."

    Scarr Leaves Starr Holding The Bag.

    Wednesday, October 19 2011

    Natalie interrupts Cord and Tina's kiss at Llanfair looking for Viki. She's not home. Natalie's happy to see Cord but looks down her nose at Tina. She tries apologizing for staying quiet when Natalie and Jared were locked in the basement. Natalie doesn't want to hear Tina's excuses. Tina wants to make things up to her and offers to help Natalie plan her wedding. Natalie politely declines, but Tina pushes. Talk turns to Jessica. Tina wonders why she won't be in the wedding and is surprised when Natalie admits she's marrying Jessica's ex-fiancé. Cord tries to get Tina to butt out, but Tina suggests, "I'll be your Maid of Honor." Tina promises to take care of everything and convinces Natalie to let her stand up for her. After Natalie leaves, Cord admits Tina's heart is in the right place. Tina leans in for a kiss, but Cord calls it a night. They agree to continue their conversation, prior to Natalie's arrival, at another time.

    I'm Ford. I'm Cord.

    Tuesday, October 18 2011

    Cord answers the door to Ford and Ryder at Llanfair. "I'm Ford," he states. "I'm Cord," Jessica's brother replies, refusing to shake Ford's hand. Cord warns Ford never to hurt Jessica again then shakes his hand. In the living room, Tina startles Jessica, who's looking at Liam's paternity test. Jessica hides the paper. Tina admits her dog stole some legal paper of Victor's. She can't find it and promised to return it to Tea. Has Jessica seen it? Cord and Ford appear with Ryder. Ford starts to head out. He's going to Capricorn. Jessica stops him and wrangles an invitation. Tina and Cord offer to watch Ryder. After Ford and Jessica leave, Cord expresses how proud he is of Tina for trying to change. With Cord by her side, it's easy. Later, Tina wonders what would've happened had Clint not interrupted them. Cord leans in for a kiss.

    I Have News And It's Not Good.

    Friday, October 07 2011

    Over at Llanfair, Clint happily interrupts Tina and Cord from kissing. Tina makes excuses then rushes off to find her dog. Clint begs Cord to tell him he's not sleeping with Tina. Cord admits he's never been able to let go of Tina. Clint urges him to try and reminds Cord of Tina's deception. Cord brings up his bond with Tina and compares it to Clint's connection to Viki. Clint doesn't like the comparison, but Cord pushes forward. Would Clint like to reconnect with Viki? Clint denies it and warns Cord not to go there with Tina.

    Tina enters Viki's office at The Banner, wanting her to help find her dog. David Vickers is missed and has a huge Twitter following! Viki can't believe Tina would think she'd help her. Tina throws out the sister card and wonders why Viki holds Tina to different standards than Victor and Todd. Viki's not sure. Tina claims she didn't come home for Victor's money. She needed Viki and thought Viki needed her too. Tina shares how she and Cord nearly kissed. She has faith that something would've happened had Clint not interrupted. Tina wants to be her best, and Cord brings that out in her. She pleads with Viki to let her make things right between them too. If Viki gives her one more chance, Tina promises to never disappoint their family again. Viki agrees and they hug. However, Viki refuses to put David Vickers the dog on the front page of The Banner because she's not missing. Viki looks toward the door, as David Vickers barks. Tina scoops her up and places the dog in her carrier. David Vickers looks around inside and doesn't see Liam's paternity results.

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