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    One Life To Live CAST - Tina Lord - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Tina Lord Played by Andrea Evans on One Life To Live Daytime Soap Opera.

    Andrea Evans

    Birthday: June 18, 1957
    Birthplace: Aurora, Illinois
    Marital Status: Married to Steve
    Real Name: Andrea Evans
    Height: 5' 5"
    Web site:


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    The Hundred-Dollar Argument!

    Thursday, August 28 2008

    In the living room, Tina watches the news surrounding the Mendorra happenings and laughs at the sight of Jonas and Carlo in bed! Watching Talia look into the camera, bashing her father and husband left and right, Tina says, "You go girl!"

    Royal Bed Mates!

    Wednesday, August 27 2008

    When Todd arrives at Llanfair looking for Tess, he blows past Tina screaming for 'Jess', leaving Tina shocked by Todd's lack of interest in seeing her again. After Todd can't find Jessica, Tina talks about how much Jessica hates her and rants about how strange she's been acting. When Tina picks up the phone to report Jessica's behavior to Viki, Todd stops her, leaving Tina wondering why Todd is so protective of Jess - and in such a hurry to find her! Though Todd reminds Tina of all that Jessica has gone through, Tina still doesn't think it's a reason for Jessica to be so mean to her - and to David Vickers! "All he wanted to do was go down into the basement." Suddenly, Todd's interest is peeked and he wonders, "What's in the basement?" Tina doesn't know but listens as Todd warns her not to bother Viki with any of this - or to worry about Jessica throwing her out.

    Back at Llanfair, as soon as Tina's alone, Tina turns on the television then goes to the safe and kisses her crowned jewels. Suddenly, she sees a broadcast of Queen Talia of Mendorra and takes a seat in front of the TV. When Tina sees the image of Jonas and Carlo in bed, she says, "Oh, my…

    Jess, Tess, Do Confess!

    Friday, August 22 2008

    When Todd catches Tess flipping out at a nurse at the OBGYN's office, he stops her by saying, "Hi Jessica." After Tess apologizes to the nurse, and admits to Todd that she hasn't been herself these days, Todd replies, "No, you haven't." When Tess puts two and two together, and accuses Todd of trying to get info out of the doctor about Starr's baby, Todd warns, "Listen, Jessica, I wouldn't press me on this because I'll press right back." Tess blames Nash's death, and Natalie, Jared and Tina's presence at Llanfair, for her bad mood then suggests that Tina go live with Todd! "Forget it," Todd says, causing Tess to start ranting and raving about how selfish Todd is - and Todd finally realizes that Jess is Tess! However, without coming out and letting Tess know, Todd taunts her by calling her 'Jessica' at every turn then walks out the door!

    When I Want Something I Get It!

    Thursday, August 21 2008

    Tess slams the basement door at Llanfair shut then screams for Tina to keep her David Vicker's namesake out - and to go sleep on Sarah couch! "If she wants you," Tess finishes. As Tess rants, Tina says, "This is not the Jessica I know and love," then threatens to call Viki! Just as Tess tells Tina that she can stay but to, "Stay out of my way," Cris and Sarah appear and question 'Jessica's' behavior!

    Tess makes a quick excuse then leaves Tina with Sarah and Cris. After Sarah tells her mother that Cord left town, Sarah and Cris talk about Antonio's trip back to Mendorra then asks if she knows any reason why Carlo and Jonas would be holding Talia there. Tina thinks back to the jewels then says, "I know just the thing that can make your life a whole lot easier." Tina gives Cris and Sarah a book that Cain put together: A 'How To' surrounding life at the palace. After their goodbyes, Cris and Sarah leave.

    On Tess' way out, she reminds Tina to stay out of her way then leaves. Once alone, Tina talks to David Vickers about hopefully helping Cris and Sarah out - without having to give up the jewels - and about having everything she ever wanted… except the respect from her niece Jessica! When David Vickers starts scratching at the door again, Tina finds it locked and says, "Oh well, Jessica has her secrets and we have ours."

    There's No Shame In A Booty Call!

    Wednesday, August 20 2008

    Downstairs at Llanfair, Tina ends up burning breakfast then promises David Vickers that as soon as they turn in the jewels they'll be back in the lap of luxury - at The Palace! Just then, Tess appears and suggests that Tina go find somewhere else to live. When Natalie and Jared come downstairs and see that David Vickers peed on the floor, Natalie grabs a newspaper to clean it up with, but Tina takes away The Sun, wanting to read about the new commissioner, and Tess makes a remark about John being the one that got away from Natalie! Though Natalie ignores 'Jessica's' remark, she can't let it go when Jared bring up needing a job - and 'Jessica' says, "I heard Dorian was hiring!" Tess points to another article in the paper about C.E., brings up Nash then tells Natalie, "I'm sorry that dad's being so cold to you still. He'll get over it - I did." When Jared gives Natalie a kiss goodbye, and says he's about to take the bull by the horns, Tina comments, "Now that's a man," causing Tess to fill with fury!

    After Natalie leaves, Tina suggests that she and Jessica go on a shopping spree. Just as Tess turns her down, David Vickers jumps out of Tina's arms and starts barking and scratching at an interior kitchen door! As Tina goes to open the door, Tess slams it shut then says, "Let's get something straight!"

    A Love of a Lifetime...

    Tuesday, August 12 2008

    When Cord sees Tina walk into the foyer at Llanfair, he is shocked by her presence in Llanview! After Cord hears about the trouble Tina got Sarah into, he rants and raves about how irresponsible Tina is - until Sarah interrupts to inform him that her mother did everything she could to save her and that when Tina thought she was going to die her final words were, "I love you, Cord."

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