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    One Life To Live CAST - Tina Lord - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Tina Lord Played by Andrea Evans on One Life To Live Daytime Soap Opera.

    Andrea Evans

    Birthday: June 18, 1957
    Birthplace: Aurora, Illinois
    Marital Status: Married to Steve
    Real Name: Andrea Evans
    Height: 5' 5"
    Web site:


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    Runaway With Me...

    Monday, September 08 2008

    With Tess and Tina gone, David Vickers watches the television screen - and sees his mom and cousin Tess collecting Natalie off of the couch upstairs!

    Later, with Natalie comfortably placed on the couch in the secret room, Tess warns Tina that she better keep her mouth shut - for Sarah's sake - and claims that everything she's doing is for her daughter Bree's sake!

    Detour To Llanview...

    Thursday, September 04 2008

    As Tina screams through the intercom of Tess's secret room, Tess activates the soundproofing device then leaves her there to stew! Alone, Tina holds David Vickers close and promises they'll get out of this jam - and beat Tess at her own game!

    Enjoy Your New Digs!

    Wednesday, September 03 2008

    When Tina abruptly shows up in the basement, wanting to know what Jessica is up to, Tess claims Tina ruined 'the surprise'! "For what," Tina asks, to which Tess replies, "For you, Aunt Tina!" After Tess claims she made the room for Tina and David Vickers, Tina replies, "I'm sorry… Are you saying you want me to live down here?" and Tess quickly replies, "Yep!" As Tina questions some of the 'features' of the room, Tess continues to try to sell her on the idea - but Tina sarcastically says, "I have an idea! Since you like it so much, why don't you move in here?" Tess brings up Bree then listens as Tina talks about the secret room Victor Lord had built - the one he took Viki to - and the room that Viki had built to keep Dorian Lord locked up!

    Tina starts putting two and two together and admits, "Your mother told me all about you… You're Tess." Tess denies being Tess - and warns that Tina doesn't want to know Tess - but all Tina can think about is getting out of there! "Nope, I don't think so." Tess stops her then says, "Hi Tina," to which Tina replies, "You are Tess… What're you going to do to me?" Tina tries to instruct David Vickers to run for help, but Tess just screams at Tina for putting her nose where it didn't belong! Finally, Tess walks out of the room, leaving Tina and David Vickers locked inside! "Enjoy your new digs." Tess laughs. "Because who knows when you're going to get out!"

    Grandparents Raising Their Grandchild?

    Tuesday, September 02 2008

    David Vickers the dog begins scratching the basement door again, leaving Tina to wonder what's behind it - and why Jessica doesn't want anyone to see it! As Tina looks around for a hidden key, Roxy appears in the kitchen at Llanfair and introduces herself as Natalie's mommy. Later, dishing their past schemes, Roxy gives Tina a manicure and the two realize how much they have in common! Talking about Rex, Roxy gets emotional and confides in Tina how she lied to him about his father. "If I tell him about what he thinks he wants to hear," Roxy says. "He's never going to forgive me." Tina then admits that she's a rotten mother as well. Quickly, the women bond, and when it's time to leave Tina walks Roxy to her car.

    After Bo leaves, Leo appears and asks if Tess wants to see the finished project! While Tess and Leo head down to the basement, David Vickers the dog peers through the partly left-open door! Downstairs in the secret room, as Leo shows Tess all of the gadgets, Tess says, "Leo, this is perfect!" Suddenly, Tina appears holding David Vickers and asks, "Perfect for what?"

    Leo's Out Of The Bag!

    Friday, August 29 2008

    When Leo arrives at Llanfair, Tess scolds him for just showing up! Suddenly, Tina appears and Tess explains that Leo is there as an electrician. Suddenly, hearing the commotion coming from the living room, Tess puts Leo to work then suggests to Tina that they go see what the lovebirds are up to.

    Just as Natalie reminds him that they are responsible for Nash's death, Tess appears and says, "I remember that…" Quickly asking if Natalie and Jared are okay, Natalie explains their fight, to which Tess says, "I think Jared should go." After Tess talks about the good that could come out of Jared working for Clint, Tina interrupts and questions why the electrician who Jessica hired is in the basement - with the door locked! "Do you know why?" Tina asks suspiciously. As Tess claims that Leo locked the door so her precious little dog didn't get in the way, Natalie and Jared go at it again, to which Jared begs Natalie to support him. After she refuses, he leaves for his trip.

    Leo runs into Tess again in the foyer at Llanfair. After Tess pays him, and says, "Get back to work," Leo walks over to a picture on the wall and Tina bursts in screaming, "Not the safe!" When Tess questions Tina's abrupt nervousness, Tina claims she wants to make sure their family practices safety, leaving Tess to further discuss her 'basement plans' with Leo privately. However, Bo appears out of nowhere and asks what's going on!

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