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    One Life To Live CAST - Tina Lord

    Full detailed profile on Tina Lord Played by Andrea Evans on One Life To Live Daytime Soap Opera.

    Andrea Evans
    Tina Lord

    Actor: Andrea Evans

    Who played Tina Lord over the years

    Andrea Evans (1978 - 1981; 1985 - January 1990; June 11, 2008 - November 25, 2008; September 26, 2011 - November 15, 2011)
    Nancy Frangione (1980 - temporary)
    Kelli Maroney (1984 - 1985)
    Marsha Clark (1985)
    Karen Witter (May 10, 1990 - February 14, 1994)
    Krista Tesreau (July 6, 1994 to June 12, 1996; September 1996; January 21 to 24, 1997)

    Useful information on Tina Lord

    * Took part in a scheme with David Vickers and Mitch Laurence.
    * Was accused of murdering Maria Roberts and Harry O'Neill but was later found innocent.
    * Pretended to be pregnant with Clint Buchanan's baby.
    * Traveled to Argentina with Max.
    * Made Gabrielle believe she was married to Max.


    Current: Unknown
    Past: Personal Shopper


    Tina arrived in Llanview with the notion that Ted Clayton, AKA Tom Clarkson, was her biological father and was later shocked to find out that dear old dad was in fact Victor Lord! Although Mitch Lawrence tried to get Tina to scheme with him for a shot at Viki’s inheritance, Tina refused but found herself charged with murder after Mitch shot Harry O'Neill – and pinned the crime on Tina!

    After making it through the drama of being cleared of all charges in the O’Neill murder, Tina set her sights on Clint Buchanan but Dorian Lord halted her plan to fake a pregnancy in its tracks. Clint saw this opportunity to use Tina’s affections as a way to get Viki to regain her life through jealousy by overpowering Niki Smith and coming back to him!

    However, Tina’s one true love was had in Clint’s son, Cord Roberts and the two faced many obstacles to stay together – one of the biggest being Cord’s mother’s hatred for Tina! Although Max Holden was paid heavily to take a pregnant Tina to Argentina, Cord followed his heart there as well, only to believe that Tina had died after a fatal fall down the Iguazu Falls. Sadness ensued when Tina believed she’d lost her son during the fall as well, but her scheming ways resurfaced after meeting up with Gabrielle Medina – a woman who had Max’s child! Though Tina managed to convince Gabrielle to allow her to raise her baby, by saying she and Max were happily married, upon her return to Llanview Cord’s mother found out the truth when Tina tried to pawn the baby off as Cord’s and forced Tina to cut ties and divorce her son for good!

    In later years, Max came to Tina’s rescue after finding out her son had never died in Argentina. After they returned to claim her son CJ from the fearful Rolo, Tina fell in love with and planned to married Max – but called out Cord’s name instead during the wedding! In the end, Tina and Cord found their way back to each other and said their I dos during a double ceremony with Asa and Renee. Although Tina claimed she loved Cord, her lies overpowered that love leading to their divorce. But they didn’t stay apart long… Cord married Tina once again after their daughter Sarah was born.

    The years brought Tina many more trials and tribulations including Cords presumed death, her marriage to Cain Rogan and her fling with David Vickers! Though Tina finally left Llanview in 1997, she returned in June 2008! And everyone knows, where there’s Tina, there’s trouble, which ultimately led to her leaving Llanview again in November after Viki disowned her for allowing Tess to hold Jared and Natalie hostage in Llanfair's basement!

    Tina returned in 2011 for the reading of Victor's will.


    David Vickers
    Cain Rogan
    Cord Roberts


    Cain Rogan
    Max Holden
    Johnny Dee
    Richard Abbot
    Clint Buchanan
    Mitch Laurence
    Johnny Drummond
    Mick Gordon


    Victor Lord (father - deceased)
    Irene Manning (mother - deceased)
    Victoria Lord Davidson (half-sister)
    Tony Lord (half-brother - deceased)
    Powell Lord Sr. (uncle - deceased)
    Gwendolyn Lord (aunt - deceased)
    Peter Manning (uncle)
    Powell Lord II (cousin)
    Richard Abbott (cousin)
    Todd Manning(brother)
    Megan Gordon (half-niece)
    Kevin Buchanan (half-nephew)
    Joey Buchanan (half-nephew)
    Natalie Buchanan (half-niece)
    Jessica Buchanan Vega Brennan (half-niece)
    Brian Kendall (half-nephew - deceased)
    Starr Manning (niece)
    Jack Manning (Current) (nephew)
    Sam "Tommy" Manning (nephew)
    Powell Lord III (cousin)
    Duke Buchanan (half-nephew - deceased)
    Kevin Buchanan Jr. (half-nephew - deceased)
    Megan Buchanan (half-niece - deceased)
    Bree Brennan(half-niece)
    Zane Buchanan (half-nephew)


    C.J. Roberts (son with Cord)
    Sarah Roberts (daughter with Cord)



    Tuesday, November 15 2011: Liam Is Your Son. He Always Was.

    At the church, Natalie thinks about John. Roxy worries he could already be gone. Natalie cries to Viki. How could Brody do this? Clint plans to handle Brody. "Go catch, Johnny!" Roxy orders. Viki urges Natalie to go. Bo hands her Liam's paternity results. Rex leads Natalie away. Tina hopes Natalie's not too late but feels bad for Brody. She knows how it feels to make a big mistake and be forced to pay for it. Viki begs Clint to calm down. She could ring Brody's neck but knows he loves Natalie and Liam. Now he's lost them both. Tina rants about ruining Natalie's wedding. She wanted it to be special. Nobody blames Tina. She did the right thing. Viki apologizes to Clint. They managed to get him to the church, now there's no wedding. Cord gets down on one knee and proposes to Tina. Nearby, Vivian and Shaun, who's holding David Vickers, talk to Bo and Nora about Matthew and Destiny. When Destiny's baby is born, they'll all be a family. They're alerted to Cord's proposal and join them. The priest can't marry them without a license. Viki calls Dorian and says she has a favor involving someone else Dorian hates. Later, an envelope from Dorian arrives. Viki and Clint happily stand up for Cord and Tina. They exchange vows and use Natalie and Brody's rings. Cord and Tina are pronounced husband and wife. Tina promises to make Cord proud of her. Always. Roxy prays that Natalie gets to John on time. She also asks God for Rex's happiness.

    Monday, November 14 2011: I Can't Hold My Peace Anymore.

    David Vickers the dog goes to Liam's nursery at Llanfair. She orders 'chubby cheeks' to hand over the paternity results. Liam objects and thinks Brody's a good guy. With a little more convincing from Tina's dog, Liam hands over the paper. Tina appears, finds the paper, reads it then gasps. It's the test Jessica was trying to tell Natalie about. John is Liam's father. Tina doesn't want to ruin the wedding but wonders what to do. Later, John appears in Liam's darkened room. He tells Liam he used to be his dad for about five minutes and came to say goodbye. As John does so, Nigel appears and orders him to step away from the crib. John convinces Nigel to give him a few more minutes. Nigel apologizes for how things turned out. He always thought John and Natalie were a good couple. Nigel gives John some time alone. John says a final goodbye to Liam and leaves.

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