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    One Life To Live CAST - Shane Morasco Balsom - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Shane Morasco Balsom Played by Austin Williams on One Life To Live Daytime Soap Opera.

    Birthday: November 13, 1996
    Real Name: Austin Williams


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    Not Another Man's Baby... She Had John's.

    Friday, April 22 2011

    Down the hall, Rex fills Gigi in on Clint's heart attack. Rex acts as though he doesn't care and isn't sure it's a good idea to tell Shane. How much more bad news can Shane take? Gigi doesn't agree and thinks they should know what Shane's thinking. Rex is happy Shane can confide in Dr. Buhari. Gigi feels helpless without knowing what Shane's thinking. Around the corner, Jack accuses Shane's dad of hiring someone to beat him up. Shane thinks that's something Jack's dad would do. Shane's sickened to hear Rex told Jack about his suicide attempt. As Jack and Shane argue, Jack calls him a loser. "Don't you ever say that to my son," Gigi orders then questions Jack about his bruises. Jack accuses Rex of causing them. Blair appears and pulls Jack away. Gigi knows Rex would never do what Jack's accused, but Clint would. Gigi urges Rex to tell Shane about Clint. Instead, Shane lashes out at Rex for telling people he tried to kill himself. Rex defends his actions then tells Shane about Clint. Rex reminds Shane he's there for him.

    Stay Away From Shane Morasco.

    Thursday, April 21 2011

    Tomas enters Todd's room with a syringe and attempts to put something in his IV. Nate and Dani appear. Tomas drops the syringe. Shaun enters. Todd can only have two visitors at a time. Tomas leaves. Later, as Dani and Nate are about to leave, Dani spots the syringe. A nurse enters. Dani points out the syringe. The nurse recalls that they don't use that type anymore. Nate wonders if Dani thinks her uncle dropped the syringe. Dani defends Tomas, but at Nate's persistence tells Shaun.

    Gigi and Rex take Shane to therapy and announce in front of the doctor that they're getting married. Shane grimly congratulates them. The doctor wants to speak to Shane alone. Rex convinces Gigi to allow it. Alone, Shane admits his parents are trying to fix things by getting married. Some things can't be fixed. "People are still going to hate me," Shane says, referring to himself as a loser. Later, Gigi privately asks the doctor what Shane said. She refuses to tell Gigi anything and urges her to just listen to Shane.

    Blair brings Jack to the hospital but has to leave to get her insurance card. Once Blair's gone, Jack sneaks away and runs into Shane, who asks, "What happened to you?" Jack accuses Shane of knowing damn well what happened.

    Please Don't Tell Me It Just Happened.

    Wednesday, April 13 2011

    Over at the carriage house, Rex and Gigi ask Shane why he didn't come to them. He didn't want them to know he's such a loser. They assure Shane he's great. The other kids are just jealous. Gigi begs Shane to promise he'll never try to hurt himself again. Though Shane thinks he would've been better off dead, Rex and Gigi try to make him realize he has a lot to live for. Shane promises he won't try to off himself again. Later, Rex admits to Gigi that he wanted to throttle Jack Manning. Just as they plan to check with Bo about bullying laws, Blair appears with Jack. Though Blair claims Jack wants to apologize, Rex refuses to let Jack anywhere near his son and tells Blair Shane tried to kill himself.

    We're Not All Perfect Like You.

    Thursday, April 07 2011

    Rex and Gigi arrive at the hospital with Shane. Privately, the adults argue about what steps to take next. While Rex sits with Shane, Gigi breaks down while explaining to a nurse that her son tried to kill himself. Later, Dr. Buhari meets with Rex, Gigi, and Shane. Gigi and Rex fill her in on what happened. Rex needs to step outside the room. The doctor urges Shane to open up. He reveals how Jack treated him.

    Bo approaches Rex in the hallway. In tears, Rex vents to Bo. Rex can't believe he didn't see the signs. He almost lost his son. Bo hugs Rex and advises that Rex let Shane know he can lean on him. Bo offers to be there should Rex need someone to lean on himself. After Bo leaves, Rex rejoins his family. The doctor gives them instructions then sends Shane home with his parents.

    I Killed Eddie Ford.

    Wednesday, April 06 2011

    Rex and Gigi plead for Shane to give them another chance. Shane reaches out to them. Rex pulls Shane close and carries him away from the ledge. Shane breaks down in his parents' arms then follows them off the roof.

    By his locker, Brad listens as the assistant principal questions Destiny about who posted the video of Shane online. "Jack Manning and some of his friends," Destiny answers. Just as the man questions Brad, Rex, Gigi and Shane appear. Rex comes unhinged on the assistant principal. Shane and Gigi beg Rex to stop. They pull Rex away, who threatens to sue everyone involved. Rex tells Gigi they need to bring Shane to the hospital. Shane doesn't want to go. Rex thinks Shane needs to talk to someone. They do too. Gigi and Shane plead with Rex to wait a bit. Rex refuses to take any more chances on their son's life.

    Shane, No!

    Tuesday, April 05 2011

    Rex and Gigi appear on the roof of Llanview High. "Shane," Gigi screams, "No!" Shane warns them not to come any further. They know what's been happening. Shane looks over the edge and says, "This is the only way." They apologize and promise to help fix the issues. Shane tried to fit in and thinks maybe once he's a splatter on the steps, maybe then those kids will care. Shane steps over the railing and slips. Gigi screams in a panic. Shane regains his grip. He doesn't want to be the sick kid anymore and cries, "I don't want to live like this." Gigi reflects on her past struggles but admits Shane's the best thing that's happened to her. She begs him to give her more time. Rex and Gigi hold out their hands and say, "Come with us."

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