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    One Life To Live CAST - Shane Morasco Balsom - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Shane Morasco Balsom Played by Austin Williams on One Life To Live Daytime Soap Opera.

    Birthday: November 13, 1996
    Real Name: Austin Williams


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    Must Suck Being Dead.

    Wednesday, October 12 2011

    Shane approaches and taunts Jack in the cemetery. It's too bad Victor can't answer Jack's questions about who killed him. "Must suck being dead," Shane snaps and calls Jack a liar. Shane knows Jack didn't see who knocked him out and admits, "It was me." He blames Jack for Gigi's death and aims the gun at him. Shane describes knocking Jack out and pointing the gun at him on the night of Victor's murder. Jack wonders why Shane didn't shoot him. Shane saw Jack's keys on the ground and looked toward the mansion door. "Holy crap," Jack interrupts Shane's thoughts. "You killed my father." Shane thinks it's only fair that Jack lost his father, considering he killed Shane's mother. Shane orders Jack to fess up to Gigi's murder and threatens to kill him if he doesn't. Jack denies killing Gigi and cowers as Shane waves the gun at him. Shane cocks the gun and admits he didn't kill Jack that night because he wanted to know what his mom's last words were. Since Jack won't tell Shane, he'll make sure Jack joins his father in the ground.

    How Else Am I Going To Take Her Life?

    Tuesday, October 11 2011

    Rex enters the Buchanan Mansion, suspicious over finding Echo and Roxy together. Echo hides the gun in a flower vase then joins Rex and Roxy in the living room. They admit to knowing Rex killed Victor. He denies it. Echo explains how she found the gun had been fired. "Not by me," Rex replies. They bring up Shane. Roxy and Echo don't want Shane to lose the one parent he has left. They vow to keep Rex's secret. Again, Rex denies killing Victor. Out in the foyer, Shane approaches the vase, takes out the gun and remembers smashing Jack over the head with it. Shane recalls hearing a shot and jumps. He leaves. When Echo and Roxy emerge from the living room to show Rex that a bullet was missing from the gun, they find the plastic bag in the vase empty.

    Blair joins Jack at Victor's grave and brings up his conversation with Starr. She admits she never believed Jack's eye witness account of Victor's murder. Jack calls Blair a liar, who begs him to talk to her. He's shutting down on her now like he did when Gigi died. She accuses Jack of helping the real killer get away with murder. Can he live with the lies? Blair vows to always love Jack, no matter what, and leaves. Jack talks to Victor's grave. He wishes Victor could tell him who killed him. Shane appears behind Jack with the gun in his hand.

    We Have To Do Something About Rex Balsom.

    Thursday, September 29 2011

    In Angels Square, Shane recalls bashing Jack over the head on the night of Victor's murder. Rex appears and wonders what's wrong. Shane is distant and continues visualizing hitting Jack. This time he recalls aiming a gun at him and says, "Jack Manning." Shane relays how Jack is telling everyone Todd's the shooter. He thinks Jack's lying. Rex wonders why. Shane covers and claims Jack lies about everything. Rex reminds Shane Victor's murder has nothing to do with him and urges him to let it go. They look at the angel statue. Shane admits he imagines Gigi. He can hear her talking to him. Rex hears Gigi too and shares his experiences with Shane. She begs Rex not to give up. He shows Shane the note. It's Gigi's handwriting. Shane wonders if her messages have anything to do with Jack and his dad. Rex doesn't think Gigi would want them to seek revenge. Shane appears nervous when Rex says that Gigi's always watching over them.

    Life Through A Dream...

    Friday, September 23 2011

    The teacher calls on Jack in class. Miss Morasco heard Jack knew all about carbon monoxide. Jack wakes up and looks at Shane who says, "What's your problem? Looks like you saw a ghost." Jack orders Shane to quit staring at him. Shane listens as Jack talks to his friends about witnessing Todd killing Victor. Shane glares at Jack. Later, Blair shows up and tells Jack once again that she believes him. As Shane watches, he remembers knocking Jack out the night of Victor's murder. Shane looks at a drawing on his desk. It's of him holding a gun.

    Yeah, Hilarious.

    Tuesday, September 20 2011

    Shane appears at Victor's gravesite, claiming to be there to visit his mom. Shane mentions Victor's burial. He knows how Jack feels and describes how he felt, in detail, when Gigi was put into the ground. Jack finds it funny that their parents are buried right next to each other. "Yeah," Shane replies. "Hilarious." He appears stunned when Jack claims to be an eyewitness to Victor's murder. Jack explains seeing Todd kill Victor and that he's been arrested. Jack leaves Shane clearly startled. Shane talks to Gigi and admits, "Jack's lying."

    Who's Going To Help You?

    Tuesday, September 13 2011

    At the diner, Shane begins to tell Rex what's bothering him about Jack. Nora and Bo appear with news about Matthew. Destiny's pregnant. Shane admits he found out at school. Nora brings up Mrs. Evans and blames herself for their lack of communication. Later, once alone, Rex asks Shane what he wanted to tell him about Jack. Shane can't help but think about how much Jack is going through, losing his dad. "Are you sure that's all it is?" Rex asks. "Yes," Shane replies. Nearby, Felicia joins Nora and suggests they talk about their grandchild.

    At Least I Didn't Kill My Twin.

    Monday, September 12 2011

    Cutter talks to Morris at the diner. Brody appears and asks, "What're you doing with Morris." Cutter bought him at the flea market. Brody's surprised Roxy parted with him. As Cutter leaves, Shane appears. They talk about school and Jack. Rex arrives and talks about Morris being missing. Brody relays that Cutter claimed he bought him then answers Rex's questions about Victor's shooting. They don't have enough to book Todd. A lot of people wanted Victor dead. After Brody leaves, Rex assures Shane he can talk to him about anything.

    Trying To Forget About Me, Pretty Boy?

    Wednesday, September 07 2011

    Over at the mansion, Sam refuses to believe Jack about Victor being dead. Blair orders Jack upstairs then gently tells Sam that his father is dead. "Didn't he love me?" Sam asks. Blair assures Sam he did. Sam wonders if Jack told the whole truth, that his friend killed his dad. They don't have all the answers yet, but Blair promises their family will always be there for Sam. She urges Sam to keep his chin up so his daddy can see him smile. Jack answers the door to Shane, who's sorry to hear about his dad. He knows how Jack feels. Jack plans to make sure the guy who really killed Victor pays. Shane reminds Jack that the person who really killed his mom is still walking around free… for now… then leaves. Jack rejoins Blair and Sam. After Sam leaves, Jack promises not to upset Sam again but challenges Blair to deny that she really doesn't suspect that Scarface killed Victor.

    Shane arrives home just as Rex assures Echo that he didn't kill Victor. The gun's never even been fired. Later, Echo unloads the gun, finds a bullet missing and realizes it's been fired. She thinks Rex was lying.

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