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    One Life To Live CAST - Shane Morasco Balsom - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Shane Morasco Balsom Played by Austin Williams on One Life To Live Daytime Soap Opera.

    Birthday: November 13, 1996
    Real Name: Austin Williams


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    Wally's Not Your Father... It's Charlie Balsom!

    Thursday, January 31 2008

    In his room, John assures Gigi that Todd will not be an issue anymore then says, “He knows we have him.” After reminding Shane not to talk to strangers, John and Gigi promise him a pizza then privately talk about the situation, to which John asks, “Was Balsom hassling you downstairs?” When Gigi says no, John offers his help should Rex ever become a problem. Over talk of Rex, Gigi admits that she and Rex dated in high school. While Gigi is checking on Shane, Michael stops by, to which John talks about his guests – and claims they are their ticket to helping Marcie! Later, while Shane is looking for something to do, he finds the dartboard that Marty bought John – with Todd’s face on it – and asks about it. John sadly admits to Gigi that Marty died…

    Deal Or No Deal?

    Wednesday, January 30 2008

    With Shane alone inside John’s apartment, Lee appears outside the door! When Shane sees the doorknob turn, he grabs a club then hides in the other room! Slowly, the door opens and Shane makes his move – but it’s Roxy looking to borrow something of John’s! After a Shane almost clubs Roxy over the head, the two make introductions and become at ease. After talk of how both of their father’s are dead, Shane brings up his mom then wonders why she isn’t back yet. Roxy offers to take Shane downstairs and help him look for his mom… Once they leave, Lee comes out from the shadows!

    Just then, John comes back and he pulls Gigi aside and demands that she keep a low profile! As John and Gigi head back upstairs, they run into Roxy and Shane and John quickly escorts them into his apartment – closing the door on Roxy! Back downstairs, as Rex drops Roxy’s hotel mascot, a stuffed critter, he finds a letter hidden inside of it! When Roxy comes back downstairs and sees it, she calls out, “Morris!”

    To The Fullest Extent Of The Law!

    Tuesday, January 29 2008

    John arrives back in Llanview and brings Shane and Gigi to his apartment. While John agrees to keep them safe, by taking care of Lee, John reminds Gigi that Marcie needs their help as well. John puts on his coat, tells Gigi he plans to have a chat with Todd Manning then instructs her to lock the door. Later, Shane expresses how hungry he is and Gigi heads out to get her son some food – after he’s locked John’s door behind her.

    Stuck Between Todd And A Hot Place!

    Thursday, January 24 2008

    In her apartment, as Gigi yells for Shane to come out and get ready for school, Lee appears and threatens Gigi again to keep her mouth shut! Even though Shane comes out – and to his mom’s rescue – Lee makes it clear that Gigi better not use him or Todd to get herself out of trouble! After Shane kicks Lee, for stepping closer to his mom, Lee promises that he knows ‘others’ who would have no problem hurting a mother and her child – causing Shane to have an asthma attack! Later, with Shane calmed down, and Lee gone, Shane asks, “Isn’t there anyone who can get rid of that guy for good?”

    Later, when John arrives at Gigi’s apartment to hear that Lee was there, Gigi excuses Shane to his room then tells John exactly what happened with Lee – and his threats! John knows how it feels to want to protect someone close to him, like Gigi’s does with Shane, and promises that Gigi can trust him. Gigi agrees to go back to Llanview with him!

    You're Not His Mother!

    Thursday, January 17 2008

    Suddenly, Viki arrives – with Gigi! After Shane pulls his mom close, in tears, Viki tells everyone it’s time for her to go back to Llanview. Over hugs and tears, Jessica and Natalie watch on as Viki says goodbye to her closest friends. Before leaving Viki poses with Gigi, Shane, Moe and Noelle for a farewell picture.

    You Have A Lot Of Explaining To Do!

    Wednesday, January 16 2008

    Suddenly, Jessica and Natalie appear, rush in to hug Viki then snap, “You have a lot of explaining to do!” After Jessica and Natalie call Viki out for letting them believe she was in Paris – France – they are introduced to Moe. Just then, Noelle and Shane arrive talking about Marcie and Gigi to which Shane asks Viki, “Do you hate my mom too?” After Viki assures Shane she holds no hard feelings against his mom, Shane brings up how he heard what an important person Viki is and asks, “Can’t you do something to help my mom?” Viki instructs Jess and Natalie to stay and get to know her new friends while she heads to the station to give her statement.

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