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    One Life To Live CAST - Shane Morasco Balsom - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Shane Morasco Balsom Played by Austin Williams on One Life To Live Daytime Soap Opera.

    Birthday: November 13, 1996
    Real Name: Austin Williams


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    A Picture Of You Kissing That Piece Of Trash.

    Monday, April 04 2011

    Shane arrives in the school gym and glares at Jack. Kids everywhere watch and laugh at the video of Shane. Shane approaches Jack and hands him his inhaler. "I thought you need this?" Jack asks. Shane reminds Jack he didn't care about that the other day. Shane walks away, claiming he doesn't need the inhaler anymore.

    Out in the hallway, Destiny sees Matthew and accuses him of watching Shane's video. Matthew was checking to see when Clint's being arraigned. Matthew assures Destiny the proof they have against Clint isn't what it looks like. His uncle can't go to prison. She wonders what's had Matthew so jumpy lately. Matthew refuses to talk about it then leaves. Shane appears. Destiny assures Shane he'll get through this mess, like she did when kids picked on her. She begs Shane to tell someone what happened. He needs to stop Jack. Shane thinks it'll only make matters worse and walks away.

    As Gigi and Rex arrive at the school, Shane makes his way up some stairs. Destiny points in the direction of where Shane took off to and says, "Oh my God, the roof."

    Matthew Shot Eddie Ford.

    Friday, April 01 2011

    Shane finds the carriage house empty and wonders how he'll ever go back to school. He shivers and thinks about what the kids did to him. Shane opens his laptop and is relieved no one's commented on what happened in the gym. Viki arrives looking for Charlie. He's not there and hasn't been around in a while. Shane wishes Charlie was still his grandpa and says, "Everything was so much better before." Viki assures Shane that Charlie loves him. Shane knows Clint doesn't want them and brings up how the kids in school know it too. After Shane assures Viki he's okay, she leaves. Shane goes back to his laptop and sees the naked video of him posted on MyFace. Later, Gigi and Rex arrive home and find a goodbye note from Shane. Gigi breaks down in Rex's arms.

    I Hate You! I Hate All Of You!

    Thursday, March 31 2011

    In gym class, Shane is warned by a teacher to take it easy while playing basketball. Shane assures Jack he didn't say anything about him taking his inhaler. Jack warns what'll happen if Shane ever opens his mouth. Shane has to use his inhaler then appeals to Jack. Jack takes offense and warns Shane to keep his mouth shut. The boys are ordered to the showers. Jack's friends assure him they know what to do. Later, Shane returns in only a towel. He tries to retrieve his clothes from Jack and his friends. As the kids pick on Shane, Jack pulls Shane's towel off, leaving him naked. "I hate you!" Shane screams. "I hate all of you!"

    Starr appears in the gym just as Shane rushes back into the bathroom. She's there to get Jack out of school but demands to know if the boy who ran off was Shane. Jack tries to get Starr to leave, but Rex and Gigi appear. Rex grabs Jack, slams him up against a wall and demands, "What the hell are you doing to my kid?"

    Getting A Good Exchange Rate On Those Euros?

    Thursday, March 24 2011

    Dani runs into Jack outside of the school gym. He rushes off with Shane's inhaler. They hear a noise coming from the gym and find Shane suffering an asthma attack.

    In the gym, Rex and Gigi are relieved to see Shane's fine. The nurse had an extra inhaler Gigi had left with her. Shane explains he must've lost his inhaler and screams that it's causing him nothing but issues. Rex and Gigi demand to know what's going on. Shane thinks back to the kids pushing him around and says he really threw the inhaler out. He's sick of being a loser. Gigi says the inhaler was expensive then beats herself up over the comment. Rex and Gigi worry Shane's keeping something from them.

    MyFace Search: James Ford.

    Wednesday, March 23 2011

    At the diner, Jack, Blair and Starr talk about Todd. As James appears with flowers for Starr, Shane glances over at Jack. Gigi reminds Shane to be nice to Jack. He's going through a lot with his father. Jack gives Blair a hard time about having to take the bus. Blair brings up how nice it was for Shane to apologize. Jack calls out for Shane to wait up and thanks him for the written apology. The boys leave for school. Blair and Gigi chat about Todd and the problems surrounding their sons. James lets Gigi know he's looking for a job. Starr urges James to post about a job on MyFace. He does but has no luck finding one.

    Outside the diner, Shane apologizes to Jack for what's happening with Todd. Jack calls Shane names, warns that he better keep his mouth shut about him taking the raffle money and threatens, "I'll put you in a coma or worse."

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