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    One Life To Live CAST - Shane Morasco Balsom

    Full detailed profile on Shane Morasco Balsom Played by Austin Williams on One Life To Live Daytime Soap Opera.

    Shane Morasco Balsom

    Actor: Austin Williams

    Who played Shane Morasco Balsom over the years

    Austin Williams (October 29, 2007 - January 12, 2012)

    Useful information on Shane Morasco Balsom

    * Has Asthma.
    * Was told his father died at war.
    * Believed that Brody Lovett was his father.
    * Loves to make comic books.
    * Was bullied by Jack Manning.


    Current: Student


    Shane first appeared on the scene when Viki traveled to Paris, Texas and worked at the Bonjour Cafe. Since moving to Llanview with his mom, Gigi, Shane has always longed to have his father back - a man he thought died at war.

    It wasn't until 2008 that Shane got his wish when Brody Lovett came to Llanview and claimed the duty, even though Brody knew he wasn't Shane's father! However, little does Shane know, his dad is Rex Balsom, a man who he's already bonded with - the big secret his mother has been hiding from him his whole life!

    However, after Shane connected with Brody, his emotions turned on Rex, who he saw as a threat to his family. It wasn't until months later that he and Rex created a bond and are now closer than ever. Shane also likes spending time with Roxy who he still looks at as his grandmother.

    News came that Rex's real mother was Echo, who Shane accepted as his grandmother. After showing her how to create a MyFace profile, Shane found some bullying messages on his own. He was also caught skipping class when a note was sent home to Rex and Gigi but promised not to do it again. It was clear Shane was trying to avoid those doing the bullying.

    Shane's bully was revealed to be Jack Manning and his followers.






    Gigi Morasco (mother)
    Rex Balsom (father)
    Echo DiSavoy (grandmother)
    Clint Buchanan (grandfather)
    Natalie Buchanan Banks (aunt)
    Asa Buchanan (great grandfather - deceased)
    Olympia Buchanan (great grandmother - deceased)
    Pike Buchanan (uncle)
    Jeannie Buchanan (aunt - deceased)
    Austin Buchanan (cousin - deceased)
    Rafe Garretson (cousin)
    Sammi Garretson (cousin)
    Bo Buchanan (uncle)
    Ben Davidson (uncle - deceased)
    Drew Buchanan (cousin - deceased)
    Matthew Buchanan (cousin)
    Cordero Roberts (uncle)
    Kevin Riley Buchanan Sr. (uncle by adoption)
    Joseph Buchanan (uncle by adoption)
    Jessica Buchanan (aunt by adoption)
    Clinton James Roberts (cousin)
    Sarah Victoria Roberts (cousin)
    Megan Victoria Buchanan (cousin by adoption - deceased)
    Kevin Riley Buchanan Jr. (cousin by adoption - deceased
    Brennan Buchanan (cousin by adoption)
    Baby Girl Brennan (cousin - stillborn)
    Zane Buchanan (cousin by adoption)
    Arthur Stanford (great grandfather - deceased)
    Giselle French Stanford (great grandmother - deceased)
    The Turners (great grandparents by adoption)
    Leda French (aunt)
    Giles Morgan (uncle)




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    Thursday, January 12 2012: Soap Operas Are All About Family.

    Clint and Viki watch Blanca's tribute to "Fraternity Row" from Llanfair. Rex, Gigi and Shane appear. They came to say goodbye. Viki and Clint are surprised to hear they are going to England and invite them to stay with Kevin and Kelly. Gigi mumbles about Kelly not being able to keep her clothes on around Rex. Clint offers Rex money. Rex declines but agrees to hug his father. After the Balsoms leave, Viki and Clint anxiously await the DNA results. Jessica appears and asks, "DNA results?" Clint claims they were talking about the last episode of "Fraternity Row." Natalie and Liam arrive and settle in to watch the show. Everyone catches Clint crying, who admits they're happy tears. Though the show had to end, their story is just beginning.

    At the Buchanan Mansion, Roxy thanks Mr. Evans for helping Schuyler during the prison break. They bond over their sons being in jail. Vivian arrives and joins Nigel, Shaun, Destiny, Vimal, Rama and Mrs. Evans. Rex, Gigi and Shane appear and beg Roxy not to be sad. They want to enjoy their last day in Llanview as a family. After the finale of "Fraternity Row," everyone gushes about the ending storylines. While Shaun tells Vivian he's okay with just loving her, Rex asks Roxy for her blessing. She tearfully gives it to him. Natalie barges in. She doesn't know what she's going to do without Rex. Bo and Nora appear. Everyone agrees they'll miss each other dearly. As Destiny reflects on Matthew's absence, Rex, Gigi and Shane hug everyone goodbye and leave. Vimal gets news and rushes off with Rama. Nora and Bo notice the photo of Asa on the mantle. Nigel informs that Rex put it up. Suddenly, Destiny's water breaks!

    Wednesday, January 11 2012: The Starcrossiest Lovers I've Ever Met.

    Gigi joins Rex at the Buchanan Mansion just as he finishes up a call with Nora. As they kiss, Roxy interrupts and says, "Honeymoon is over." She's throwing a huge party to honor "Fraternity Row's" last episode tomorrow. Everyone tried to save the soap, but it didn't work. Roxy wants to give it the sendoff it deserves and wants everyone to dress up as characters. Roxy names John and Natalie as the show's leading couple and says, "They're the starcrossiest lovers I've ever met." Out in the foyer, Shane opens a letter labeled urgent then joins his parents. Shane announces that he's been given a scholarship to one of the best art schools in England. He's confused, having never applied. Gigi admits she applied for him a year ago. He appreciates it but knows Gigi did it to get him out of a bad situation. Now that Shane's happy, there's no reason to leave Llanview. Gigi's proud of the strong guy Shane has become. She and Rex want to go to England with him. Roxy appears upset.

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