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    One Life To Live CAST - Allison Perkins - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Allison Perkins Played by Barbara Garrick on One Life To Live Daytime Soap Opera.

    Barbara Garrick

    Birthday: December 3 1965
    Birthplace: Los Angeles, California
    Real Name: Barbara Garrick
    Height: 5' 5"


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    Into The Lord Crypt!

    Monday, February 11 2008

    Inside the Lord crypt, when Jessica and Natalie demand to know Allison’s secret, Allison continues to taunt them with details of the past – and how Mitch got off on switching them at birth! As Jess and Natalie argue about taking Allison back to St. Ann’s, Allison lays on Victor's crypt, smiles then says, “I like it here… so many wonderful memories!” Having had enough, Jessica knells next to Allison, wanting to know the truth, but Allison continues to jerk her chain! As Allison expresses how much she likes being in the crypt, Jessica threatens to call on Tess to make Allison’s stay permanent! Jessica and Natalie quickly leave the crypt, leaving Allison screaming for them to let her out! Jessica reminds Natalie that Allison holds the key to their family’s happiness then the two leave Allison locked in the crypt!

    Later, Allison, laughs, goes to a brick and knocks, which opens a secret compartment containing a gun and a bundle of what appears to be money! Allison then thanks Mitch for her findings!

    Sweet Freedom!

    Friday, February 08 2008

    As Natalie, Jessica and Allison race away in Nat’s car from St. Ann’s, Allison says she won’t tell them a thing until they promise they’ll help get her a new identity and make her disappear! Although Natalie suggests taking her back to St. Ann’s, and says she probably doesn’t have a secret anyway, Jessica protests and acts as though she’s on Allison’s side! After Jess pinches Natalie, she has no choice but to agree to which Allison vows, “After I tell you what I know I won’t ever mess with you again. Once I tell you, you’ll be indebted.” Though Allison doesn’t trust them, she has no choice but to take Jessica and Natalie at their word and instructs Natalie to drive them, “Straight to Llanfair!” Allison states that although the secret is not inside the house at Llanfair, it is on the property!

    Shortly after arriving at Llanfair, outside Victor Lord's crypt, Allison says, “It is here. Take me inside and you’ll find out!”

    Could It Be... Another Balsom?

    Thursday, February 07 2008

    Outside the cottage, Jessica assures Natalie that if Allison acts up after they break her out, she’ll just bring her back! Though Natalie is nervous, Jess has it all under control! When the two arrive at St. Ann’s, dressed as nuns, Natalie and Jessica try to rush Allison out but they’re all stopped by a real nun! However, Allison quickly makes up a story about the new nuns from 'the other’ place', then the threesome continue on their escape route!

    Do We Have A Deal Or Not?

    Monday, February 04 2008

    In St. Ann’s, Allison taunts Jessie about Mitch – and how his sins will come back to haunt her! Although Jessica offers her money in exchange for the secret, Allison demands her freedom and says, “If you want to know what it is, get me out of here!” When Jessica asks how she's supposed to do that, Allison says, "That's your problem - not mine!"

    The Secret Lingers On...

    Friday, February 01 2008

    In the dayroom at St. Ann’s, Jess takes a seat next to Allison and demands to know ‘this secret’ of hers. However, Allison snaps, “What’s in it for me, Tess?” As Jessica promises to come back and visit Allison once she gets out, and bribes her with weekly treats, Allison asks Jess to come close then whispers, “It’s about your twin sister Natalie.” Just as Jess perks up, Allison laughs and reminds her about the ‘other secret’ she revealed about Natalie being her twin sister then claims Natalie has nothing to do with her current secret! When Jessica threatens to leave St. Ann’s and never come back, Allison stops her and claims that what she knows is the biggest secret Jessica’s family has heard in three months! “It’s about your daddy, Mitch,” Allison says excitedly. “The secret didn’t die with him… It’s still very much alive!”

    Todd and Blair Make Love!

    Monday, January 28 2008

    Allison approaches Jessica at St. Ann’s and laughs, “I know something you don’t know and I’m not telling!” Although Jessica tries to play Allison’s game to obtain the secret, Allison doesn’t budge. Suddenly, Viki appears gasping, “Allison Perkins!” Allison makes a scene, looks at Viki’s heart then says happily, “Hi Ben!” When Nash arrives, Allison quickly grabs Viki and holds on tightly, wanting to be close to 'Dave aka Ben'! After Allison is taken away, Jessica says she can’t wait to get out of there, to which Viki alerts her, “They’re not letting you out.” After Nash and Viki explain that Jessica has to wait forty-eight hours, unless she signs some papers to revoke the order she had in place initially, Jessica refuses then says she’s fine staying there for the time being!

    As a nun is bringing Jessica to see her doctor, Allison rants in the hallway about this secret she knows but only tells Jessica it’s about her – and her precious family!

    I Know Something You Don't Know!

    Friday, January 25 2008

    While Jessica is waiting, Allison Perkins walks by, sees Jessica standing with a nun then taunts, “I know something you don’t know!”

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