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    One Life To Live CAST - Allison Perkins - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Allison Perkins Played by Barbara Garrick on One Life To Live Daytime Soap Opera.

    Barbara Garrick

    Birthday: December 3 1965
    Birthplace: Los Angeles, California
    Real Name: Barbara Garrick
    Height: 5' 5"


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    Feelings Of The Past?

    Wednesday, March 31 2010

    Outside the infirmary, after Fish informs Bo and Brody that he's Sierra's father, Bo refuses to let Fish do anything rash. Suddenly, Schuyler, who's holding Sierra, appears, and Bo and Brody rush inside, where Brody finds the antidote. Allison is detained, as Fish watches Schuyler tell Sierra, "Daddy's here." Though Schuyler wants to leave with Sierra, Fish stops him and says, "She's not your daughter."

    Paternity Revealed!

    Tuesday, March 30 2010

    Inside the infirmary, Allison, holding Sierra's carseat, aims a gun on Schuyler warning he better administer the antidote or else. Schuyler begs Allison to give Sierra to him before it's too late for Mitch. As Mitch grabs his heart and tells Allison to hand over the baby, Allison goes on to tell Mitch that Sierra is indeed his granddaughter because he's Schuyler's father! Schuyler and Mitch don't believe it and are shocked when Allison recalls how her sister, Dr. Joplin, worked at a hospital and Mitch's son's heart was failing. "But fate stepped in and solved the problem," Allison says then remembers how a healthy baby was left by its mother, one Allison claimed as her own. "They believed me," she says, but Schuyler wonders how he's Mitch's son if Mitch's son died? Allison goes on to tell Schuyler that Mitch's baby didn't die, her sister saved him, and Roxy had already left with the healthy baby. Allison claimed to Dr. Joplin that she gave birth to the baby, but when Allison refused to raise him, Dr. Joplin reluctantly did, as her own. "That's how Leah Joplin became the biological mother of your child, Mitch," Allison admits. Schuyler and Mitch make eye contact, as Allison introduces them as father and son.

    Scrambling To Cover The Truth!

    Monday, March 29 2010

    Inside Kyle's room, Kyle begs Roxy to tell him why Mitch would want to keep the baby then informs Allison that there's a chance Schuyler isn't Sierra's father. As Roxy sits in a daze, Allison aims a gun at Kyle and demands to know who the father is. Suddenly, Fish bangs on the door and asks Kyle to open up, Marty needs him. When Kyle doesn't answer, Fish rushes off to get an extra key. Allison gets a call from Mitch, who demands she bring the baby, and after Allison hears what Schuyler did to Mitch she agrees, but says to Roxy and Kyle, "There's just one more thing." Later, Fish unlocks Kyle's door and finds Roxy and Kyle tied up. Once untied, Kyle tells Fish that Allison has Sierra, and they went out the window! Fish calls Bo with the details. Against Kyle's pleas, Roxy rushes out then Fish opens the DNA results and says, "I'm a match… Schuyler's not Sierra's father, I am."

    Back at Statesville, Allison arrives with Sierra and holds a gun on the warden. When he allows Allison to go inside the infirmary, she holds the gun on Schuyler and demands that he give Mitch the antidote.

    Heart Attack At Statesville...

    Friday, March 26 2010

    Upstairs in a room, Allison warns Roxy that Schuyler will follow her foolproof plan because Mitch has a message to deliver. Allison talks about Schuyler breaking Mitch out then Roxy thinks back to how Rex almost died because of Allison. Allison laughs and says, "I fooled you all, even the Messenger." Allison's big secret involves the baby Roxy gave birth to! Roxy demands to know the truth, so Allison whispers in her ear. "No, it can't be," Roxy cries hysterically, and after Allison goes to tend to Sierra, Roxy wonders if she's always known the truth and just hasn't wanted to admit it. Suddenly, Kyle enters his room and rushes to Roxy, wondering who tied her up. Allison reappears with her gun drawn and ties Kyle up alongside Roxy, as she chants that Schuyler will break Mitch out of prison and do as he's told because of the baby. Kyle sees Sierra!

    It's Johnny!

    Thursday, March 25 2010

    Still at Foxy Roxy's, Allison has Natalie and Roxy at gunpoint. Natalie questions Allison about her big secret, and Allison claims Jared, who Mitch took care of, ruined it. Natalie reminds Allison that Sierra isn't Mitch's grandchild, but Allison says, "Guess again." Just as Allison says, "The Messenger wants this child," there's a knock on the door, and Roxy happily yells, "It's Johnny!" Allison warns Natalie to get rid of him, or she'll put a bullet in her, Roxy and John! Natalie tries her best to ward John off, but he thinks she's acting suspicious, pulls out his gun and looks around. He doesn't find anyone, tells Natalie about Allison then says, "My first priority is to make sure you're safe." When Natalie quickly agrees to leave town, at John's insistence, he knows something up. Natalie says she's been planning to leave town, because she can't stop thinking of him, and doesn't want to come between him and Marty. John buys into Natalie's emotion and gently touches the side of her face. Natalie insists on staying behind, and after John leaves, she wonders where Allison took Roxy and the baby.

    Having made their escape to the Angels Square Hotel, Roxy uses her key to let her, Allison and Sierra into a room. Once inside, Allison tapes up Roxy then prepares to make a call, as Roxy thinks back to Allison taking her baby at birth.

    Mysterious Caller...

    Wednesday, March 24 2010

    At Foxy Roxy's, Roxy continues to try to get Natalie to leave, but Allison turns around in the salon chair and shows Roxy her gun. Natalie doesn't see Allison, but sees the baby and demands to know who she belongs to. With Allison sitting in the chair nearby, wearing a facial mask, Natalie keeps pushing Roxy for the truth. Roxy claims she hid the baby because she thought it would be hard for Natalie - due to Marty's pregnancy. Roxy ushers her to the door, but when the baby cries, Natalie scoops her up then asks, "What's her name?" Roxy panics when Natalie sees Sierra's name stitched on her blanket. Roxy claims she's babysitting, but just as Natalie goes to call Bo, not believing Schuyler would leave the baby with her, Allison shoves a gun in Natalie's ribs and says, "Put the phone away." Natalie is mortified to see Allison, who says, "Great to see you again, for the last time!"

    Foxy Roxy Stowaways!

    Tuesday, March 23 2010

    Roxy goes to her salon and settles in with a drink - until Allison emerges from the backroom. Though Roxy grabs the phone to call the police, Allison says, "I wouldn't do that if I were you," and reminds Roxy what she has on her, "Don't you remember when Rex was born?" As Allison brings up Rex's birth, Roxy hears a baby crying, so Allison brings out Sierra. "Is that a baby?" Roxy asks, to which Allison replies, "No, it's a meatloaf, Roxy." Roxy becomes nervous for the baby when she realizes she's Sierra.

    Natalie enters the salon, calling out for Roxy. When she finds her with a client, Roxy tries to get Natalie to leave. Natalie hears a baby and wonders why there's a baby in the salon. Allison turns in the salon chair and says to Roxy, "Well?"

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