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    One Life To Live CAST - Allison Perkins - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Allison Perkins Played by Barbara Garrick on One Life To Live Daytime Soap Opera.

    Barbara Garrick

    Birthday: December 3 1965
    Birthplace: Los Angeles, California
    Real Name: Barbara Garrick
    Height: 5' 5"


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    Hello Natalie.

    Monday, August 19 2013

    Clint is strapped to a bed at the psych ward. Natalie and Matthew arrive outside his room and hear Clint's been sedated for the night. After Natalie insists Matthew go home, she's led into Clint's room. Natalie screams, as Allison Perkins says, "Hello Natalie." Allison laughs as she holds a syringe over Clint, who gasps for air.

    One Life To Live By Allison Perkins.

    Friday, January 13 2012

    In a room, Allison Perkins narrates a story about Viki, addressing her by each of her married names. She expresses how much Viki loved her family, sits on a bed and starts reading to someone from a self-written manuscript titled, "One Life To Live." She can't believe no producers have called her to make a movie and asks the person in the bed, "Don't tell me I'm boring you?"

    Back in the room, Allison throws the manuscript at the person in the bed. It's Victor Lord Jr. Alive and gagged!

    Jessica And Natalie Are Both Yours.

    Friday, January 06 2012

    Allison fires her gun at Llanfair and hits a vase. She jokes about it being expensive and warns, "This isn't the first time I've taken something precious from you." Allison reiterates what Mitch thinks, that she made sure his daughter, Jessica, grew up in luxury while Clint's daughter, Natalie, grew up in poverty. Clint and Viki wonder what Allison's getting at. Is what Allison told them about Jessica and Natalie not true? Allison claims Jessica and Natalie are both Clint's daughters. She rigged the DNA tests. Dr. Balsom assured Allison that Viki was having two babies with one daddy, Clint. She lied to Mitch all those years ago and reminds Clint how easy it is to make DNA switches at the Llanview Lab. When Clint doesn't believe Allison, she shoots Viki. Clint holds Viki and begs her to stay with him. Clint reaches for the phone and collapses as well.

    Hey Kid, Can I Play?

    Thursday, January 05 2012

    Jessica speaks up at Llanfair and tells Mitch over the phone that he can have her in exchange for Natalie. Once they hang up, John promises Viki and Clint that he'll bring both their daughters home safe. John warns Jessica to listen to everything he says then leaves Viki and Clint praying for her safe return. Ford arrives and hears that Mitch has Natalie, and Jessica left to take Natalie's place. Ford rushes off. As Clint leaves John a warning message about Ford, they get word Allison has escaped. Allison appears and aims a gun at Viki and Clint. Viki orders Allison out and calls her Mitch's tool. Allison had a revelation. She doesn't work for Mitch or anyone else and admits to setting up the prison break. She trashes Mitch and brings up how he's holding Natalie, Slutty McSlut Slut. Allison talks in riddles about Jessica and Natalie, twins, with two different fathers and says, "It's practically impossible." Viki wonders what she's talking about. Allison plans to kill them. Shots are fired. Clint and Viki look at each other and profess their love.

    Halfway Gone With Lifehouse!

    Tuesday, April 13 2010

    Rex and Gigi go to visit Allison at Statesville. "You're going to tell me who I really am," Rex demands. Allison admits she's not Rex's mother but says Stacy has the information Rex is looking for. Allison talks about the sample of Mitch's blood Stacy stole, the one still in a pop can at the loft. Rex plans to test Mitch's blood against his to be safe and wonders how he was a match for Shane. Allison chalks it up as a coincidence. However, she gives Rex the name of a nurse who was working at the hospital when he was abandoned. Nurse Wojciehowicz.

    Your Real Son Is Alive!

    Monday, April 05 2010

    Still at Statesville, Allison tells Roxy her baby isn't dead. "Your real son is alive," Allison says. Roxy doesn't believe her but Allison vows she's telling the truth. After she tells Roxy the story, Allison says her son was just there. "You can't stand him," Allison says then gives Roxy a hint. "Are you saying my real son is Schuyler Joplin?" Roxy gasps. Allison confirms then Roxy screams for the guards to take her away.

    Schuyler, Gigi And A Gun...

    Friday, April 02 2010

    Faced with Allison at Statesville, Kelly and Todd question her about Melinda's death. Allison rambles on about how she considered hurting Starr and Cassie but then she headed west. Though Allison went to hurt Melinda she was already dead when Allison arrived. Suddenly, Roxy rushes in and demands to know where her baby is buried. Kelly and Todd go get some air, as Allison taunts Roxy, "I know something you don't know." Allison claims Roxy's baby didn't die!

    I'll Visit Your Pole In Vegas!

    Thursday, April 01 2010

    Inside the Statesville infirmary, Brody holds the antidote and threatens to let Mitch die. Allison chants for God to save Mitch but Bo convinces Brody to give Mitch the antidote. Once Mitch comes around, he demands Allison be taken away. Bo is shocked to hear Rex isn't Mitch's son. Bo remembers Allison having a gun but they can't find it. Allison is led away screaming, "This isn't the way it's supposed to be!" Before Mitch is taken away Bo tells him that he never deserved to be Rex's father. Bo punches Mitch in the face!

    Feelings Of The Past?

    Wednesday, March 31 2010

    In the Statesville infirmary, Allison demands that Schuyler give Mitch the antidote, but Schuyler replies, "No… He means nothing to me." Allison aims the gun at Sierra until Schuyler agrees to give Mitch the antidote, only after he gets Sierra and the gun. As he begins to empty the syringe, Allison hands over Sierra, but Schuyler throws the syringe under Mitch's bed and says, "Die!"

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