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    One Life To Live CAST - Michael McBain - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Michael McBain Played by Chris Stack on One Life To Live Daytime Soap Opera.

    Chris Stack

    Birthday: June 13
    Birthplace: Chicago, Illinois
    Real Name: Chris Stack


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    R.I.P. Hope Manning McBain...

    Wednesday, December 10 2008

    At the cemetery, standing before Hope's coffin, everyone listens and prays as Andrew says a final prayer. One by one, everyone says their goodbyes to Hope… Blair first, Marcie second, Cole third, who places a picture of him and Starr on the coffin, then finally Starr, who kisses her hand and lays it on the coffin.

    When I look At Chloe, I See Hope...

    Wednesday, December 03 2008

    In Dr. Joplin's office, she admits to Blair, Starr, Dorian, Marcie and Michael that a better doctor could have saved Hope then says, "You all deserve to know exactly how this tragedy came to happen." The doctor explains that Hope died of Rh disease, a treatable disease where a small amount of the baby's Rh+ blood enters into the mother's - and doesn't mix with the mother's Rh- blood. Demanding to know why Dr. Joplin didn't detect this, the doctor admits, "I don't know what I was thinking. I am completely at fault." As Dorian continues to rant and rave about the doctor's negligence, Dr. Joplin thinks back to Todd's initial orders! Through tears, the doctor announces that the baby will be released to them, for a proper funeral, then begs them for forgiveness.

    Later, back at their apartment, Michael comforts Marcie as she cries for her loss.

    Todd Gets A Visitor!

    Tuesday, December 02 2008

    Before they leave the apartment Michael wants to know why Marcie insists on going to the hospital, to which she explains how she needs to see Dr. Joplin - to ask how her baby died.

    When Blair, Dorian, Michael and Marcie arrive at the hospital, they are surprised to see Starr - who admits she was there to confront Todd! Suddenly, Dr. Joplin appears, takes the blame for Starr's baby's death then says, "It's time that I tell all of you everything…"

    Thanksgiving In Llanview!

    Monday, December 01 2008

    At the Buenos Dias Café, Viki, Gigi, Charlie, Noelle and Moe prepare a Thanksgiving diner, as Marcie and Michael arrive, followed by the Buchanans, the Vegas and their crew, as well as Dorian's family. After Shane introduces his dad, Rex, to Moe and Noelle, Llanview celebrates Thanksgiving as one.

    What Have I Become...

    Friday, November 21 2008

    Michael stops John before he leaves and tries to change his mind, but John rants about Marty's case again then says, "I gotta get out of here." John leaves the station.

    News Reaches The Tabloids!

    Thursday, November 20 2008

    Michael visits John in jail and can't believe that he was right - and that Marty was alive! Over talk of Cole and Starr's baby dying, Michael talks about Marcie - and the state of their apartment when he brought her home. Back to talk of Todd, and how John went against the mayor's orders to stay away from him, John knows he's going to have to pay for his crimes but admits he would do it all again. "I just wish I would've done it a hell of a lot sooner," John says then explains everything that Todd did to Marty. Suddenly, Antonio appears, tells John, "You might want to think about getting a good attorney," then escorts John upstairs.

    Nora enters Bo's office, as the mayor continues to bash John then demands that she prosecute John to every extent of the law! Nora reminds the mayor that she doesn't answer to him then directs his attention to the reporters questioning John, outside of Bo's office, branding him a hero! When Michael steps in and claims the mayor blocked John from getting the warrant he needed, the mayor interrupts the questioning and says, "John McBain broke the law, and I'm not going to stand for it!" However, after the press hounds the mayor, to save face, the mayor drops all charges on John! The mayor hands John his badge back, wanting to pin it on him himself, leaving Michael thanking the mayor profusely - but John calmly says, "Mayor, take your badge and shove it."

    You Do Know Me, Don't You?

    Monday, November 17 2008

    When Marcie and Michael arrive home, they find tons of flowers and balloons from Marcie's family, to which Marcie says, "They don't know that Hope died." Marcie is faced with more heartache when she enters her bedroom and sees the nursery set-up. Though Michael wants to take away Hope's things, Marcie begs him to please leave, as she doesn't want him to suffer over a loss that isn't his. Michael admits that although he walked out on her before, he refuses to do so now. "I love you," Michael says. "As long as I'm alive on this planet, you will not be alone." With the crib at the foot of the bed, Michael lays down with Marcie as she tries to sleep.

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