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    One Life To Live CAST - Michael McBain - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Michael McBain Played by Chris Stack on One Life To Live Daytime Soap Opera.

    Chris Stack

    Birthday: June 13
    Birthplace: Chicago, Illinois
    Real Name: Chris Stack


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    Grab Your Partner Round We Go!

    Friday, February 13 2009

    Back at their apartment, Michael gives Marcie a necklace with Hope's birthstone on it for Valentine's Day.

    Break-In At The Carriage House!

    Wednesday, February 11 2009

    Across the room, though Marcie doesn't want to go to the Go Red Ball, Michael tries to convince her that they need to move forward. Michael talks about Moe and Noelle's new marriage and says he's been thinking of them - and wants to go back to how they were. Michael asks Marcie to be his date for the Go Red Ball - and Marcie finally accepts!

    Star Witness: Dead!

    Friday, January 30 2009

    Michael surprises Marcie when he shows up at the cemetery while she visiting Hope. He admits that although he wasn't onboard, at first, to help raise Hope, he frequents her grave regularly. Over talk of Todd, Marcie worries that he'll get away with murder. "It's Todd," Marcie says. "He always does, right?" Brody tries to calm Wes and asks, "What are you going to do?" but Wes thanks Brody for lending him an ear then leaves. Alone, Brody thinks about Jessica.

    The Truth Comes Out!

    Monday, January 19 2009

    After Jared and Natalie take Chloe to get her shots, they run into Marcie and Michael at the hospital and briefly talk about Jessica. Natalie allows Marcie to hold the baby, leaving Marcie to remember Hope. Just then, Natalie gets a call from Viki asking her and Jared to get to the cottage.

    Babysitting Chloe for Natalie and Jared, Marcie talks about how she always wanted it to be like this for her and Michael - and their baby. Michael agrees, and Marcie says, "What I wouldn't have given for a chance with you and Hope. In a perfect world, this little one would be ours."

    A Grave Confession...

    Tuesday, January 13 2009

    At Rodi's, Gigi catching John up on all the goings-on at Rodi's then is grateful when he reminds her of her situation - and offers to give Gigi time off whenever she needs it. Later, Gigi is surprised to see Wes working at Rodi's then heads over to see Michael and Marcie, who have arrived for John's first night as the new owner. As Gigi tells Michael and Marcie how Shane walked in on her and Rex, they break out in laughter!

    Later, Rex and Shane show up at Rodi's, so Gigi can answer some of Shane's 'female questions', but Gigi is busy, so Shane asks Michael what a certain part of the female anatomy is - causing Marcie to spit her beer out!

    R.I.P. Hope Manning McBain...

    Wednesday, December 10 2008

    Lying in bed, Marcie thanks Michael for staying there with her and is happy when he offers to help bury Hope - and be with her every step of the way. Michael takes a brief call from Gigi, who can't switch Shane's therapy session, watches as Marcie puts Hope's death certificate in her baby book then promises they'll get through the day - together.

    Just then, everyone begins to arrive, and one by one, Starr welcomes each with open arms, as they all stand before her baby's coffin. When Cole appears, he walks up the aisle to Starr, takes her hand then leads her to a pew.

    Andrew begins the service, asking God to comfort those who loved Hope during her brief stay on earth. With many tears being shed throughout the church, Andrew pleads with everyone to be there for each other during this sad time - a time when Heaven has welcomed a new Angel.

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