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    One Life To Live CAST - Michael McBain - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Michael McBain Played by Chris Stack on One Life To Live Daytime Soap Opera.

    Chris Stack

    Birthday: June 13
    Birthplace: Chicago, Illinois
    Real Name: Chris Stack


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    A Deal Is On The Table...

    Thursday, March 26 2009

    Back in Shane's room, Michael calls Rex out into the hallway and sadly tells him that the donor fell through.


    Monday, March 23 2009

    Still in John's room, after Marty tells him that the letters found on the bodies, KAD, is the name of the fraternity she was raped in, John goes over the clues then says, "It seems the killer is targeting anyone who knows you or Manning." Though Marty wonders if John was right, and questions if Todd could be the killer, John says if Todd isn't doing the killings, someone is making it look as though he is - and Marty wants to help John find out who! Suddenly, Michael shows up to let John know that Blair will be waking up soon. Although John admits to wanting to be there for Blair, he doesn't want to leave Marty upset like this, but Marty begs him, "Please don't let me take her away from you again." John worries about Marty's safety and tells her to watch her back! While John is getting his coat, Marty looks over the three pictures containing the letters KAD and flashes back to the rape.

    Back at the hospital, Michael heads in to check on Blair. Later, when John arrives, Michael approaches John, Starr and Addie and says, "She's awake."

    For The Love Of Shane...

    Thursday, March 19 2009

    Rex immediately heads into the bathroom with Roxy but insists on shaving his head himself - and to do anything for his son! After Roxy leaves, Rex goes back into Shane's room, and both Gigi and Shane are shocked by his new look! Shane thanks his dad, leading Gigi to grab the clippers and bring them to her head. "No!" Shane and Rex scream in unison. Later, though Michael tells Rex and Gigi that Shane is responding to the chemo, he says that they need to find a bone marrow donor fast!

    In the hospital hallway, with Jessica and Chloe's DNA samples gathered, Jared and Natalie talk about the whole baby switch theory - until Michael and Marcie interrupt, with their theories about how Hope died. Though Michael suggests that maybe Cole wasn't the father, and talks about the only way to get the truth - by exhuming Hope's body, Marcie nixes the idea then the two head to the diner for the bone marrow drive. Seeing how upset Marcie is, Jared and Natalie are determined to get the last piece of DNA evidence - from Starr's locket! Until then, Natalie and Jared leave Jessica and Chloe's DNA samples with Kyle.

    Back out in the diner, after Brody leaves Jessica at a booth with Viki, Michael appears and informs Jessica that she can't be tested, due to the Hepatitis. When Marcie asks to hold Chloe, Jessica hands her over while Brody approaches Charlie, by the counter, and apologizes for last summer - at the AA Meeting.

    The Shocking Truth!

    Friday, March 13 2009

    In an examine room, after Gigi is told that Shane has leukemia, Michael explains the urgency to get Shane into the hospital, as the mildest infection could be catastrophic! Gigi is beside herself and asks, "You're saying Shane is so sick he could die?" Though it can be fatal, Michael assures Gigi that there's hope - but Shane will need to get into chemo right away, while they look for a stem cell donor! Michael urges them to have all family members give blood and be tested for a donor match. "Please," Michael says. "Do not give up hope."

    Shortly after, Stacey and Roxy arrive at the hospital, and Rex and Gigi tell them about Shane's condition - separately. Stacey instantly agrees to be tested then hugs her sister, as does Roxy with Rex. Rex vents his worry to Roxy, and Roxy adamantly, as though from past experience, screams that he has to do anything to protect his kid! Michael reappears and gets everyone ready for testing. As Gigi talks about wishing her parents were still alive, as well as Rex's father, Roxy looks thoughtful then follows Stacey in to be tested - as Michael insists that Rex and Gigi get Shane into the hospital today.

    Marcie finds Michael at the hospital and says, "I found out something about Hope."

    D Is For... Deadly?

    Thursday, March 12 2009

    At the hospital, Michael briefly says hello to Rex, who has just had a drug test, then is met by Marcie, who questions him about Cole's toxicology report. After Michael leaves, Marcie glances at the report and sees that Cole's blood type is Rh - Like Starr's!

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