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    One Life To Live CAST - Michael McBain - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Michael McBain Played by Chris Stack on One Life To Live Daytime Soap Opera.

    Chris Stack

    Birthday: June 13
    Birthplace: Chicago, Illinois
    Real Name: Chris Stack


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    John, Did You Do This?

    Monday, April 20 2009

    With everyone rushing to his side, including Michael, Rex and Gigi want answers, but Michael assures them that they will run tests to see what's going on. As Michael and Rex tend to Shane, Stacy appears and pulls Gigi out of the room. Stacy reminds Gigi that Shane's condition went downhill just as she was about to tell Rex the truth - breaking her promise to God - then says if Shane would have died, it would've been her fault! Just then, Rex interrupts to inform them that Shane is feeling better. When Gigi goes to see her son, Stacy smiles at Rex saying, "I just knew he'd make it through this one too."

    The Killer Strikes Again!

    Friday, April 17 2009

    In an examine room, Michael checks on Stacy, who later calls Roxy at the special care facility and tells her and Kyle to hurry up already! Just then, Rex appears in her room - and Stacy wonders how much of her conversation he heard! After Rex says he didn't hear anything, Stacy talks about how the procedure is hard - but says that she'd do anything for Shane. Though Rex doesn't condone what Stacy's done in the past, he doesn't know how he's going to repay her - and Stacy says, "You'll think of something. I'd do anything for you… and Shane." Just then, Schuyler appears, and Stacy starts making excuses when Schuyler says that Stacy lives with him - and that they are ex's. Feeling uncomfortable, Schuyler leaves. Over talk of Gigi, Stacy bashes her sister for what she's done to Rex.

    As Gigi walks into Stacy's room, Rex is thanking Stacy again - and holding her hand! Once Rex takes his hand away, Gigi says that all that matters is that Shane gets better. Suddenly, Michael appears, ready to take Stacy's samples, in order to start the transplant! As Stacy acts as though she's feeling sick, Roxy barges in, tells Rex and Gigi that Shane needs him then switches the blood samples after Michael goes to take a page! With Rex's father's blood now switched in place of Stacy's, Michael reappears and takes the blood for the transplant! As Stacy is hiding her samples, Schuyler enters and asks, "What was that?"

    Tea Takes A Sample But Doesn't Give Todd The Goods!

    Thursday, April 16 2009

    As Marcie, Michael, Viki, Charlie, Jared and Natalie arrive in the church, Jared assures Charlie that 'the secret' he was talking to him about is under control. Across the room, Viki asks Natalie what's been bothering her lately, and after she talks about her past rift with Jessica, talk of the girls comes up and Natalie says, "I will do anything to make sure Jess keeps those kids." Viki becomes suspicious, but Natalie talks her way out of the slip! Sitting down with Bree, Clint fumes about Nora's call.

    Just as Michael and Marcie are talking about how hard it is to be there, Jessica arrives, allows Marcie to hold Chloe, then the christening begins. Holding Chloe, Jared and Natalie vow to denounce Satan - and all of his evil works - then take on the role of Chloe's Godparents. Suddenly, Starr appears, apologizing for being late. After the ceremony, Jessica lets Starr hold Chloe, and Natalie and Jared watch on, as Starr wonders why Chloe feels so familiar to her! As the church is clearing out, Starr returns Chloe to Jessica's arms then sadly leaves the church in confusion, stopping briefly to tell Marcie and Michael how weird it is being back there since Hope's funeral.

    Dorian Gets A Dose Of Hemorrhoid Treatment!

    Tuesday, April 07 2009

    Stacy enters Shane's room, and Gigi watches as Shane and Stacy excitedly talk about how she's going to save his life! However, when Michael arrives and asks Stacy if she's ready for a series of injections to prepare for the transplant, Stacy refuses to go with him! Gigi asks to talk to Stacy. As everyone awaits their return, Rex appears very suspicious!

    In the hallway, Gigi demands to know if Stacy is backing out of their deal, but Stacy claims she hates needles. Just as Gigi insists that she go through with this, whether she likes it or not, Rex appears and tells Stacy how much he appreciates what she's doing. When Michael joins them in the hallway, he whisks Stacy away, leaving Rex asking Gigi, "How can you still be mad at her? She's saving our kid's life!" Rex storms back into Shane's room, and Brody calls to check in on Gigi. Crying, Gigi thanks Brody, and says he's the only one who can understand what she's going through - until Rex overhears, rips the phone from her hand and chastises Gigi for thinking about her boyfriend while her sister is out there trying to save their son's life!

    In the exam room, Michael explains how they have to get Stacy's stem cells to the correct level then leaves to get an injection. Though Stacy calls Roxy to get her out of this, Roxy refuses, and Michael reappears with a needle! As Michael gives her some more time to think about going through with this, Stacy fantasizes about how Rex will fall for her after she saves Shane then allows Michael to do the procedure!

    Llanview's Newest Stepfather!

    Friday, March 27 2009

    Still outside of Shane's room, Rex is devastated then asks Michael, "How do I tell Gigi there's no one to save Shane?" When Marcie appears, Rex briefly says hello then walks away, leaving Michael to tell Marcie about how the donor fell through. Over talk of Hope's death, Marcie tells Michael that she's finally decided to accept it and move on to a life with him.

    A Deal Is On The Table...

    Thursday, March 26 2009

    After Roxy leaves, Gigi appears and Rex holds her close. Just as Gigi pulls away, saying that they need to talk, Michael appears and announces that they found a donor! Filled with excitement, Gigi and Rex rush in and tell Shane that he has a donor! When Shane asks if they can go to Disney World - and bring Aunt Stacy - Gigi says she has an errand to run and leaves.

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