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    One Life To Live CAST - Michael McBain - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Michael McBain Played by Chris Stack on One Life To Live Daytime Soap Opera.

    Chris Stack

    Birthday: June 13
    Birthplace: Chicago, Illinois
    Real Name: Chris Stack


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    Your Baby Girl Is Alive...

    Friday, May 29 2009

    Over at their Angels Square Hotel apartment, John breaks the news to Michael and Marcie, and though Michael can’t believe it, Marcie is ecstatic that Hope is alive! John starts explaining the entire baby switch story. “The baby you saw wasn’t Hope,” John says then talks about another baby who was born that same night, one who died. Marcie screams, “I want to know who put us all through hell,” and John tells them about Jessica – and Chloe.

    Later, John arrives at the mansion and bickers with Todd, while Cole and Starr are on the patio, anticipating holding their baby. Cole promises that they are going to get through this together. When Marty comes out, Starr gives them some time. Back inside, Marcie and Michael appear, and Marcie and Starr embrace with excitement. Later, John gets a call from Bo, saying that he’s closing in on Jessica’s position, and everyone sits together and waits it out…

    Destination: The In-Law's!

    Thursday, May 28 2009

    At their apartment, as Michael and Marcie try to figure out how the wrong baby was buried in Hope’s place, John arrives – and Marcie asks for his help in finding out what happened to Hope. Just then, Michael gets a call from the funeral home to verify that the only baby they buried that day was the ‘one’ they received from the hospital. John listens as Michael and Marcie go over the details until Marcie remembers that Hope wasn’t wearing a hospital bracelet when she touched her cold little hand. As they beg John for help, he says, “I need to make a call,” then goes into the hallway to call Blair – and says it’s time to inform everyone about what they know, to which Blair agrees and suggests that they get everyone together. After John gets off the phone, he tells Marcie and Michael that he already knows what happened to Hope and says, “You better sit down.” John explains that the reason Hope wasn’t in the grave is because she’s still alive!

    The Gatekeeper Returns!

    Thursday, May 21 2009

    Cole and Starr wake up in each other’s arms at Todd’s house, worrying about their parents. Just then, Marcie and Michael arrive with news that their baby wasn’t buried in Hope’s grave! Michael explains his findings to Starr and Cole, who are shocked and ask, “Then where’s Hope?” As they ponder many ideas, Starr finally says, “Unless… she’s alive.” Though Marcie wants to believe that, Starr explains that she’s always believed that. “When I held Jessica’s little girl,” Starr says. “I had this feeling that she was still alive.” Still feeling the loss, Cole pleads with Starr and says, “She’s gone,” then Michael and Marcie leave, promising to find out what happened to Hope. After they leave, Cole apologizes for not backing Starr up about Hope, saying that he can’t keep wanting things that he can’t have.

    Not Your Normal Frat Party!

    Thursday, May 14 2009

    Over at the cemetery, as Bo and Michael lead up the exhumation, Marcie appears. Though Michael begs her to leave, Marcie insists on staying. When the coffin is brought up, Marcie promises Hope that she’s not going to leave her.

    A Cake Full Of Surprises!

    Tuesday, May 12 2009

    Near the bar, Bo accuses Clint of being jealous of his relationship with Nora because maybe he doesn’t love her enough to marry her! After Clint storms off, Michael talks to Bo briefly about John – and about Hope’s body being exhumed, tonight, with Jared listening on in horror! Across the room, Stan appears and demands his money from Stacy – until Rex comes to her rescue. After Stan leaves Stacy with a final warning look, Stacy hugs Rex in thanks, and glares at Gigi as she does so!

    You Are Formally Invited To The KAD Spring Fling!

    Thursday, May 07 2009

    Across the room, Cole explains why he wants to have Hope’s body exhumed, and Starr finally agrees. When they see Michael, they tell him they need to talk to him about something then Michael goes to get Marcie, who joins them – and is shocked to hear that Cole and Starr want to have Hope’s body exhumed. After they explain why they need to do this, Marcie finally agrees.

    Reassessing The Future...

    Thursday, April 23 2009

    John startles Michael in the hospital hallway, tells him that he escaped then asks for his help! Michael leaves John hidden in a room while he goes to get what John wants.

    Bo arrives at the hospital, busts into Blair's room and turns the man around who is dressed in doctor garb, thinking it's John - but it's Michael!

    John, Did You Do This?

    Monday, April 20 2009

    Outside Shane's room, after Roxy tells Gigi, "It wasn't Stacy's blood saving him," Gigi appears confused, but Roxy explains that Shane has all of their blood in him - because they are a family. Roxy then urges Gigi to tell Rex the truth! As Gigi watches Rex with Shane, she says, "Maybe you're right." Michael appears and everyone goes into Shane's room, where he explains that the procedure went well, leaving everyone with positive thoughts for Shane's recovery. As Shane gushes about Stacy, Roxy reminds him how much his mom and dad love him then runs off to find Stacy for Shane. While Shane rests, Rex takes Gigi in his arms and holds her close.

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