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    One Life To Live CAST - Michael McBain - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Michael McBain Played by Chris Stack on One Life To Live Daytime Soap Opera.

    Chris Stack

    Birthday: June 13
    Birthplace: Chicago, Illinois
    Real Name: Chris Stack


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    Picking Up The Pieces...

    Thursday, June 11 2009

    While Marcie and Michael look at Hope, Marcie talks about how hard it was to take her from her mother. Though Michael thinks she’s talking about Jessica, Marcie says that it’s Starr who she can’t get out of her mind. Michael thinks Starr is too young to raise a child, and reminds Marcie that Starr wanted this, but Marcie talks about how much Starr and Cole have matured through this. “I saw Starr become a mom,” Marcie says.

    Suddenly, Natalie arrives, apologizes to Michael and Marcie, informs them that she knew Jessica had Starr’s baby all along then explains the reason why she kept the truth from everyone – to save Jessica. After Michael and Marcie forgive her, Hope begins to cry, but Natalie can’t bear to see her. She again thanks them for being so understanding, asks them to tell Hope how much they love her then leaves.

    Later, while Marcie, Michael and Hope are at the diner, and while Marcie is looking for something behind the counter, she overhears Langston tell Markko that Starr admitted that she almost didn’t sign the adoption papers – and that she only did it for Marcie!

    The Reunion Of A Lifetime!

    Monday, June 08 2009

    While Michael and Marcie are waiting at their apartment, for word on Hope, Marcie agrees to have their vows renewed – to celebrate a new life, with a new baby! Suddenly, Todd calls to let them know that the baby is at the mansion, and Michael tells him, “We’ll be right there.”

    As Starr, Cole and the family continue to gush over Hope, the doorbell rings, and Starr stares with sadness at the door. When Michael and Marcie enter the room, Cole questions if they have a car seat then everyone prepares for Hope to leave with her new family – until Starr says, “Wait,” then goes to sign the adoption papers – but Blair urges her to wait, just to be sure, and Starr stares at Cole, who is holding Hope. However, Starr signs the papers, hands them to Marcie then holds her baby close, before handing her over to Marcie. After Marcie gives Starr a locket of Hope’s hair, Starr says, “Say hello to your new mommy,” then asks them to please leave. Before they go, Marcie thanks them, Cole asks them to read Hope a book of his father’s poems then Todd gives them the list from Jessica.

    Back at their apartment, Marcie and Michael happily get Hope settled in.

    Jessica Says Goodbye To Her Chloe...

    Friday, June 05 2009

    Over at their apartment, as Michael and Marcie put a crib together, worrying about Todd coming after them in the future, Todd comes knocking! Surprisingly, Todd says that he and Blair will be delivering the baby to them then he gives them a check, to which Michael asks, “You’re not trying to buy your granddaughter back, are you?” However, Todd claims the money is to buy some things for Hope – and says that he’s not going to fight them. “Plus I owe you, for what I put you through with Sam,” Todd says. “Take the money, for Hope.” Reluctantly, they take it, but claim they won’t cash the check, then Michael and Marcie assure Todd that they’ll take care of Hope. After Todd leaves, they finish putting the crib together then Michael promises Marcie that he’s there for her forever.

    Fighting For Blood!

    Wednesday, June 03 2009

    Marcie visits Gigi at Rodi’s and tells her that Hope is alive. As Marcie explains the story, she expresses that she has no idea how things will turn out. After admitting that she kidnapped Tommy, Marcie understands what Jessica is going through. Michael arrives, and he and Marcie go to a table, where Michael informs Marcie that Bo found Jessica and Hope! “We have to get a crib,” Michael says, smiling, but Marcie can’t think about that right now – not when Jessica’s world is falling apart, like hers was when she had to give back Tommy.

    A Favor Packed With A Punch!

    Monday, June 01 2009

    While everyone is awaiting news from Bo at the mansion, Cole gets a text, claims he has to go in for a drug test then leaves with Marty. After Blair comforts Starr on the stairs, Starr thanks her mother for being there during Hope’s birth but wishes her father could have been there too – so that none of this would have happened. Feeling uncomfortable, Michael, Marcie and John head out, which leads Todd to offer to leave as well – but Blair replies, “You’re welcome to stay.” Starr assures Todd that he can stay as well, but he doesn’t want to pressure her, leaving Starr to admit that though she was upset that he turned on her after she became pregnant, she can’t blame him anymore. “I can’t hate you anymore,” Starr says. Though Starr may never forgive him, she urges Todd to go check on Tea – then come back! Once Todd leaves, Starr looks at the locket, tells Blair that she’s going to give it to Jessica then breaks down in confusion about her baby – remembering how happy she is for Marcie too.

    Back at their apartment, though Marcie is happy about Hope being alive, she fears that others will be hurt by her and Michael’s happiness.

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