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    One Life To Live CAST - Michael McBain - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Michael McBain Played by Chris Stack on One Life To Live Daytime Soap Opera.

    Chris Stack

    Birthday: June 13
    Birthplace: Chicago, Illinois
    Real Name: Chris Stack


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    Let's Get It On!

    Wednesday, July 15 2009

    Out in the hallway, Gigi runs into Michael, who is happy to help trap Stacy - and is furious at what Stacy has done. They briefly talk about Marcie being pregnant then Michael goes to check on Shane, who is playing video games!

    Later, Michael and Shane rejoin Gigi, Rex and Stacy, and Michael informs them all that Shane's Leukemia is back! As Shane cries, Rex says, "Thank God we have Stacy!" Rex goes to Stacy, thankful that she can help his son!

    Spreading The Word...

    Tuesday, July 14 2009

    As Rex is trying to stop Stacy, Gigi arrives home with Michael!

    An Amazing Going Away Present...

    Wednesday, June 17 2009

    Packing their apartment, when Michael makes a crack about it taking till Christmas for Marcie to pack, Marcie appears lost in thought then heads out to run an errand.

    John meets Michael at Rodi's, who gives him his title to sell his car, but John can't believe that Michael is leaving so suddenly. After promising to visit, John hugs Michael then hears about what happened with Hope.

    When Michael arrives back home to the empty apartment, he finds a pregnancy test box, watches as Marcie comes out of the bathroom – and is ecstatic when she shows him the results! Marcie jumps into Michael's arms, as they celebrate her pregnancy!

    Back In The Slammer!

    Tuesday, June 16 2009

    When Marcie arrives home, Michael holds his arms out to her and tells her that she did the right thing, knowing that there was always a chance that Starr could have wanted Hope back years down the road. Looking in the empty crib, Marcie thinks she's lucky to have Michael then suggests they redecorate – but Michael thinks they should move away from Llanview for good! Michael tells Marcie about the huge job offer he received from a hospital in Seattle, a chance to start over, and Marcie agrees to move, wanting this to be Michael's time to shine!

    Graduation: The Class Of 2009!

    Friday, June 12 2009

    At the diner, after overhearing Langston talk about Starr almost not signing the adoption papers, Marcie looks at Hope and listens as Langston and Markko elaborate on Starr and Cole’s feelings. Marcie hurries back to her table, as Markko and Langston head out for graduation, asking if Marcie will be there along the way. Marcie explains her departure to Michael then leaves in a fluster.

    Cole makes a stop at the diner but leaves when he spots Michael reading to Hope. In the background we hear the song “Hold On Tight,” by Rie Sinclair.

    Marcie arrives shortly after and says, “Michael, I need to tell you something.”

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