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    One Life To Live CAST - Michael McBain - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Michael McBain Played by Chris Stack on One Life To Live Daytime Soap Opera.

    Chris Stack

    Birthday: June 13
    Birthplace: Chicago, Illinois
    Real Name: Chris Stack


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    In High Demand: The Crown Jewels!

    Friday, October 24 2008

    When Rex opens his eyes at the sound of Gigi's voice, Gigi is filled with joy but allows Michael to look him over. Once Michael is sure that Rex's vitals are stable, Gigi goes back to Rex's side, who says, "Morasco, you're the most beautiful sight I've ever seen." As Rex starts reliving the night of the shooting, Gigi assures him that Shane is fine - and says that Rex saved his life. Before Michael walks out, Gigi convinces him to buy them some more time with Adriana.

    Outside in the foyer, Michael tells Adriana that Rex is awake but stops her from going in to see him. However, Adriana refuses to wait another second and quickly opens the door. In shock, Adriana sees Gigi kissing Rex, quietly hides behind a hospital curtain and listens…

    Out in the foyer, Michael and Marcie sadly talk about lost relationships then Michael makes it clear that he's happy she'll have a baby again. However, Marcie cries that she wanted it all then leaves…

    Rex Wakes Up!

    Thursday, October 23 2008

    When Adriana stops Gigi from entering the living room at the mansion, she realizes she hasn't seen 'this nurse' before then demands to see her I.D.! Though Marcie comes downstairs and tries to get Adriana back upstairs, Michael appears at the door, approves the nurse and sends her in to check on Rex! Adriana wants to go in to, but Michael insists that she wait, in order to keep the room as sterile as possible during Rex's IV flushing.

    Inside the living room, Michael dismisses the real nurse, leaving Gigi to thank him for not giving her away. Michael warns that Rex needs a miracle then says, "And maybe you're it. He's hanging by a thread and this may be the last time you see him." When Michael gives her a moment, Gigi goes to Rex, in tears, and begins talking to him about their love, Shane, and trying anything to wake him up - refusing to say goodbye to him! "I'm not leaving here without you. I don't care what your witch wife does to me. We found our way back to each other. You saved my life, Balsom, and now I'm going to save yours. Our son needs you, and I need you too." Sobbing, Gigi cries, "I love you, Rex, I will always love you. I just got you back. Don't leave me now." Suddenly, Rex opens his eyes and slowly turns to look at Gigi!

    Questioning Ensues...

    Monday, October 20 2008

    Marcie meets Gigi at the hospital to hear that Adriana has moved Rex - to keep Gigi away from him! Suddenly, Michael appears and informs Gigi that he knows where Rex has been relocated - but that he can't divulge the information! However, after Gigi cries and pleads her case, Michael begins talking in generalities - and explains how in these cases the families tend to move their loved one closer to home. Before Michael can go any further, he's rushed off to tend to Ray, leaving Gigi to realize that Adriana has Rex in a place where she'd be calling all of the shots! Though Gigi doesn't know how she could possibly get inside Dorian Lord's house, Marcie has an idea!

    I Think Marty May Still Be Alive!

    Tuesday, October 07 2008

    Later, John finds Michael in the morgue at the hospital and brings up the mystery woman - and her x-rays. Though Michael is irritated that John is still spending so much time on a dead woman, John informs him that she may be alive! John talks about the woman's x-rays, and about the explosion of the van Marty was supposedly in, then is encourage when Michael states that if a woman was trapped in a burning vehicle there wouldn't be any x-rays to look at! When John keeps pushing Michael with more questions, Michael demands to know how John thinks he knows so many details about this woman, to which John snaps, "Because I was there! I think Marty may still be alive!" Michael thinks the whole scenario is too farfetched, but John can't let all of the coincidences go! Before John leaves, Michael warns, "Just don't set yourself up for disappointment."

    You're Going On To The Lightening Round!

    Thursday, October 02 2008

    At the hospital, after the circle of prayer, Gigi explains to everyone that Shane knows Rex took a bullet for them - and that he is his father! Roxy quickly goes to Shane, announces him as her grandma then tries to take him to the cafeteria for chocolate milk. However, Bo stops them and takes Shane away for a chat. While Gigi blames herself for Rex's shooting, Jared assures Roxy that he's going to find Natalie!

    Inside the operating room, Rex flat-lines, and inside Rex's head Colin informs Rex, "You've just flat-lined - game over." Rex admits he knows that Bo isn't his father, but says that if he had to pick someone it would be Bo. After Rex starts explaining all of Bo's traits, Rex claims Colin's question was bogus then says, "I'm worthy of being Shane's father. I want to be a good father like Bo is." After Rex walks over to where 'the prize', Shane, stands next to Brody, he begs Shane to give him a chance. Suddenly, Colin announces that the judges have made a decision. Inside the operating room, Michael finds a pulse!

    Michael goes out to the family, tells them Rex's surgery was a success, but that they could very well still lose him. "For the time being he's on a ventilator," Michael says, as Rex is wheeled past them. Michael allows Rex to have visitors, one at a time, and Roxy goes first… "Do I have to go in there," Shane asks Gigi. "I wouldn't know what to say." Though Gigi won't force Shane to do something he doesn't want to, she makes it known how much it would mean to Rex to hear Shane say that he hopes he gets better.

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