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    One Life To Live CAST - Charlie Banks - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Charlie Banks Played by Brian Kerwin on One Life To Live Daytime Soap Opera.

    Brian Kerwin (

    Birthday: October 25 1949
    Birthplace: Chicago, Illinois
    Marital Status: Married to Jeanne Kerwin
    Real Name: Brian Kerwin
    Height: 6' 1"


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    Get In The Grave!

    Friday, October 29 2010

    Gigi arrives at Llanfair to pick up Shane. After Charlie boasts about the fun time he and Shane had, Viki asks about Rex's trip to New Mexico. Rex arrives and Gigi asks if he found out what Echo knew about his father. Viki is surprised to hear Echo had the other half of the necklace that Rex and Gigi left on his mother's grave. As Rex is explaining how he broke into Echo's room, Charlie lashes out at Viki for having Rex investigate Echo. She's not a threat to them! Rex just wants to know why Echo had the necklace.

    Is This What I Think It Is?

    Wednesday, October 20 2010

    Over at Llanfair, Echo offers her condolences about Jared and cries. There's something Charlie needs to know about her. Echo knows Viki won't be happy about it. Just as Echo is about to open up, Viki appears and demands that she leave. "I'm sorry Charlie," Echo cries. "Sorrier than you know." Once Echo is gone, Charlie can't help but worry. Whatever Echo had to say sounded important. Viki doesn't believe it and shares Rex's findings with Charlie. Charlie reminds Viki that her problems with Echo were from long ago. "Echoes have a way of repeating themselves," Viki states. Charlie convinces Viki to go up to bed with him.

    Nice Try, Starr.

    Tuesday, October 19 2010

    Over at Llanfair, Charlie looks at the photo of him and Viki that Echo took then listens as Brody rambles about stopping Eli. Charlie warns Brody not to be a hero and says that's how he lost Jared. Brody admits he misses Jared and could use his advice now. Charlie confesses Viki told him about Ford and urges Brody to confide in him. He wonders how Brody will handle it if the baby is Ford's. Later, Echo arrives and tells Charlie she's sorry about his son. She knows he'll now understand… There's something she needs to tell him.

    The Guy's A Regular Santa Claus.

    Thursday, October 07 2010

    A girl approaches Ford at Rodi's. He assures her there's no chance of him returning to Llanview U. "Maybe there is," Inez interrupts. As Ford snaps at his mother, Echo approaches Inez. They appear familiar to each other. Echo sees Charlie and runs off. Inez begs Ford to let her make things up to him and says, "Clint Buchanan… He's offered to help you." After what Clint did for James, Ford remarks, "The guy's a regular Santa Claus." He reminds Inez that there's no such thing as a free lunch and leaves.

    Back at Rodi's, Charlie warns Echo he's not going to let her interfere in his marriage. Echo is happy Charlie finally found a woman he could love with all his heart. She regrets her past with Viki and only came to Llanview to see how he was doing. Charlie apologizes for making her feel bad then they laugh over some old times. "Am I interrupting?" Viki appears. Charlie assures Viki he and Echo were just having a chat. When Charlie has to leave, Viki stays behind and tells Echo they have a few things to get straight.

    Chuckles, How Are You?

    Friday, October 01 2010

    Todd goes to Llanfair and tells Viki he's losing Dani. Viki assures Todd they'll get him through this. "Damn right you will," Todd says. "They aren't going to steal my daughter from me." Charlie wonders why the cop's there. He's there to make sure Todd doesn't take Dani. The cop and Charlie give Viki and Todd a moment alone. Todd begs Viki to help him take Dani away. "I'm sorry," Viki declines. "This is not the way." Todd lashes out at Viki and refuses to allow her to go with him to say goodbye. After Todd leaves, Viki breaks down and tells Charlie that she can understand why Todd would want to do something desperate. He's right to feel this way. Viki makes some calls but isn't able to help Todd. Viki worries that Todd is going to lash out in a big way. Todd's the most dangerous when he feels like a victim.

    Natalie arrives home at Llanfair. After she says goodnight, Natalie heads upstairs. The doorbell rings. Charlie goes to answer it. "Chuckles," Echo says. "How good to see you!" Echo pulls Charlie close!

    How Could You Do This To Me?

    Tuesday, August 24 2010

    Viki and Charlie chat as they wait for the wedding to start. They are happy they got David and Dorian to admit they are crazy for one another. Charlie laughs they now need them to just admit they are crazy. They wonder why the wedding is taking so long to start and Charlie retorts David is probably getting a last minute tan. Viki asserts she has a bad feeling!

    Some Sort Of Crazed Murderer?

    Wednesday, August 11 2010

    Viki and Charlie arrive home just as David sneaks into the kitchen looking to cure his hangover with a beer. Jessica welcomes them home, as she hides a baby book behind her back. Just as Jessica's about to give them her baby news David appears and blurts it out! Viki and Charlie are excited and can't believe it! David doesn't know why it's so surprising since 'Fertile Phoebe' gets pregnant every other year. He thinks Jessica needs to cool it and give Natalie some of the spotlight! Viki scolds David and urges him to apologize. "Jessica, this baby," David says. "Is it Brody's?" Jessica's mouth drops! Viki snaps at him but David reminds Jessica of 'her others' saying, "Who knows what they've been up to." Jessica ignores him and starts to tell Viki and Charlie her other news but David says, "What? You're getting married?" Jessica sighs, defeated. David wants to toast but Jessica's pregnant, Viki has heart issues and Charlie's an alcoholic! "Where's that redhead when you need her?" David asks. Since Jessica won't let Tess out to celebrate David slumps away. Jessica admits to Viki she's just happy everything worked out the right way. Viki wonders what she's talking about.

    Your Mom And I Are Getting Married.

    Wednesday, July 21 2010

    At Llanfair Viki laughs over David's Santa swimwear, which Charlie doesn't find amusing. Brody appears to hear that Jessica hasn't been feeling well. She and Natalie went to get checked out. Viki sticks up for David when Charlie blames him for poisoning the girls. Brody leaves a message for Jessica then heads to Rodi's. Over talk of their scheme Viki and Charlie crave some alone time. Viki doesn't have the heart to throw David out but suggests they go on vacation. "How fast can you pack?" Charlie asks with a kiss. Later Viki makes some secrets reservations then leaves with Charlie.

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