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    One Life To Live CAST - Charlie Banks - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Charlie Banks Played by Brian Kerwin on One Life To Live Daytime Soap Opera.

    Brian Kerwin (

    Birthday: October 25 1949
    Birthplace: Chicago, Illinois
    Marital Status: Married to Jeanne Kerwin
    Real Name: Brian Kerwin
    Height: 6' 1"


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    What Do You Want With Me?

    Friday, December 03 2010

    Viki is peeved when Charlie enters Llanfair and asks after Echo. He talks about doing a project with Shane and anticipates spending the holidays with his family, which includes Echo. Viki rolls her eyes as Charlie hugs and thanks her for being so understanding. They get ready then leave to find out what Joey's big news is.

    At The Palace, Joey interrupts Echo from telling Dorian about Clint. Dorian and Joey catch up until Echo blames him for losing her original room at Llanfair. "So," Joey replies. "You're the woman who's making my mom's life hell." Echo backtracks and claims how wonderful Viki is. Dorian becomes intrigued to hear that Charlie, Viki and Clint will be arriving to meet Joey soon. After Joey leaves, Dorian tries to get Echo to admit Clint is Rex's father and says, "You can unburden yourself to me." However, Viki and Charlie appear. Dorian brings up their meeting with Joey. Echo winks at Viki and says, "Joey's hot! My Rex is too, but he should be with a dad like…" Viki wants to go to their table, but Charlie insists on taking Echo home. Once they leave, Viki rants at Dorian for getting Echo drunk! Now Charlie's back to being her savior! Clint appears. Viki explains Charlie had something more important to do. She demands Dorian stay out of her business then follows Clint to their table.

    Charlie brings Echo back to Llanfair. He hates seeing her drunk. It reminds him how miserable he used to be. He blames Dorian for Echo's condition. Echo claims it's Charlie's fault. He's such a wonderful man and makes her feel so… Echo kisses Charlie, who kisses her back, and Dorian witnesses it from outside the patio doors!

    Let's Talk About Sex.

    Tuesday, November 30 2010

    Kelly and Viki talk at Llanfair, as Rex, Charlie and Echo appear. After introductions are made, Kelly walks Rex out. She fills him in on her trip to London and how Joey's back in Llanview. Kelly agrees with Rex. It's a sign. She brings up how Kevin said Joey wasn't seeing anyone right now. Rex urges Kelly to call Joey, but she hangs up when she gets his voicemail. Talk turns to Rex's parents. Rex admits he doesn't see himself in Charlie. "On the bright side," Kelly says. "At least Clint didn't turn out to be your father." Back inside the living room, Viki tells Echo they have a problem. She's in Joey's old room and frankly, the house is a bit crowded right now. Charlie reminds Viki it's his house too. Echo doesn't want to cause problems. She'll find somewhere else to go. Charlie guilts Viki into allowing 'the mother of his son' to stay in another guestroom. As Echo hugs Viki, Viki whispers, "If you cross me I'll make your life a living hell."

    He Had This Thing With My Aunt.

    Monday, November 29 2010

    Viki is stunned to see Joey at Llanfair and says, "You're the best Thanksgiving surprise ever!" After a bit, Joey wants to head upstairs and unpack. Charlie joins them. Viki is forced to fill Joey in on Echo and Rex. Over talk of Kelly being in Llanview, Joey admits there's something he needs to tell Viki. Natalie and John arrive and interrupt their conversation. They talk about Natalie's baby. Joey brings up marriage, which John privately tells Natalie they should talk about. Natalie doesn't want to talk marriage just because Joey brought it up. She brings out a wishbone and they break it. Natalie gets the larger piece and assures John she made a wish. Later, Viki wonders what Joey wanted to talk to her about. He realizes he's late and has somewhere to go but promises to tell Viki when he returns. Soon after, Kelly arrives looking for Joey. "You just missed him," Viki says.

    I Want Turkey And All The Trimmings!

    Wednesday, November 24 2010

    Dorian storms into Llanfair and tells Viki that they've hit the jackpot. Roxy threw Echo out! Suddenly, Echo appears in her robe and says, "I guess we're dressing for dinner!" After Echo goes to change, Viki admits how angry she is and fills Dorian in. Dorian knows something's going on with Clint. They just need to find out about Rex. "What about me?" Rex asks, as he, Gigi and Shane arrive. Dorian makes her exit and leaves. Charlie and Echo appear. They introduce Echo to Shane and Gigi. Later, Echo insults Gigi over the amount of makeup she wears and for keeping Shane from Rex all of these years. Privately, Brody notices Natalie's upset and thinks she still feels guilty about sleeping with him. He reminds her the results came out the way they wanted. It's over. Natalie thinks back to Brody's name on the paternity test. Later, after a thanksgiving toast, Joey arrives home. Viki couldn't be happier!

    Here's To Brody!

    Tuesday, November 23 2010

    Rex reluctantly joins Echo and Charlie at the diner for lunch. They briefly share their paternity news with Bo and Nora. Bo and Rex privately talk about Echo and Clint. Bo flashes back to a past argument with Echo. He hopes for Rex's sake that she's changed. Bo wonders why Rex is so down on Clint. Rex flashes back to getting caught in Clint's office, makes an excuse then goes to join Echo and Charlie. Bo returns to his conversation with Matthew and Nora. He worries about Matthew's studies. Matthew accuses Bo of not liking him working at B.E. then goes to the bathroom. Bo admits to Nora that Clint's role in Matthew's life plays a factor in his worries. Matthew rejoins them and sees Vimal come in. Over talk about Rex's paternity, Matthew finds out that Bo arranged for the test at the lab. Matthew eyes Vimal suspiciously. He confronts him and accuses Vimal of making Clint a copy of the keycard. Vimal suggests that Matthew forget about seeing that card! Across the room, after lunch, Echo tries to pay but her card's declined. Charlie pays the bill. Roxy appears and finds out Echo and Charlie are Rex's parents. Rex assures Roxy that she'll always be his mother. Roxy lashes out at Echo for trying to pump her for information on Rex when she first arrived in town. She demands her rent now! Echo is broke. Roxy orders her to pack up her crap and get the hell out of her hotel!

    When Gigi enters Llanfair, Natalie hides the results and claims John's the father of her baby. Gigi wonders why Natalie seems so upset and asks, "What's going on?" Natalie admits Brody's the father. She lied to John and Brody and couldn't destroy their lives. Gigi vows to keep Natalie's secret no matter what. As they go to shake on it, Brody appears and asks, "What's going on?" Gigi congratulates Brody on the baby news. After Brody and Gigi leave, Natalie burns the DNA results in the fireplace. She takes a call from John, who packing for his trip to see Michael and Marcie for Thanksgiving. John wants to say goodbye to Natalie and their child. "We're on our way," Natalie says. Brody returns to the living room, goes to the fireplace and kneels to stir up the fire. Later, Viki and Charlie arrive home and argue over Echo. Charlie vows never to let anything threaten what they have. He hugs Viki, who still seems unsure of things. Suddenly, Echo appears with her suitcase and says, "Chuckles, I'm homeless."

    And The Father Is...

    Monday, November 22 2010

    Gathered at his loft, Rex looks at the results and confirms that Echo is his mother. Echo asks how Rex feels. He can't forgot all the bad things she's done and replies, "How do you expect me to feel?" Rex agrees to let Echo be a small part of his life but warns not to expect him to look at her as his mother. Charlie urges Rex to reveal who his father is. Clint thinks back to ordering his employee to change the results then stops Rex from reading the rest of the DNA. Viki warns enough is enough and urges Rex on. "Charlie's my father," Rex admits. Clint happily congratulates Echo, Charlie and Rex and wishes Viki good luck, now that Echo is smack-dab in the middle of her and Charlie's life. Charlie hugs Rex.

    I Thought She Would Never Leave.

    Friday, November 19 2010

    Echo arrives at Llanfair. Charlie warns her to stop popping in. "I need to talk to you, alone," Echo replies. Charlie makes it clear he'd be honored to be Rex's son. Echo has a confession. He urges her to go on. Echo admits she's thought of Charlie often and wonders what would've happened had she kept Rex. Does Charlie ever think how life could've been for them? Viki arrives. Before Echo leaves, Viki hands over the necklace and explains how Clint came to have it in his possession.

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