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    One Life To Live CAST - Charlie Banks - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Charlie Banks Played by Brian Kerwin on One Life To Live Daytime Soap Opera.

    Brian Kerwin (

    Birthday: October 25 1949
    Birthplace: Chicago, Illinois
    Marital Status: Married to Jeanne Kerwin
    Real Name: Brian Kerwin
    Height: 6' 1"


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    Does He Look Familiar?

    Monday, January 10 2011

    Sitting in Angels Square, Charlie thinks of Clint's accusations and takes out the bottle of vodka he helped Echo throw away. He gets a text from Viki asking him to come back to the hospital. Just as Charlie's about to take a drink, Rex appears. He quickly hides the bottle and tells Rex what happened to Jessica and what Clint said. Rex comforts Charlie and assures him he's a better man than Clint. Charlie wonders if Rex has a problem with Clint. Rex denies it and continues trying to boost Charlie's confidence about being a good father. Charlie thanks him and urges Rex to give Echo a chance too. Rex asks about the bottle in Charlie's pocket. Echo appears as Charlie pours out the liquor and watches as Rex places a hand on his shoulder.

    You And Viki And Your Little Santa Suit!

    Friday, January 07 2011

    Echo finds Charlie at the hospital and shows him a bottle of Vodka she bought after her argument with Dorian. Charlie helps her throw it away then relays what's happening with Jessica. Echo warns Charlie that none of this is his fault. He shouldn't listen to Clint. He's a liar and a user! As Echo hugs Charlie, Dorian appears in disguise. Charlie urges Echo to take in the meeting while he goes to check on Viki. Once alone, Charlie removes the Vodka from the garbage. During the meeting, Echo is encouraged to share her story. She begins talking about a lie she told to someone she cares about. Dorian listens among the others.

    Up On The Rooftop, Click, Click, Click!

    Wednesday, December 22 2010

    John presents Natalie with his mother's engagement ring in the living room. He can't wait to be a family and slips the ring on Natalie's finger. She wants to tell everyone the news tonight. The family joins them and John announces his and Natalie's engagement. As Clint welcomes John to the family, Charlie kisses Viki, who beams to be rid of Echo. Charlie apologizes. He knows how hard this has been on Viki. When Joey and Aubrey arrive, Clint makes his displeasure known. Joey privately demands that Clint show Aubrey some respect. Clint appears nervous as Brody talks about his and Jessica's baby. As Brody reads "Twas The Night Before Christmas," Clint curtly wishes Aubrey a Merry Christmas.

    How Do You Live With Yourself?

    Monday, December 20 2010

    Echo and Charlie arrive at Llanfair. Echo thanks him for offering to help her. As Echo hugs Charlie, Viki appears. She's furious to hear that Charlie told Echo to tell her about Rex and she didn't! Viki screams to Charlie that Echo made it sound as though she and Charlie were having an affair. When Viki brings up Echo's drinking, Charlie replies, "I'm going to help her get sober." When Echo gives them some time alone, Viki begs Charlie to wake up! Echo just wants to be close to him. Charlie feels obligated to help Echo. She's family. Viki shakes her head, as Charlie lays out his plan to take Echo to his AA meeting. "I'm losing you," Viki cries. Charlie begs Viki to trust him then leaves. Echo returns. Viki admits Charlie's waiting for her in the car and warns Echo she better not be using her drinking to come between her and Charlie!

    She Never Gave Up.

    Thursday, December 16 2010

    Over in the examination room, Charlie ignores a call from Viki to confront Echo about her drinking problem. Echo makes excuses and says, "I'm not an alcoholic." Charlie begs to differ and reminds Echo of everything she has to lose. Echo says she can stop drinking any time. "Do it for your grandson. Do it for your son," Charlie begs. "Do what for me?" Rex asks from the doorway. They're glad to see that Rex is okay. Echo doesn't want to lie anymore and admits Charlie thinks she has a drinking problem. Rex talks about Shane already having one grandmother with a drinking problem, Roxy. Charlie offers to see Echo through this. Echo admits, for Rex's sake, that she has a problem. Rex vows to help Echo too. Echo will do her best to fight the alcohol, for her family.

    The Eddie Ford Investigation Begins.

    Wednesday, December 15 2010

    Gigi calls Charlie from the hospital and tells him to get there quick. As Rex is being examined, Gigi tells a doctor Rex said one thing before he passed out. Nora. Gigi is forced to wait outside the room. Charlie arrives and holds Gigi, who's in tears. Gigi calls Bo.

    Echo rushes into the hospital, as Rex is taken away with Gigi for tests. Charlie holds Echo close and tries to calm her down. Echo remembers leaving Rex at this very hospital. She can't lose Rex again! Charlie can't help but think about when Jared died. He never got to tell Jared that he loved him. Charlie can't risk Rex never knowing how he feels about him. When he steps out to inquire about Rex, Echo takes a sip of booze from a flask. Charlie returns and catches her! Out in the hallway, Gigi brings Rex, who's awake, to Bo. He tells Bo that Nora was in the crash with him too!

    I Can't Keep This Secret.

    Thursday, December 09 2010

    Still at Llanfair, Rex fills Natalie in on his search of Marty's, which proves Marty was going to give John the DNA results in the gift box. She grabs her stomach and worries that Marty is going to destroy her life. "I have to make sure Marty keeps her mouth shut for good," Natalie says then insists on going to see Marty alone. Later, Charlie arrives and is happy to see Rex. They have a father/son talk about the past and Echo's current drunkenness. Charlie urges Rex not to be so hard on Echo. Charlie's comforted to know he'll be Rex's dad forever. They have until then to work out their issues. Charlie is happy Shane wants to call him Grandpa and wonders if Rex wants to call him Dad.

    Are You Sure You Don't Want To Have Sex With Me?

    Tuesday, December 07 2010

    Brody enters Llanfair just as Charlie and Echo agree to keep their kiss a secret. Brody wonders what secret. Charlie claims Echo drank a bit much. Echo begins acting drunk, which leads Charlie and Brody to help her upstairs. Later, Brody asks Charlie if having Echo there is best for him and Viki. Viki arrives home and gives Charlie an opportunity to come clean. He basically claims it's true. He kissed Echo but it was a one time thing. Charlie begs Viki not to throw Echo out, as Echo listens from the stairs. Viki screams at Charlie, who can't help that he's so irresistible. Viki doesn't find Charlie charming one bit! Charlie tries to kiss Viki, who orders him to go wash his face. Echo rushes upstairs unseen.

    I Just Couldn't Do It.

    Monday, December 06 2010

    From the patio, outside the living room, at Llanfair, Dorian spies Charlie and Echo kissing. Charlie pulls away, as Echo begs him to share a life with her. Charlie regrets their kiss, but Echo thinks he's lying to himself. "I love my wife," Charlie says. Echo finally believes him and replies, "I'm leaving." Charlie refuses to allow Echo to leave, claiming she kissed him because of the alcohol. He understands her need to reach out to someone she trusts. Echo hugs Charlie, happy he's forgiven her. She worries Viki will throw her out if she finds out about the kiss. Charlie agrees to pretend it never happened.

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