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    One Life To Live CAST - Charlie Banks - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Charlie Banks Played by Brian Kerwin on One Life To Live Daytime Soap Opera.

    Brian Kerwin (

    Birthday: October 25 1949
    Birthplace: Chicago, Illinois
    Marital Status: Married to Jeanne Kerwin
    Real Name: Brian Kerwin
    Height: 6' 1"


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    This Has Everything To Do With Them.

    Tuesday, February 08 2011

    The crowd in the church is asked to speak now or forever hold their peace. Rama urges Vimal to speak up, but he doesn't. As the ceremony continues, Rama stands up and says, "Wait!" Vimal begs her to sit down, but Rama replies, "Not after what they've done to you!" Aubrey tries to hush Rama, as everyone wonders why Vimal and Rama are even there. Clint introduces Vimal as a disgruntled employee and tries to rush him out. This has nothing to do with Natalie and Jessica's wedding. "It has everything to do with them," Rama clarifies. Vimal admits Clint had him break into the lab. John urges him on. Jessica protests. Rex tries to lead Vimal and Rama out, as Charlie wonders what the hell is going on. "Rex is not your son, Mr. Banks," Vimal says. "He's Clint Buchanan's." Natalie doesn't think it's true. Why would Clint not want anyone to know Rex was his son? "Clint didn't want that to be true," Vimal says. "He forced me to change the results." Gigi comforts a speechless Rex. Jessica becomes emotional, so Aubrey takes Bree out of the room. Cutter follows them. Charlie brings up Rex's second DNA test. Rex admits he lied. He never had a second test done. Rex wanted Charlie to be his father and wanted nothing to do with Clint. The family looks to Clint for answers.

    Cutter rejoins Kelly, who gets the okay from Jessica to call the babysitter for Bree. Jessica sticks up for Clint and demands that Bo arrest Vimal. Clint bashes Rex's character. Bo and Gigi stand up for Rex. "He's a mistake!" Clint screams. "He's a worthless bastard!" Charlie attacks Clint. Bo restores order, but Charlie screams, "You can't play with peoples' lives like that!" Charlie apologizes to Rex. He's everything Charlie ever wanted. Charlie rushes out. Gigi and Rex go after him. "How could you do this?" Viki cries to Clint. "You don't know the half of it," Bo adds then lashes out at Clint, who refuses to claim Rex as his son. Bo wants to arrest Clint, but Jessica begs him not to. What happened with Rex and Clint has nothing to do with their wedding! "It has everything to do with you," Vimal tells Jessica. "I changed more than one test that day. Mr. Buchanan asked me to change Rex Balsom's paternity test and one other."

    Charlie takes a seat at the bar at Rodi's and orders a double vodka.

    Tomas, What Are You Doing Here?

    Monday, February 07 2011

    Jessica joins Charlie and Viki as they agree to disagree about Echo. Charlie leaves to get ready. Jessica thanks Viki for urging her to get the DNA test. She would've never gotten through today had there been a possibility that Ford was Ryder's father. Jessica can't believe she's actually going to have a wedding with no drama and hugs Bree when she appears in her flower girl dress.

    Something About Brody And Natalie...

    Friday, February 04 2011

    Outside of Llanfair, Rex tells Gigi he thinks he put a stop to Dorian's suspicions and hopes no one else questions the possibility that Clint could be his father. Inside, Viki informs Jessica that Todd and Roxy won't be able to make it to the wedding. Charlie appears. Once Jessica leaves, Charlie asks where Echo's things are. Viki admits she threw her out. She'd had enough after last night! Charlie accuses Viki of not thinking of Rex or Shane before evicting Echo! Gigi and Rex appear. Viki apologizes and brings up the second DNA test Dorian urged Rex to have, which started the argument with Echo. Charlie wonders if Clint would do what he's being accused of. Rex wouldn't put anything past Clint and explains how he took Charlie's spoon the other day. He had the test. Rex lies and says Charlie's his father. Echo calls Rex, who relays that she's staying at The Minute Man Motel. Rex and Gigi head out. Charlie rants his disgust at Viki for doing this to Echo while she's going through the fight of her life! Viki wonders if Charlie plans to attend the wedding or rescue Echo. Out in the foyer, Rex realizes if Clint ended up being his father, it would kill Charlie. "And you," Gigi adds.

    He Sounds Like Another Weirdo.

    Friday, January 28 2011

    Downstairs, Charlie tells Viki he's feeling sick and can't go to the christening. Echo listens in then offers to be there for Charlie if he needs anything.

    In his bedroom at the carriage house, Shane sees another bullying message aimed at him on MyFace. Shane places a thermometer under a light until it reaches 102. Downstairs, Gigi urges Rex to get another DNA test. Shane appears and shows them he's sick. He can't go to school. Rex calls Charlie, who agrees to sit with Shane. Later, Echo arrives to take care of Shane and Charlie. Shane receives another nasty message. Later, Echo goes to check her MyFace on Shane's laptop and sees the bullying messages.

    Your Brother's Really Big On Revenge.

    Thursday, January 27 2011

    At Llanfair, Echo admits to Charlie that she doesn't have the confidence in herself that he has. Charlie reassures Echo and they share a laugh, never realizing Viki's watching them. When Charlie hugs Echo, Viki interrupts to discuss the babies' christening. Echo offers to take the photos. Viki insists the event is only for family. Echo leaves the room, and Charlie accuses Viki of being ungenerous toward Echo! Viki takes offense and warns that because of Echo, her, Charlie and Rex are all going to end up hurt! Echo barges in to let Charlie know his son is there to see him. Viki leaves. Rex, Charlie and Echo have tea. Charlie apologizes for Viki and tells Echo, "I appreciate you." After Echo leaves, Rex urges Charlie to go check on Viki. Once alone, Rex pockets the spoon Charlie was using, pulls one of his hairs out then bags that too.

    It's A Boy.

    Tuesday, January 11 2011

    Echo approaches Rex and Charlie in Angels Square. She sees the vodka and worries. Charlie credits Rex as stopping him from taking a drink. He thanks Rex for looking out for him, and Echo for giving him a son, then leaves. Rex admits Charlie asked him to give Echo a chance. "Are you willing?" she asks. Rex can't forget how she abandoned him. Echo talks about turning to booze to deal with what she did. Over talk of Charlie, Rex fills her in on Clint lashing out at Charlie. Echo can't stand Clint. He won't even claim his own son! Echo backtracks and admits Clint is giving Joey a hard time about his new fiancée. Rex is just glad his father turned out to be Charlie. Echo gave him that. "I made the right decision," Echo says, happy that Rex got the dad he wanted. "I got lucky," Rex replies. Echo hopes one day he'll feel the same about her.

    Out in the hallway, Clint and Viki await news on Jessica. Clint offers to make things right and go find Charlie. Viki brings up Natalie being at the Buchanan Lodge. She worries about Marty's state of mind but knows John will take care of Natalie. Charlie arrives and apologies are exchanged between all three of them. Down the hall, Joey defends Aubrey, thinking the photo in the magazine is from her past. Kelly points out that the photo was taken when Joey flew back to Llanview. Joey accuses Kelly of trying to hurt him by destroying his relationship with Aubrey. Did Kelly do this for Clint? Maybe his mother was right. Kelly asks what Viki said. He refuses to tell her. Brody appears and announces the news to everyone. Kelly gives her congratulations then leaves the family to celebrate. Joey looks at the magazine photo, as Clint smiles, pleased that Jessica's baby is a Lovett. Just then, Clint gets word that Natalie's in the ER.

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