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    One Life To Live CAST - Charlie Banks - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Charlie Banks Played by Brian Kerwin on One Life To Live Daytime Soap Opera.

    Brian Kerwin (

    Birthday: October 25 1949
    Birthplace: Chicago, Illinois
    Marital Status: Married to Jeanne Kerwin
    Real Name: Brian Kerwin
    Height: 6' 1"


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    The $50,000 Confession!

    Thursday, June 17 2010

    Back in the gym Tea whispers to Todd that she rescheduled her appointment for later today. Across the room Dani and Nate worry about the money. Nate leaves to put his backpack in his locker then returns. There are no reports that anyone is missing cash. Dani urges Nate to stop worrying and give the money to his mom. She wishes she could help her mom. Dani would love to get Todd out of Tea's head. Langston accepts her diploma as her family cheers her on. After the ceremony Tea tries to sneak away but Todd insists on going to her treatment with her. He looks for Starr then tells Blair he'll catch up with her later. The man after James lurks around and looks at a photo of Starr. Starr's cell rings. The man looks at it and walks away. Nearby Blair hangs up her cell, remembering Starr lost hers. She wonders where Starr is. Blair joins Langston and tries to cheer her up. Langston spots the man who returned Starr's purse. She points him out to Blair and wonders what he's doing here. Blair wants to thank him for returning Starr's purse but the man disappears. Dorian and Viki briefly bicker then Charlie leads Viki away. David joins Dorian and urges her to listen to Langston's speech and apologize for her mistakes. Dorian goes to Charlie and Viki. Dorian and Charlie have a board meeting to go to. Viki asks David to head out with her. They have their own business to discuss. Viki needs David's brain at The Banner. Dorian laughs and accuses Viki of hiring David to get a rise out of her. As Dorian and David argue Dorian throws water at him. David moves. It hits Viki! Charlie and David hold Viki and Dorian back to prevent a full blown food fight! Dorian ushers Charlie out and Viki does the same with David.

    Class of 2010!

    Wednesday, June 16 2010

    Markko is at the diner looking sadly at the announcement for Llanview High's graduation. Viki and Charlie join him. They're happy Markko was released then take a seat. Charlie and Viki argue over Dorian and David. James is at the counter calling the hospital about Ford. Markko approaches and asks, "What do you want with that scum." Markko shows him The Sun headline. James realizes Markko had been charged in the case. He claims not to know Ford other than for his journalism reputation at Llanview U. James is thinking about enrolling.

    They Won't Lie To Each Other.

    Friday, June 11 2010

    Charlie and Dorian come upon David massaging Viki at Llanfair. Viki claims it's not what it looks like. David adds, "It is so what it looks like." Dorian sees all of the clippings and photos of her and Charlie. As Viki and Dorian bicker Viki shows Dorian the photo text and says, "It looks like you were about to kiss him." Charlie swears he never had any intention of kissing Dorian. "What about you, hot lips?" David asks Dorian. "What was going through your mind?" Viki trusts Charlie but Dorian… not so much. Viki warns Dorian she'll never have Charlie! Viki makes it clear that she's fine with Charlie working for Dorian. She just hopes Dorian's fine with David working for her! Viki hires David!

    This Will Go Good In My Big Book Of Blackmail!

    Thursday, June 10 2010

    Still at the mansion Jack takes a photo of Dorian cradling Charlie's face. "Thanks Aunt Dorian, this will go good in my big book of blackmail." Jack smiles. Charlie and Dorian deny things were getting hot and heavy. "Give me the camera!" Dorian demands. Jack wants to negotiate, like Todd taught him. Todd appears and offers to play ball with Jack if Dorian won't. After bickering with Dorian Todd takes Jack away and deletes the photo. Charlie confronts Dorian and says, "If Jack wouldn't have walked in you would've kissed me." Dorian denies it and credits their new closeness to the recent hell they went through together. Charlie offers to set her up with a guy he knows. Dorian's not on the market but thanks him. Charlie thinks she's still hooked on David. Dorian is stunned to hear he's back in town! And that he was dancing up a storm with Viki at the wedding. Dorian becomes furious and warns Charlie of Viki's mean streak. She thinks she's going to bash Langston's situation all over The Banner, just to get back at her, and rushes off.

    Viki finds David meditating naked on her patio at Llanfair. He tries to get her to join him. Viki places a bouquet of flowers over his manhood and David snaps, "Watch the thorns!" Viki reminds David of Lois' presence. David's noticed. She's been taking peeks at him all morning! David's there to help Viki get back at Charlie and Dorian and shows her the picture of them in The Sun. He wants to take some sexy yoga poses with Viki. Viki's smoking hot and Charlie doesn't deserve her. She assures David Charlie and Dorian are working on a project together. Just then Viki gets a photo text of Charlie and Dorian. The one Jack took! David looks at the photo and watches as Viki's real feelings about Charlie working with Dorian explode. Viki shows David the press releases Dorian's office sends her daily. A way for Dorian to rub her and Charlie's working relationship in Viki's face. David pushes Viki to seek revenge against this new bond of Charlie and Dorian's. "You have a secret weapon," David reminds her. "You and I have a bond that drives Dorian bananas." Right now he just wants to relieve her stress…David sits behind Viki and gives her a message. She doesn't want David to stop and moans, "Oh yes, oh David." Suddenly Dorian and Charlie appear to witness it!

    No One's Drooling Over Your Six-Pack Now!

    Wednesday, June 09 2010

    At the mansion Dorian looks at The Sun's headline about Ford and says to Langston, "You could never kill anyone." Langston warns, "You have no idea what I'm capable of." Langston beats herself up then rushes off. Markko's mother arrives and slaps Dorian across the face! "Shame on you," Mrs. Rivera seethes. She calls Langston a few names and blames Dorian for not teaching her morals! Dorian strikes back with comments about Markko. Mrs. Rivera goes to slap her again but Dorian throws up her fists and tells her to bring it on! Charlie interrupts and Mrs. Rivera leaves. Charlie offers to bring the blueprints back tomorrow but Dorian asks him to stay. Charlie listens as Dorian talks about what Langston and Markko are going through. Dorian admits she's done awful things and is getting what she deserves. Charlie places a comforting hand on her shoulder. None of this is her fault. Dorian thanks him and cradles Charlie's face in her hands.

    Presenting Mr. and Mrs. Bo Buchanan!

    Monday, June 07 2010

    At the church David offers to marry Bo and Nora. "This is no time for jokes, David!" Bo snaps. David is an online ordained minister and shows Bo proof. Bo reluctantly agrees to let David marry him and Nora and says, "Please Lord, don't let me regret this." Blair goes to the front and sings as Gigi, Jessica, Natalie and Viki walk down the aisle. Nora appears and makes her way to Bo. They get a kick out of their wardrobe then David appears in an Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat. It was the only thing he could find since St. James is doing the production! Bo explains David's presence to Nora and has to move him along as David comically reminds the guests of Nora's numerous past last names. Just as David asks if anyone objects Clint storms in with a shotgun aimed at them! Everyone pleads for Clint to stop. They thought he forgave Bo and Nora! Clint wants to kill David for forcing Kim to leave him. Viki is the voice of reason and convinces Clint to settle down. He wants to stay and takes a seat. Blair snickers, "At least this time it wasn't me." Jessica and Natalie give a reading about love then Bo and Nora exchange their own emotional vows. "Yo Bro," David says to Matthew, "Bring the bling!" Matthew hands his parents their rings. Bo and Nora exchange rings and are pronounced husband and wife. "Pa, you can kiss your bride," David orders. Everyone stands and claps as Bo and Nora come full circle in a kiss. Bo and Nora are led out by David. Rex and Gigi agree to ride to the reception together. Blair makes a few cracks about Kelly to Elijah as Kelly reminds David of some of his past indiscretions. Viki checks on Clint, who admits he can't find Kim. He feels as though he owes Bo and Nora an apology. Viki urges him to go to the reception but not to bring any guns!

    At The Palace Viki presents Mr. and Mrs. Bo Buchanan. The happy couple wastes no time hitting the dance floor and celebrating their reunion. Everyone is asked to join Bo and Nora for a slow dance. Charlie rescues Viki from David's reach. Jessica dances with Brody and thanks him for waiting for her. And not running into the arms of another woman. Brody stars at Natalie as she and John dance. John reminds Natalie that he chose her. Rex and David fight over who's going to fill in with Matthew's best man toast. Bo scolds David saying, "You should quit while you're ahead." David agrees to let Rex do the honors. Later Brody asks Natalie, "Do we tell John and Jess that we slept together?" They don't want to lie to them but agree it's best never to tell them. Natalie and Brody fist pump to their secret. Jessica and John appear and wonder what deal they're making. Brody and Natalie claim it was to watch over Clint. Everyone's attention turns to Rex as he makes a toast. Bo's the only father he ever needs. Rex can now stop looking for the ghost of his own. He only hopes everyone can have a happy ending like Bo and Nora. Bo hugs Rex then pulls David aside. He makes it clear that he's proud to have David as a son.

    The excitement is still in full swing back at The Palace. Nora and Bo cut their cake. Later, Shaun eyes Destiny when she catches Nora's bouquet. Especially when Darren catches the garter Bo throws! Shaun stands over Darren as he puts the garter on Destiny with a warning in his eyes. When Matthew arrives Destiny tries to comfort him. Matthew urges Destiny to go dance with Darren. Bo and Nora approach Matthew but he doesn't let on that he's upset about Dani. Instead he makes a private toast to his parents. Across the room Kelly seeks out David's help. She and Reed want to go upstairs for a nightcap. "I don't do threesomes," David replies. Kelly asks him to distract Shaun and David agrees by saying, "You owe me." David goes to Shaun then winks at Kelly. Kelly and Reed take off as David stands on a table and says, "Hey Viki, get that funky bootie up here!" Charlie and Viki give David a wayward glance then leave. Brody and Jessica follow suit, as do John and Natalie. Nora and Bo close out the reception with a kiss.

    You Stole Wine From A Church?

    Friday, June 04 2010

    Still at the church Dani tries to tell Matthew how she feels but John interrupts. After he heads up to find Bo Dani continues but Brody shows up with flowers. They begin spreading them around hoping to rid the room of skunk. Once the room appears and smells fresher Brody leaves. Matthew puts a flower behind Dani's hair and calls her beautiful. Charlie interrupts with Bo's tux and Matthew rushes off to bring it to him. Charlie offers an ear to Dani but she politely turns him down.

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