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    One Life To Live CAST - Ron Walsh

    Full detailed profile on Ron Walsh Played by Tim Adams on One Life To Live Daytime Soap Opera.

    Tim Adams
    Ron Walsh

    Actor: Tim Adams

    Who played Ron Walsh over the years

    Tim Adams - (2003-2004, 2005, October 2007 - October 19 2007)

    Useful information on Ron Walsh

    * Once dated Natalie Buchanan.
    * Was suspected of being the music box killer.
    * Worked in construction.


    Current: Construction
    Past: Construction


    During Ron's brief stay in Llanview back in 2003, he was a rock for his sister Marcie and a friend to many. While working in construction in Llanview, Ron sought out a relationship with Natalie Buchanan, only to find out Natalie was using him to make John McBain jealous.

    During the time when the Music Box Killer was tearing through the residents of Llanview, Ron was one of many who were suspected as the culprit, which later turned out to be a professor from the university!

    After leaving Llanview in 2004, Ron made a brief return a year later to help Marcie and his brother Eric break the news to their father that Eric was gay.

    However, in 2007, Ron was put in a tough predicament when Marcie reached out to him for help in eluding the law after she ran away with her adoptive son Tommy! After Marcie was found, Ron said his goodbyes and the two again went about their own lives.




    Natalie Buchanan (briefly dated)


    Charlie Walsh (father)
    Marcie Walsh McBain (sister)
    Eric Walsh (brother)
    Jerry Walsh (brother)
    Janie (cousin)
    Thomas John McBain (nephew by adoption)




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    Friday, October 19 2007: Viki Resurfaces!

    In the auto body shop, after Agent Ramsey threatens to take Ron into police custody, Ron agrees to talk – but not to Ramsey!

    As Ramsey whispers threats into Ron’s ear, Michael arrives and demands to know why Ron lied to him regarding Marcie! After Ron claims not to know where Marcie is now, he demands to talk to Michael in private. Once alone, Ron silently admits to Michael that Marcie and Tommy are okay…Though Michael wants more details, Ron doesn’t divulge any more information but listens on as Michael explains why he didn’t tell Marcie about Tommy’s paternity. Just as Michael informs Ron that they can’t allow Ramsey to find Marcie, the FBI agent appears, instructs his officers to take Ron away then questions Michael, “Obstructing justice is a crime. So, what did he say?” After Michael denies finding anything out from Ron, Ramsey warns he’ll find Michael’s wife – and stop her!

    Thursday, October 18 2007: Delivering What You Want...

    Dressed in disguise, Ron warns Marcie that if she goes through with her plan, Marcie Walsh McBain will no longer exist. After Ron hands Marcie some passports, he instructs her with, “You and Tommy are now Penny and Aaron Shaw.” Later, with Marcie in full disguise, Ron gives her some money and insists that she never try to pay him back once she makes it out of the country. Handing Marcie an envelope, one she’s to open when she gets faraway from here, Ron and Marcie finally say a tearful goodbye.

    Later, still at the auto body shop, the door is kicked in and Ron is asked to freeze by Agent Ramsey! After Lee’s men come up empty in their search, Lee puts Ron under arrest!

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