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    One Life To Live CAST - Will Rappaport - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Will Rappaport Played by Jason-Shane Scott on One Life To Live Daytime Soap Opera.

    Jason-Shane Scott

    Birthday: December 29 1976
    Birthplace: Reno, Nevada
    Real Name: Jason-Shane Scott
    Height: 6'



    Another Heated Day In Court!

    Tuesday, October 02 2007

    At St. Ann's, as Bo tries to gain Lindsay’s attention, by asking her to say ‘something’, he talks about Matthew and how he brought Nora out of her coma. After Bo fails in making headway with Lindsay, he places a kiss to her forehead then walks away. Once Bi is out of her eyesight, Lindsay blinks her eyes shut as a lone tear falls down her cheek…

    Reality or a Front?

    Monday, October 01 2007

    At St. Ann’s, although Will is allowed to see Lindsay, he’s warned she might not know him! As Will is waiting for Lindsay, Addie appears, rambles about being stuck between ‘these four walls’ then asks, “Excuse me, do I know you?” After Will explains that they have met, although Addie doesn’t remember him, Will briefly tells her he’s there to visit his ‘sick’ mother.

    Just as Addie leaves, the doctor comes in with Lindsay and once again tells Will, “She’s not the woman you used to know.” Although Will tries talking to his mom, Lindsay stares off as though she’s in another world. When Nora and Bo arrive, watching Will beg Lindsay to give him a sign that she’s ‘in there,’ Nora tells Bo, “If she’s faking this, I hope she knows she’s breaking that boy’s heart.” However, when Bo approaches Lindsay and asks, “Can you hear me,” Lindsay turns her head and faces Bo!

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