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    One Life To Live CAST - Jack Manning (Past) - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Jack Manning (Past) Played by Carmen LoPorto on One Life To Live Daytime Soap Opera.

    Carmen LoPorto

    Birthday: January 4 1997
    Birthplace: Hopatcong, New Jersey
    Marital Status: Single
    Real Name: Carmen LoPorto


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    Stop This Wedding!

    Monday, January 03 2011

    Over at the mansion, Sam finds Jack in the living room trying to drill open Eli's safe deposit box. Jack has no luck and converses with Sam about their next step. Sam reminds Jack that Dorian has some fireworks in the attic. As they head upstairs, Blair and Cris arrive. Blair runs after the boys while Cris calls Layla and asks, "Who the hell is this?" He wonders who the man answering Layla's phone is. When Blair returns with champagne, she stubs her toe on Eli's box and listens as Cris screams at Layla. He throws his phone and says, "Layla's cheating on me." Blair thinks Layla's a fool. "If Layla can't be faithful," Cris states, "why should I?" Blair notices how much Cris has had to drink and says, "I'll show you to my room… I mean your room." Knowing she hurt her toe, Cris carries Blair upstairs!

    Up On The Rooftop, Click, Click, Click!

    Wednesday, December 22 2010

    Everyone gathers in Angels Square as Dorian presents the lighting of the Christmas tree. Blair scolds Jack, who's about to tell Sam there's no Santa. Clint runs into Vimal and warns him to be quite when Vimal brings up Brody being his daughter's baby's father and Rex being Clint's son. As Rex and Gigi head to Viki's, Rex stops and calls Clint the Grinch! Aubrey sees Clint and makes a comment about him hating her. Joey suggests Kelly soften Clint up for Aubrey. All three approach Clint, who makes a quick getaway. Kelly agrees. Clint hates 'her'. Joey tries to reassure Aubrey then gives Kelly a gift: goggles to prevent getting lemon in her eye again. Kelly gives Joey her clown ornament. She heard his broke. Aubrey laughs about Kelly's gift from Joey then shows her the bracelet Joey bought her.

    Over at the mansion, Starr tells Langston about her visit to see Cole and says, "Without Cole it just isn't Christmas." Starr and Langston exchange gifts then decide to get out of the house. Later, Blair warns Jack to quit ruining Christmas when he tells Sam that Santa is a myth. After Blair leaves the room, Jack starts guessing what's in all the presents. Sam spots Eli's box. Jack suggests they open it. It's their mom's from her psycho dead husband. They take the box and head outside.

    When Echo arrives, Dorian takes her up to the rooftop. She wants Echo to take a photo of her in a Santa suit for next year's mayoral calendar. Dorian claims to have forgotten something and promises to be right back. Dorian leaves and locks Echo on the rooftop without a coat! Echo screams and shivers for Dorian to open the door. Echo puts on the Santa suit to stay warm and screams over the edge, "Hello!" Outside the mansion, just as Jack tries to pry open Eli's box, Sam points to the rooftop. It's Santa! They race up to the rooftop. "Santa?" Jack asks, just as Echo falls down the chimney! "See, I told you," Sam tells Jack. There is a Santa! They think Santa's stuck and race back downstairs.

    Back in the living room, Dorian joins Blair and Kelly, who rants about Joey and Aubrey. Blair kisses Kelly's cheek and suggests she move on. Kelly admits Blair was right. Aubrey's hiding something. She calls Rex and asks him to dig up dirt on Aubrey. Dorian lights the fireplace. Blair thinks she hears someone yelling. "It sounds like an Echo," Kelly agrees. Dorian laughs and turns up the Christmas music. Jack and Sam race in. Blair screams at Jack when he throws water on the fire. He's trying to save Santa! Blair thought he didn't believe in Santa. Suddenly, Echo crashes down the chimney and glares at Dorian, covered in soot!

    Based On A Lie...

    Tuesday, September 07 2010

    Jack goes to the Manning Estate, takes Dani in a hug and says, "I'm sorry about your mom." Jack assures Dani and Todd that he really cared about Tea unlike his mother's new choice, Eli. Todd informs them of Eli's death in Tahiti. "That's where my dad lives," Dani says. "I'm your dad," Todd reminds. Todd is forced to reveal all of Eli's crimes. Dani can't believe that she trusted a murderer and wonders, "What's the point… Why trust anyone who's going to leave you?" Dani rushes off and Jack urges Todd to go after her. Todd can't help her. Dani needs her mom. Blair arrives and hugs Jack who says, "I told you Eli was a psycho killer." Jack gets Dani and Blair immediately wraps her in her arms. Blair prepares to take Dani and Jack off to arrange Tea's memorial and tells Todd, "I'm really sorry." Dani wants Todd to come with them but he has to wait for Greg who's bringing him Tea's ashes. Later Greg arrives and tells Todd, "I need to tell you something about Tea."

    He's Not Todd Manning!

    Tuesday, August 03 2010

    Todd, Starr, Dani and Jack are in Todd's living room when Tea appears and says, "I can't marry that man. He's not Todd Manning." Tea shows Dani a photo of Todd with his old face and says, "This man is your father." Todd tries to calm Tea down as she points to the photo. Tea pleads with Starr to tell everyone 'that man' isn't her father. "He is the man that loves you, Tea," Starr replies. "More than anything," Todd adds. Jack and Cole stand by confused as Todd reminds Tea that her tumor would cause changes in her memory. Todd gets Tea to believe him by recounting some past memories. "It's me," Todd whispers. Tea apologizes profusely to everyone. Todd wants to take Tea to the hospital. Judge Mayweather arrives. Tea begs Todd to stick to their plan. Todd happily announces it's time to get married! After Tea gets ready everyone joins together and the ceremony begins. Todd promises Tea they're going to live for today and try to figure out how to make it last forever. "I feel like the luckiest woman in the world right now," Tea cries. "This moment will live in our memories forever." Todd and Tea are pronounced husband and wife! Later Starr wonders what has Cole so distracted. He admits he has a bad feeling about Hannah. He needs to go check on her. Starr agrees to allow it if this is what it'll take to get them back to normal. After Cole leaves Tea hugs Starr and Jack. Dani goes to Todd and hugs him close.

    Don't Tell Me You Think He's A Psycho Killer Too?

    Monday, August 02 2010

    Jack rushes into the mansion living room screaming that Blair can't marry Eli because he's a killer! He starts ranting about the movie he watched and asks where Dorian keeps her gun. Blair blames Todd for allowing Jack to watch such films. She promises Jack Eli is a good guy. Blair continues to pack until John calls looking for Eli. "Don't tell me you think he's a psycho killer too?" Blair asks into the phone. "Is that McPain?" Jack asks. "Let me talk to him!" Blair ignores Jack and assures John she'll tell Eli to call him. Jack starts unpacking Blair's suitcase. Blair begs him to be happy for her and throws the clothes back in. She's sick of Jack acting out and grounds him. Jack refuses to go to his room because he has to get back to his dad's. Todd's marrying Tea! Blair didn't know but thinks Jack's outburst is due to him wanting her and Todd back together. Blair urges him to accept that Todd's going to marry Tea and she's going to marry Eli. "Fine! It's going to be your funeral, not mine," Jack says before storming off. Kelly arrives, hears Blair's eloping and orders, "You can't marry Eli!"

    Dani joins Todd downstairs and offers to help him get ready. Starr arrives. Todd's so happy to have his girls with him. Starr leans her head on Todd's shoulder while Dani takes his hand. Dani looks through photos of Todd and Tea's past marriages and asks Todd, "Do you ever miss your old face?" Tea appears and shocks everyone by saying to Todd, "There's no way in hell I'm marrying you. You are not Todd Manning!"

    Eli Is A Suspect?

    Friday, July 30 2010

    At the mansion Blair says she wants to enjoy their engagement. Eli brings up Tea's situation, says life's too short and begs, "Marry me before it's too late." Jack listens from the doorway as Eli suggests they go to Vegas. He thinks about a horror flick involving a stepfather from hell and hears Blair agree to marry Eli tonight. Jack rushes out the door. Eli leaves shortly after claiming he has a few loose ends to handle.

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