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    One Life To Live CAST - Gigi Morasco Balsom - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Gigi Morasco Balsom Played by Farah Fath on One Life To Live Daytime Soap Opera.

    Farah Fath

    Birthday: May 1 1984
    Birthplace: Lexington, Kentucky
    Marital Status: Dating Co-Star John-Paul Lavoisier
    Real Name: Farah Fath
    Height: 5 ' 4"


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    How Do I Let You Go?

    Wednesday, June 29 2011

    In Gigi's room, Rex tells Shane he's letting Clint have Gigi's heart. Shane doesn't understand why. "It's complicated," Rex replies. They have to say goodbye now. Shane takes Gigi's hand. He misses her and promises to keep writing and drawing. "I love you so much," Shane cries and kisses her goodbye. Shane falls into Rex's arms. Bo appears and offers to sit with Shane in the waiting area while Rex says goodbye to Gigi. Shane hands Rex a ring box then goes to sit with Bo. At Gigi's bedside, Rex talks about her never wanting a ring. He slips Clint's mother's ring on her finger and says his wedding vows. Rex imagines Gigi saying the same to him and asking him to kiss his bride. Rex owes Gigi a honeymoon and begs her to wait for him, to save him a dance. He imagines dancing with Gigi and promising to take care of Shane. Gigi wants Rex to take care of himself and reminds him how much she will always love him. Bo appears. It's time. "Goodbye Mrs. Balsom," Rex whispers, in tears, and kisses Gigi one last time. Shane and Rex watch as Gigi's wheeled away.

    I Want Your Money.

    Tuesday, June 28 2011

    Rex goes to Gigi's room and apologizes. Clint's money and power will give him what he needs to fight Jack and Todd. They'll pay for what they've done. "But how do I let you go?" Rex asks.

    I Was My Best With You.

    Monday, June 27 2011

    A sad Shane sits at Gigi's bedside and apologizes for not staying away from Jack like she asked. He crumples up on the floor and wishes it was him. He promises her Rex will make Jack pay. Brody arrives with Liam and tells Shane he is sorry. He believes that Gigi is still worried for him and wants him to be okay. Brody has to leave for Liam's checkup, but assures Shane that he will always be his family. Rex returns and sadly informs Shane that Jack isn't going to prison. Shane wants to prove Todd paid off Jack's friend. Rex promises Gigi he will get her justice. He asks forgiveness for what he is about to do, as he knows all he can do for her now is keep their son safe. As he holds her he whispers, "I'll love you forever."

    Hold The Diploma.

    Thursday, June 23 2011

    Just as Rex is about to sign Gigi's name to her healthcare proxy, Echo enters her hospital room and realizes what Rex is doing. She refuses to let him risk getting in trouble and says Rex has no right to play God. Rex vows never to let Clint have Gigi's heart. Echo doesn't agree with Rex but wants to prove her loyalty by forging Gigi's signature herself. Rex hands over a copy of Gigi's signature, Echo signs the forms then rushes off with them. Bo appears and tries to comfort Rex about Gigi's wishes, knowing there's nothing Rex can do to stop the donor transplant. David appears and pulls Bo away. Rex goes to Gigi's bedside. A doctor pops in to warn they need to take Gigi to the OR to prep for surgery. Rex asks for another minute alone. Echo returns and privately tells Rex she pre-dated and filed the form and that Jack's been taken into custody. Rex hugs Echo and promises Gigi he'll make sure Jack has no life. Maybe after that, Rex will be able to let Gigi go.

    The Fake Skank Dorian.

    Wednesday, June 22 2011

    Tea joins Rex in Gigi's hospital room. She couldn't find a judge who would marry him and Gigi while she's in a coma. They argue over Jack, who Rex vows to have charged. As he kicks Tea out, Echo arrives and apologizes for being gone on a photo shoot. She's also sorry for lying about Charlie being his father. Rex tells Echo how Clint's trying to steal Gigi's heart. Echo wishes she could help and hands Rex some things of Gigi's Roxy sent over. After Echo leaves, Rex opens Gigi's mail. He reads a letter from a lawyer. Gigi wanted to get her affairs in order before their wedding. Rex finds Gigi's healthcare proxy. He knows signing her name won't bring Gigi back, but it'll prevent Clint from taking her heart.

    Sue Me For Trying To Enlighten You.

    Tuesday, June 21 2011

    Natalie and Viki watch as machines keep Gigi alive in her hospital room. Over talk of how upset Rex is, Viki convinces Natalie to go find him. Viki goes to Gigi's bedside and thanks her for everything she did for her in Paris, Texas. She talks about how Gigi insisted on paying her rent for the carriage house. Viki didn't want to hurt Gigi's pride and put the money into an account for Shane's college. Viki promises to see that Shane gets the education Gigi wanted for him.

    Rex enters Gigi's room as Viki tells her, "I swear on my own family that I'll take care of yours." Viki goes to Rex and holds him close. He looks at Gigi. They were so close to having everything they always wanted. Rex informs Viki that Clint's trying to take Gigi's heart by force and says, "I won't let that happen." Viki apologizes for Clint's tactics. Later, Tea appears and offers to help Rex with anything he needs. "I'm going to marry Gigi," Rex replies. "And you're going to help me do it."

    That Fishy Frenchman.

    Monday, June 20 2011

    Outside Gigi's hospital room, Natalie is stunned to hear the organ donor is Gigi. Rex vows to keep it together for Shane. Natalie holds Rex close. The doctor appears. Rex tells him to forget it. Clint's not getting Gigi's heart. The doctor confirms them of Gigi's wishes and warns that Clint doesn't have long to live. Natalie pleads with Rex to save their father. "He gets Gigi's heart over my dead body," Rex snaps and enters Gigi's room. Rex holds Gigi's hand. He can't believe she's gone. "I don't care what anybody else says," Rex whispers. "Your heart stays with me."

    On their way to see Gigi, Natalie admits Jessica walked in on her and Brody in bed. Viki thinks it's a good sign that Tess didn't return. She hopes Jessica can accept Brody and Natalie, if Brody's who Natalie wants. They enter Gigi's room.

    What The Hell Are You Doing In Bed With My Fiance?

    Friday, June 17 2011

    In Gigi's room, Rex cries to Roxy. He doesn't know how he's going to tell Shane and begs Gigi to send him a sign. When Roxy goes to get Shane, Rex steps out into the hall. He runs into Bo, who's shocked to hear what happened to Gigi. "She's gone," Rex cries. "I don't know what I'm going to do without her." He thinks Gigi sent Bo to him. Shane and Roxy appear. Rex is forced to tell Shane that Gigi is dying and won't get better. Shane goes into an asthma attack and cries, "You're lying." Roxy can see Rex is about to break down. After she takes Shane in to see Gigi, her doctor approaches Rex and informs that Gigi was an organ donor. Suddenly, Natalie appears and happily tells Rex they found a donor for Clint. Rex realizes the donor is Gigi.

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