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    One Life To Live CAST - Gigi Morasco Balsom - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Gigi Morasco Balsom Played by Farah Fath on One Life To Live Daytime Soap Opera.

    Farah Fath

    Birthday: May 1 1984
    Birthplace: Lexington, Kentucky
    Marital Status: Dating Co-Star John-Paul Lavoisier
    Real Name: Farah Fath
    Height: 5 ' 4"


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    I'm Ford. I'm Cord.

    Tuesday, October 18 2011

    Kim's friend is told she's in a special care facility in Kentucky. A doctor stops Kim's friend, who can't remember anything, from getting out of bed. When the doctor leaves, Cutter approaches her. Kim's friend begs him to help her. "Please tell me who I am," she cries. Cutter explains the accident she was in with her sister and that her name is Morasco. "I'm sorry," Cutter says. "Your sister died." She becomes hysterical. The doctor reenters and sedates Kim's friend, who screams, "Why won't you tell me about my life?" Cutter's irked when the doctor asks him to stay and keep her calm when she wakes up. Later, he whacks her over the head with the document saying when she wakes up, she better tell him who she is, so he can get out of there.

    It's All Coming Back, Isn't It?

    Monday, October 17 2011

    Kim's friend opens her eyes in the special care facility and whispers, "Rex, don't give up… Help." A nurse appears and calls in a doctor. Cutter appears just as the doctor asks if Kim's friend knows her name. She looks at Cutter.

    What Are You Going To Do, Kill Me?

    Friday, October 14 2011

    In the special care facility, Kim talks to Stacy about the paper that Rex signed. Her only regret is that Kim won't be able to give Clint the news herself and look like the hero. She hates that Cutter always gets what he wants. Kim thinks back to the guy Cutter drugged at The Spotted Pony. They were going to scam him. The man reacted badly to the drugged drink. Cutter promised to get rid of the body. Kim explains how she had to convince Cutter that Stacy wasn't Gigi. That would be just crazy, right? Echo calls and wants the document back. Kim's stunned to hear that the gun she gave Echo didn't kill Victor. She tells Echo she doesn't have the paper and hangs up. Kim rushes off to The Spotted Pony and can't wait for the day when she doesn't have to work there anymore. Later, just as Shane and Rex say a final goodbye to Gigi back in Llanview, the woman in the bed opens her eyes.

    I Thought You Might Have Some Information For Me.

    Thursday, October 13 2011

    Still in the special care facility, Cutter asks, "How do you know Stacy didn't already take Gigi's place?" Kim was there when Stacy ended up in the coma. She begged Stacy to revisit the surgeon and get her face back. Instead Stacy went to Llanview. Stacy tracked Gigi to the house Jack lured her to. Kim tracked Stacy and found her passed out from the carbon monoxide at the bottom of the stairs. Stacy was wearing the same clothes Kim had seen her in earlier. Kim also found Gigi locked in the room, dead. Kim carried Stacy out first. She was going to go back for Gigi, but Rex arrived. Stacy's been like this ever since. "Do you believe me now?" Kim asks. Cutter does but reminds Kim the cops will blame Stacy and Kim for Gigi's murder. He demands Kim turn over the papers Rex signed. She agrees if Cutter promises to help take care of Stacy. He does and leaves.

    Must Suck Being Dead.

    Wednesday, October 12 2011

    Cutter enters the room at the special care facility and holds the photo of Kim and Stacy next to Stacy's new face. He can't believe how much Stacy looks like Gigi. Stacy had plastic surgery to get to Rex. Kim admits Echo gave her a paper. Rex signed the Buchanan fortune back over to Clint. Kim tries rushing Cutter off. She wants to go give the paper to Clint. Cutter refuses to let Kim give Clint anything. He plans to take the fortune back for himself. Aubrey dumped him. He didn't tell Aubrey about Kim having the gun. Cutter was only going straight for Aubrey, who doesn't want him anymore. "It's time to embrace the real me," Cutter says. If Kim doesn't hand over the paper, Cutter will tell everyone who Kim's little friend really is. What does Kim think Clint will think when he hears about Stacy? She'll go straight to Statesville. She fears for what'll happen to Stacy. Kim hopes when Stacy wakes up, she can convince her to turn back to herself. "How can you be sure this isn't Gigi Morasco?" Cutter asks.

    How Else Am I Going To Take Her Life?

    Tuesday, October 11 2011

    In the special care facility, Kim promises Stacy that good times are coming. Stacy will be as happy as she once was in the broken framed photo. Kim anticipates Clint getting his money back. In turn, he'll help Kim get Stacy better care. Kim recalls the first time she saw Stacy after David ran her out of Llanview. She thought Gigi had walked into The Spotted Pony. Kim admits Cutter knows she's alive. Kim remembers Stacy showing her the boots she left her at the frozen pond and how she screamed, "I'm not Gigi. I'm Stacy!" It wasn't until Stacy told Kim things only the two of them knew when Kim believed her. Wondering why Stacy looked like Gigi, Stacy had replied, "How else am I going to take her life?" Stacy didn't want to talk about how she survived. She was too consumed with how quickly everyone had forgotten her. Stacy had found the plastic surgeon in South America. She even claimed to have seen 'the' Erica Kane in his office. Kim tried warning Stacy that Rex loved Gigi, not her. She yells at Stacy lying in a coma, calling her stubborn. Kim wishes she would've been able to talk Stacy out of trying to take over Gigi's life. As Kim goes to leave, to bring Clint the papers that Rex signed, Cutter appears and says, "You're not going anywhere."

    How Different We Look Now.

    Monday, October 10 2011

    Kim sits with Stacy at the special care facility. She holds Rex's gun and seethes about Echo ignoring her calls. Kim doesn't want to leave Stacy but has to deal with Echo and Roxy. She kisses Stacy's hand and leaves. Stacy moves her hand, reaches out to the photo of her and Kim and knocks it to the floor. The glass frame breaks. This is the crash Delphina picked up on.

    Kim returns to Stacy's bedside. She finds the smashed framed photo and wonders how it broke. Kim notes how different they look now. Sleeping in the bed, Stacy looks just like Gigi!

    Sample My Wiener.

    Tuesday, September 27 2011

    Rex places his order at the diner and sees Gigi in place of the waitress. Natalie arrives and shows Rex her ring. She doesn't appear happy and relays her conversation with John. He wonders if Natalie's upset John didn't try to talk her out of marrying Brody. Natalie admits to overhearing John saying he doesn't love her anymore. Is that why she said yes to Brody? Natalie reminds Rex that she and Brody have a family. She and John don't. Over talk of dreaming that Liam's paternity test named John as his father, Rex can tell that's exactly what Natalie wishes. He urges her to hold out for John. Rex talks about Gigi. They almost had everything until Jack took it all away. Rex finally gives Natalie his blessing. After Natalie leaves, the waitress reappears. Rex sees Gigi again. The waitress leaves the bill, which reads: Don't give up.

    You Left A Big Chunk Of The Story Out.

    Wednesday, September 21 2011

    In the Kentucky facility, Kim diverted Rex but wonders how she's going to handle Cutter. As she leaves, Cutter confronts her in the hallway about the gun. Kim admits she has it and is using it for blackmail. She explains her plan. Cutter doesn't care and demands she give the gun back. He rushes into the room, sees Stacy and stops short. Kim claims the girl in the bed is Stacy. "You didn't tell me this," Cutter replies, looking at Stacy. "You left a big chunk of the story out." Kim can't lose Stacy and begs Cutter to help her. For once, Cutter wanted to do the right thing by turning the gun in. Kim assures him Kristine won't find out the truth and that she needs to keep Stacy going. Cutter wonders what'll happen if Echo doesn't come through for her. Cutter agrees to let Kim keep the gun and to not tell anyone about Stacy, knowing they wouldn't believe him anyway.

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