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    One Life To Live CAST - Gigi Morasco Balsom - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Gigi Morasco Balsom Played by Farah Fath on One Life To Live Daytime Soap Opera.

    Farah Fath

    Birthday: May 1 1984
    Birthplace: Lexington, Kentucky
    Marital Status: Dating Co-Star John-Paul Lavoisier
    Real Name: Farah Fath
    Height: 5 ' 4"


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    The Dead Girl.

    Monday, October 31 2011

    Back in the mansion, Rex makes a toast to Natalie and Brody then stares at Gigi's photo. Outside, Cutter finds the letter Bree dropped. He grabs Kim's friend and runs off. Rex appears and finds her mask.

    Hogtied To The Altar Before Long.

    Friday, October 28 2011

    Cutter appears in his motel room with costumes for him and Kim's friend. This way Rex won't see her face. Why can't she let people know she's there? Cutter doesn't think seeing her will be good for Rex and Shane, who've been grieving Gigi. Not now, during Halloween. She agrees and hates herself for having plastic surgery in order to steal her sister's fiancé. Cutter comforts her. She's a victim too and isn't a bad person for falling in love with Rex. Kim's friend wants to remember and agrees to go to Rex's party in costume. As she leaves to dress as Little Red Riding Hood, Cutter talks to Morris. He dresses as a mummy. Though he feels bad for what he's doing, he can't afford for anyone to see her. She reappears and takes Cutter's breath away with her beauty.

    At the Buchanan Mansion, Aubrey helps Shane and Rex display some of Gigi's favorite Halloween decorations. They listen to a card to Shane with Gigi's recorded voice saying, "Happy Halloween to my favorite guy. I love you, Shane." Aubrey comforts Shane and suggests he put the card someplace safe. Shane keeps listening to Gigi's message. Later, dressed in their Three Musketeer costumes, Rex adjusts Aubrey's hat. Something passes between them. Guests arrive. Tina and Cord are dressed as cowboy and cowgirl. Natalie makes a quick getaway when Tina starts talking about the wedding. Roxy stops Natalie and says she tried to convince John to 'tell her'. Just as Roxy starts to tell Natalie what John really said, Rex ushers Natalie away to rant about including Tina in her wedding. As everyone mingles, the doorbell rings. Rex opens it and smiles at Cutter and Kim's friend in disguise. Back in the living room, Tina sees Gigi's picture on the mantel and tells Cord, "That's her. The dead girl."

    How Could Victor Take Liam?

    Thursday, October 27 2011

    Kim's friend wakes up in Cutter's motel room. She wishes her memory would return. Cutter promises to tell her everything he knows after she showers. After she enters the bathroom, Aubrey arrives and slaps Cutter across the face for what he tried to do to Rex. Cutter thinks Aubrey's scamming Rex herself. She denies it. When Kim's friend calls out to Cutter from the bathroom, Aubrey rants about his latest floozy. She warns Cutter to stay away from Rex. Hearing that Rex and Clint's deal is almost set in stone, Cutter privately decides to step things up. Aubrey stomps off, and Cutter rejoins Kim's friend. She overheard Cutter's heated conversation. He admits his ex was at the door. She wonders why they were talking about Rex. Cutter makes up more lies. Kim's friend plans to go see Rex. While she's getting dressed, Cutter looks to Morris for answers. He needs Stacy, the schemer, on his side. Cutter plans to jog Kim's friend's mind at the costume party, but he can't let Rex see her.

    You Know Me? Who Am I?

    Wednesday, October 26 2011

    At the cemetery, Jack talks to Victor's grave. Scarface belongs in the grave, not Victor. The caretaker appears and accuses Jack of being one of the vandals who scratched the date off of Gigi's headstone. Jack denies it and warns the man not to say Gigi's name. Nearby, Kim's friend looks at Gigi's grave and wonders how Gigi can be dead when she looks just like her. She looks at her reflection in the mirror. She's sure there has to be someone who knows her. Someone who can tell her what's going on. Just as she turns around, Jack appears and says, "You!" She's happy Jack seems to know her and asks, "You know me? Who am I?" Jack pleads with her to get away from him and professes how sorry he is. "You're dead. I didn't mean it," Jack gasps then runs back to Victor's grave. He screams for Victor to help him and says, "I killed her, but she's back." Back at Gigi's grave, Cutter appears. Kim's friend demands answers. Cutter admits she's not Gigi. She's Stacy. He repeats the story Kim told him about Stacy's plastic surgery, how she wanted Gigi's life and how Kim saved her. What was so special about Gigi's life that she'd want to replace her? Cutter tells her about Gigi's fiancé, Rex. Cutter convinces her to leave with him. Before they go, she places a flower from another grave on Gigi's. They pass Victor's grave as they go.

    Care For Another Surprise?

    Tuesday, October 25 2011

    At Llanfair, Ford thanks Jessica for inviting him to dinner. She wonders what they're going to do for Ryder's first Halloween. They laugh about Ryder dressing up as a cocktail weenie. Tina appears and talks about how fun it was to babysit Ryder. Jessica's stunned to hear Tina's Natalie's Maid of Honor. After Tina steps out, Jessica wonders how she's going to tell Natalie about Liam. Kim's friend holds a yellow post-it note, hides on the patio and whispers, "Is this where I live?" She makes her way around front and rings the doorbell. Tina answers. Kim's friend explains how she lost her memory and only knows her name: Gigi Morasco. Tina's never heard of her but goes to see if Jessica has. Tina rejoins Jessica and Ford and says Gigi Morasco is at the door. Jessica thinks Tina's mistaken. Kim's friend sneaks in and listens as Jessica says, "Gigi's dead and buried." Jessica attended her funeral. When Jessica finally agrees to go to the door, they don't find anyone there. Later, Tina answers the doorbell to Cutter, who says, "I'm looking for someone."

    Vimal sits at Victor's grave and says, "If you weren't dead, I could kill you." He wishes Victor hadn't told him about Liam's paternity. Rama appears and scares the life out of Vimal. She saw Vimal's MyFace check-in post and wonders what he's really doing there. Vimal shares his secret on how Victor told him John's the father of Natalie's son. Rama admits she's keeping a horrible secret too. She sent Kim to prison for a crime she didn't commit. Vimal remembers being in prison for the same reason and scolds Rama. He's reminded that Rama lied to him about Aubrey's true identity. They agree to be honest with each other from here on out. Vimal wants to tell John the truth. As they leave, Kim's friend appears and stares down at Gigi's grave.

    I Miss Dorian Lord As Mayor.

    Monday, October 24 2011

    At the special care facility, Kim's friend does an internet search on 'Gigi Morasco'. She reads about Gigi's death and wonders why she wasn't mentioned in the article. Cutter said she was in the accident too. She searches 'Stacy Morasco' and finds out she drowned on Llantano Mountain. She sees Stacy's face online and looks at the photo of Stacy and Kim on the end table. Both Gigi and Stacy are dead… She wonders who Kim is. She finds a mirror, sees Gigi's face in the reflection and gasps, "I'm Gigi Morasco. I'm not dead." She sees a photo of Rex and Shane, reads about them and says, "I have a fiancé and a son who love me." Later, Cutter arrives and finds the room empty.

    I'll Follow You Until You Love Me... Paparazzi.

    Friday, October 21 2011

    Cutter stares at Kim's friend in the special care facility, anticipating the amount of money Rex would pay to see her. Cutter plans to put Kim's friend through 'Gigi School'. He takes her photo in preparation of making Rex an offer he can't refuse. Cutter books a flight to Llanview, tells the sleeping girl he'll be back soon and leaves the laptop behind. Later, Kim's friend wakes up, sees the laptop, opens it and does a search on 'Morasco'.

    How Would You Like To Get Your Company Back?

    Thursday, October 20 2011

    Kim's friend wakes up in the special care facility. She calls Cutter Rex. Cutter's upset that she can't remember who she is or any part of her life. He wants to leave! She wonders if they know each other. When he admits he's a friend of a friend, who got called away, she gets out of bed. Cutter catches her when she falls. "Who's Rex?" she asks. Cutter won't give her answers, which causes her to scream, "I just want to know who I am." A nurse comes in and sedates her. Cutter takes a call from Clint who tells him to take his document and shove it. Cutter hangs up and flips out. He looks at Kim's friend and gets an idea. Maybe she's his golden goose…

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