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    One Life To Live CAST - Gigi Morasco Balsom - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Gigi Morasco Balsom Played by Farah Fath on One Life To Live Daytime Soap Opera.

    Farah Fath

    Birthday: May 1 1984
    Birthplace: Lexington, Kentucky
    Marital Status: Dating Co-Star John-Paul Lavoisier
    Real Name: Farah Fath
    Height: 5 ' 4"


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    My Name's Viki. What Can I Get You?

    Monday, December 12 2011

    At the Bon Jour Café, Gigi, whose back is turned to Rex, hears him ask for a table. She quickly hides, watches as Viki joins Rex then calls Cutter. He stops her from confronting Rex and promises to be right there. At their table, Viki takes in the familiarity of the café. It looks just like it did when Gigi worked there. Viki remembers Charlie and admits she misses him sometimes. Gigi listens as Rex talks about finding Gigi there, years ago, and how he's been seeing Gigi's face. Viki's shocked to hear Stacy's running around with Gigi's face. As Gigi's scolded by another waitress, for hiding out in the kitchen, Cutter appears in the doorway and pays a man to cause a distraction. The man annoys Rex and Viki with his preaching, which gives Cutter time to get Gigi out of the café. The waitress asks if Rex and Viki have seen her new waitress. They haven't, but Viki agrees to help out and is happy to hear her old nametag is still available. Later, Viki approaches the counter, in uniform, and says to someone behind a newspaper, "My name's Viki. What can I get you?" It's Charlie.

    Cutter and Gigi pack their things in the motel room across the street. As they prepare to leave, Rex appears outside their door.

    Skype Confession: I Killed Victor.

    Friday, December 09 2011

    In Texas, at the Bon Jour Café, Cutter tries persuading Gigi to leave town. She refuses and feels as though the diner is the key to getting her memory back. "What if I don't want you to get your memory back?" Cutter asks and admits he doesn't want her to leave him for Rex. Gigi feels something for Cutter and won't let how 'Stacy' used to feel for Rex get in the way of what she feels for Cutter. Gigi kisses Cutter, who agrees to stay. He leaves to get them a room across the street and worries how she'll feel when she realizes she's Gigi. Later, Viki and Rex arrive outside and reminisce about Gigi. Rex feels the diner is the right place to say goodbye to her. Viki heads to the motel to get Shane settled and urges Rex to head inside, where Gigi serves a customer at the counter.

    Another Mistake With Yet Another Man.

    Thursday, December 08 2011

    In uniform at the Bon Jour Café, Gigi continues to experience déjà vu. After she heads to the bathroom a customer approaches Cutter and comments on how much the new waitress reminds him of Gigi Morasco. The man leaves. Cutter knows it's only a matter of time before Gigi realizes the truth. Gigi reappears. Cutter admits he lied about why she couldn't have the surgery and says, "The reason you look like Gigi is because you are Gigi." She laughs and doesn't believe Cutter. He explains how the doctor insisted she never had surgery. She's furious that Cutter lied and takes off to find Rex and Shane. Suddenly, Cutter's thoughts are interrupted by Gigi, who asks, "You said you lied to me. What about?" Cutter backtracks and suggests they start over somewhere else, maybe in Paris, France. Gigi doesn't want to leave but understands if Cutter does. Cutter doesn't want to be anywhere without her.

    Exes Should Be Seen And Not Heard.

    Wednesday, December 07 2011

    At the Bon Jour Café in Texas, Gigi insists she's been there before. Cutter wonders if she got her memory back. Gigi knew exactly where the ketchup was and how to answer the phone. Gigi asks a waitress if she looks familiar. The waitress remembers Gigi from 'that reality show' with the celebrities with problems. When Gigi hears the diner is hiring, her sudden waitressing skills land her a job. Cutter's hired as a dishwasher. Later, in uniform, Gigi's asked to pick from some recycled nametags.

    Brandon And Brianna Cannot Be Brother And Sister!

    Tuesday, December 06 2011

    Gigi looks around at the Bon Jour Café in Paris, Texas. She feels as though the place is familiar. Cutter can't believe the diner looks exactly like the one in Llanview. A waitress appears and talks about "Fraternity Row." Cutter hushes her! He plans to watch the repeat on SOAPnet later. The waitress continues on about the amnesia storyline and apologizes when she hears Gigi lost her memory. Gigi looks at the waitress' uniform, as well as other trinkets in the diner, and tells Cutter she feels at home. Gigi goes behind the counter to get some ketchup and automatically answers the diner's phone. From the other end of the line, Noelle acts as though she's heard a ghost and asks, "Who is this?" Gigi hangs up and tells Cutter, "I've been to this place before."

    I Know Exactly Who Killed Victor Lord.

    Monday, December 05 2011

    Outside the exam room at Dr. Fascinella's office in Rio, the doctor assures Cutter the woman in the room isn't Stacy. 'That woman' never had plastic surgery. Cutter can't believe she's really Gigi. She appears from the room and asks Cutter what's going on. The doctor leaves. Cutter thinks about falling for Gigi and claims the surgery can't happen. After what happened in the basement, Dr. Fascinella is worried about her health. She feels horrible, not only for what she did but for having to keep 'this face'. Cutter wants her to learn to like herself. He likes 'Stacy' just the way she is.

    Cutter and Gigi return to their room. She looks in the mirror and has no other choice but to get used to 'this face'. Cutter suggests they never go back to Llanview and start a new life somewhere else, together. He hands her a small globe. Gigi spins it then stops it with her finger. Cutter announces they're going to Paris, Texas.

    She's The Original Gigi Morasco.

    Friday, December 02 2011

    Cutter and 'Stacy' kiss in their room in Rio. 'Stacy' pulls away but claims she's not thinking about Rex. She hates that she's dragged Cutter into her nightmare. Cutter's glad to be there. 'Stacy' makes him want to do the right thing."I have feelings for you," Cutter confesses. He gets a call that Dr. Fascinella's back.

    Dr. Fascinella meets with Cutter and 'Stacy' in one of the exam rooms and wonders if 'Stacy' is upset with the results of her plastic surgery. Cutter explains 'Stacy's' memory loss, but the doctor becomes preoccupied with the opera music playing. He talks about turning someone into Erica Kane then looks behind 'Stacy's' ears. Out in the hall, he privately tells Cutter that 'Stacy' never had plastic surgery by him or anyone else. The woman in the room is the original, Gigi Morasco. Out in the waiting room, Rex and Aubrey, dressed as exterminators, claim they're there on a call. Over talk of bed bugs, the receptionist freaks out and briefly leaves. They dig around in files. When she returns, they claim it was a false alarm and rush off.

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