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    One Life To Live CAST - Jared Banks - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Jared Banks Played by John Brotherton on One Life To Live Daytime Soap Opera.

    John Brotherton

    Birthday: August 21, 1980
    Birthplace: Ellensburg, WA
    Marital Status: Married to Alison Raimondi
    Real Name: John Brotherton
    Height: 6' 2"


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    Everything Stems From Room 302!

    Tuesday, June 30 2009

    Just as Rex is about to tell Gigi that he slept with Stacy, Jared and Natalie arrive, fill them in on what they 'didn’t find', and what Roxy told them, then they all wonder where the blood is now! Because Shane's life could depend on it, they all vow to find the extra bag of blood!

    A Plan For Cole's Future!

    Monday, June 29 2009

    Out in the station room, Natalie and Jared demand that Kyle give them the donor's name, even though he promised Roxy that he wouldn't! When refaced with the blackmailing charges, Kyle finally admits that he doesn't know the donor's name but gives Natalie and Jared instructions on how to locate him - in Room 302 at the Boutet Clinic.

    Shortly after, Kyle takes Natalie and Jared to the clinic, where Jared gets a shocked look on his face after tearing open the curtain in Room 302!

    The Truth Is Finally Out!

    Friday, June 26 2009

    Natalie and Jared continue to badger Roxy at Foxy Roxy's, demanding that she stop protecting Stacy, screaming for her to give them the name of the donor! Furious, Natalie warns Roxy that Kyle is about to spill the truth - Rex will never forgive her for keeping this from him - then Natalie storms out, with Jared close behind!

    Suddenly, Jared and Natalie appear, wanting to drop the charges on Kyle. When Nora reminds them that this is her case - not Bo's - Natalie and Jared vow not to testify, and claim that they are doing this so Jessica can move on. Nora finally agrees to drop the charges then heads off to file the papers.

    When Kyle arrives at the station, he thanks Natalie and Jared, who want something in return - blood! "We don't really need the blood," Natalie and Jared say - just the name of Shane's donor!

    Throwing Caution To The Wind!

    Thursday, June 25 2009

    Still at Rodi's, Natalie urges Gigi to tell Rex the truth and happily says, "You could get your life back with Rex." Gigi worries about all the 'what ifs', but Natalie convinces her that Rex will know how to handle Stacy. "Maybe it's time… I'm going to get back the man I love," Gigi says. Now that Gigi has agreed to tell Rex the truth, Natalie and Jared plan to head to the station to drop the charges against Kyle - but they're stopped from doing so when Roxy calls, demanding that Natalie meet her, now!

    When Natalie and Jared arrive at Foxy Roxy's, Roxy blurts out, "Drop the charges against Kyle Lewis!" Though Natalie and Jared bring up what Stacy did to Rex, how Kyle helped Stacy pretend to be the donor and demand that she fess up about what Kyle is blackmailing her with, Roxy refuses to admit anything! When a customer comes in, Natalie makes Roxy get rid of her then informs Roxy that Kyle is going to give Gigi the name of the donor. Roxy freaks out then Natalie asks why Roxy doesn't want the donor's name to get out!

    Dr. Evans Gives His Opinion!

    Wednesday, June 24 2009

    Over at Rodi's, after Schuyler pushes Gigi to tell Natalie and Jared the truth, Gigi finally tells them that Stacy blackmailed her into giving Rex up, leaving Natalie and Jared to apologize profusely. Schuyler talks about his past with Stacy then confesses that Stacy wasn't Shane's donor - and that she switched the stem cells with the real donor! Gigi explains that Kyle knows who the donor is - and won't tell her until Natalie and Jared drop the charges against him - then Gigi begs them to help her. Talk of Roxy comes up, and Gigi suggests that she knows something - and that Stacy could be blackmailing her too - and Natalie remembers that Roxy has kept Rex's father a secret from him forever. "We'll do anything to help you, Rex and Shane," Natalie says. "But we can't keep another secret… Gigi trust him, tell Rex the truth."

    A Desperate Plea...

    Tuesday, June 23 2009

    Meeting up at Rodi's, after Gigi asks Natalie and Jared to drop the charges on Kyle, Natalie snaps on her - calling her 'the town ride' then says, "My brother is lucky to be rid of you!" Though Gigi can't tell them the reason for her request, she promises that it has everything to do with Shane - Rex's son.

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