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    One Life To Live CAST - Jared Banks - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Jared Banks Played by John Brotherton on One Life To Live Daytime Soap Opera.

    John Brotherton

    Birthday: August 21, 1980
    Birthplace: Ellensburg, WA
    Marital Status: Married to Alison Raimondi
    Real Name: John Brotherton
    Height: 6' 2"


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    A Declaration Of Innocence...

    Friday, November 06 2009

    As Jared gets up, calling out for Jessica, Jessica tries to leave, but her car won't start! She sees a light on in a nearby building and heads toward it. When she reaches it, Jessica screams, "Hello? Is anyone here?" As she walks closer into the building she sees a man, with his back facing her, and says, "Nash, baby, is that you?"

    John Arrives In Michigan!

    Thursday, November 05 2009

    While looking for Natalie outside, Jessica is shocked when Jared grabs her and motions for her to stay quiet!

    Interrupted By A Miracle...

    Friday, October 16 2009

    Inside the Buchanan Lodge, Jared screams, "You? It was you who brought me here!" Jared screams that everything is going to stop - now - because he already confessed to Natalie then says, "We are done!"

    We're Not Going To Seattle...

    Thursday, October 15 2009

    In Llanfair's living room, Jared confesses to Natalie that he knew and was working with Wayne Landers - even after he was released from prison! Natalie snaps and asks how Jared could allow Landers to terrorize Jessica then demands, "Were you behind all of this? Are you guilty?" As Jared avoids her questions, Natalie cries for him to trust her - then suggests that Landers made Jared do everything he's being accused of - but Jared finally admits that he was the one who arranged for Landers to do everything - for Jared! Just as Natalie asks if Jared murdered Landers, Jared gets a text message, refuses to allow Natalie to come with him and rushes out!

    Jared arrives at the Buchanan Lodge and once he's inside he says, "You?"

    Jared Makes A Confession!

    Wednesday, October 14 2009

    Natalie arrives at the police station just as Jared is released, saying the cops don't have enough to hold him on murder charges. Charlie and Viki are present, and after Jared and Natalie take off, Charlie and Viki briefly discuss Dorian and her latest stunt.

    Delphina elaborates, saying she keeps seeing Nash's death, and Jared Banks, and as Jessica wonders if Jared could have killed Landers, Natalie and Jared appear! Before Delphina leaves, she whispers to Jared, "Tell your wife," then Jessica and Brody put on a front and claim they have no issues with Jared's presence at Llanfair.

    Everyone gives Natalie and Jared some time alone - and Natalie wonders what Jared meant at the police station when he said he was lying to her. Jared finally admits that he knew Wayne Landers in prison and that he's been working with him!

    Poetic Justice?

    Thursday, October 08 2009

    When Natalie enters the interrogation room at the station, Jared whispers, "I've been lying to you." Jared starts to explain the calls made to his phone, but John interrupts, demanding for Natalie to leave, so he can question Jared. Once she goes, John shows Jared a list of Landers' visitors after Jared was released from prison. John thinks Jared used an alias and warns him to start talking!

    Just as John pushes Jared further, Jared's lawyer appears and asks for time with his client. After John leaves, the lawyer asks, "Did you kill Wayne Landers?" Jared worries if he tells the truth more people will get hurt, but the lawyer reminds him of the charges against him. Jared begins confessing what really happened…

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