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    One Life To Live CAST - Jared Banks - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Jared Banks Played by John Brotherton on One Life To Live Daytime Soap Opera.

    John Brotherton

    Birthday: August 21, 1980
    Birthplace: Ellensburg, WA
    Marital Status: Married to Alison Raimondi
    Real Name: John Brotherton
    Height: 6' 2"


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    I Love You Too...

    Monday, February 08 2010

    Charlie trudges through the snow, stops to look at the gun then vows that Mitch is as good as dead. When Charlie falls, Jared appears and asks, "What're you doing, Dad?" Charlie keeps saying, "You're gone," but Jared stares him in the eye and says, "A murderer… Is that who you really are?" Charlie vows to murder Mitch - for murdering any chance that he and Jared had - but Jared says, "I'll still be dead… Will you be able to accept it then?" Jared wonders if Mitch is just the middle man, saying, "Maybe you don't need him to do what you really want to do." Charlie takes out the gun, agrees that his life is worthless now - now that he's lost Jared and Viki - but vows to avenge Jared, so he can rest in peace. "That's what you want, isn't it?" Charlie asks, but Jared disappears. "I know what I have to do," Charlie says then rushes off.

    From The Outside Looking In...

    Tuesday, December 22 2009

    At Llanfair, after Natalie looks at a photo of her and Jared, he appears and says, "Hi Sparky…" "Hi Natty," Rex says, breaking her trance, and Natalie cries about Jared - and says she wishes he would have gotten her pregnant, so she could have been left with a piece of him. Natalie urges Rex to go fight for Gigi and warns him, "Gigi is still here… Don't let her become a memory." Later, Natalie takes a pregnancy test, and when Jared reappears, she looks at it and sees she's not pregnant. Natalie cries to Jared that she has nothing left of him, but Jared assures her she'll always have memories. Natalie watches as Jared walks off into the darkness, blowing her a kiss goodbye.

    The Fantasy Within Her Reality...

    Wednesday, November 18 2009

    Upstairs in her room, Clint helps Natalie get settled, as she holds one of Jared's shirts and breaks down in agony. After Clint leaves, Natalie lies down, closes her eyes, then hears, "Hi Sparky." She sees Jared lying next to her, saying, "I told you I'd never leave, and I never will." Natalie cries that she wants to remember the last time they made love, their last kiss, then says, "It's gone." However, Jared says, "It's not," then passionately kisses Natalie. Just then, Viki peeks in on Natalie, who is holding a pillow, sound asleep.

    Goodbye Jared...

    Monday, November 16 2009

    At the Napa Hospital, after the family is told that Jared is dead, Natalie becomes hysterical, as Clint holds her close, saying, "He's gone. Jared has left us." In tears, Charlie looks into the examination room at Jared's lifeless body. While Viki comforts Charlie, Clint sits with Jessica, as Brody briefly calls John, and Natalie runs to Jared's side. Brody rejoins Jessica and listens as she talks about Mitch, who Brody doesn't trust to be alone with John. Jessica urges Brody to go be with John, and Brody promises he'll return for her soon.

    Standing above Jared, Natalie begs him to wake up and starts talking about them having children. Charlie joins her and says, "He's gone," then takes Natalie in his arms, as they both explode with devastation. After Clint comes in to take Natalie away, Viki tells Charlie she's going to see him through this then Charlie asks for a moment alone with his son.

    By Jared's side, Charlie takes all of the blame for Jared being dead and says, "I killed you, as if I'd pulled the trigger myself." Charlie vows not to let Jared down again and says that if he did kill Jared's stepfather then it only means that he's capable of doing it again! Before Charlie leaves, he promises that Mitch is going to pay for this! Later, Clint tells Viki that he can't find Charlie anywhere - and Viki rushes off with worry!

    Natalie goes back into Jared's room and starts cleaning him up, as she talks about how they fell in love. Natalie admits that she made a wish that night in Texas - that she wished to die before Jared because she knew she'd never be able to handle losing him. Natalie holds Jared close and sobs. When Jessica and Clint appear, Natalie kisses Jared goodbye then they all watch as his body is taken away.

    Deathbed Confessions...

    Friday, November 13 2009

    Jared is brought to a Napa hospital, with Natalie holding a rag to his wound. As Charlie and Viki arrive, Natalie screams, "Don't you leave me!" Jared is taken away, and Viki remembers Jessica telling her about Charlie being a murderer. Jared's vitals start dropping, and Natalie screams for him to fight! As Clint arrives, the doctor comes out to tell the family that Jared is alive but the bullet damaged his lung. Before he's taken in to surgery, Natalie and Charlie are allowed to see him…

    At Jared's bedside, Natalie leans down, kisses Jared and explains that he's going to be fine, but Jared begs to talk to Charlie! Natalie rushes back out into the waiting area and informs Charlie that Jared needs to see him - now.

    When Charlie goes in to see Jared, Jared confesses what Charlie did - Charlie killed Jared's stepfather during one drunken night - but Charlie doesn't remember any of it! As Jared tries to get their stories straight, for the cops, Charlie denies doing it, but Jared says, "I saw you, Dad." Jared apologizes for hating him for so long and explains that he told another inmate what happened that night, Wayne Landers, who ended up blackmailing him. "I didn't want to lose you again," Jared says. "I'd finally gotten you back."

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