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    One Life To Live CAST - Sarah Roberts

    Full detailed profile on Sarah Roberts Played by Justis Bolding on One Life To Live Daytime Soap Opera.

    Courtesy of Justis Bolding
    Sarah Roberts

    Actor: Justis Bolding

    Who played Sarah Roberts over the years

    Justis Bolding (June 14, 2007 - January 7, 2009)
    Shanelle Workman (February 2003 - 2004)
    Hayden Panettiere (1994 - 1997)
    Courtney Chase (8 February 1993 - 1994)
    Alexa and Zoe Fisher (1991)

    Useful information on Sarah Roberts

    * Nickname: Flash
    * Stole money from the Palace hotel.
    * Moved away after almost being strangled, which damaged her vocal cords halting her singing career.


    Current: Unknown
    Past: Singer


    Sarah was born to Cordero and Tina Roberts in 1991. Although there was a mix-up as to who her father was at birth, in the end, blood tests proved that Johnny Dee Hesser (Carlo's son) was not the father.

    In her later years, while taking a road trip with CJ, Jessica and Marty, their car was involved in a crash with a Statesville van and the kids almost lost their lives. However, Todd Manning, who was on his way to prison, chose to help the kids instead of immediately escaping the authorities.

    Sarah left Llanview in 1997 and didn't return until 2003 as 'Flash.' While singing with her band, Sarah kept her identity a secret and actually started to fall for her cousin - by adoption -Joey. Feeling alone, after her identity was revealed, Sarah's family welcomed her with open arms.

    It wasn't until 2004, after almost being killed by the Music Box killer, when Sarah was forced to give up her music and leave town with hopes of repairing her damaged vocal cords.

    Now, in June 2007, Sarah is back and faced with the fact that her boyfriend Hunter is holding Todd Manning in a room! Remembering Todd, and how he once saved her life, Sarah called Blair saying, "Todd's alive!"

    Sarah made her way back to Llanview and reconnected with her family - even her mother Tina who returned as well. After Sarah was kidnapped by Carlo Hesser, due to Tina's misdeeds, she was rescued by Cris Vega, her boyfriend at the time, and tried to go on with her life after the fallout. Cris got mixed up in helping Vanessa and Lola Montez by marrying Vanessa to help her become a US citizen, but Sarah couldn't handle his choices and left Llanview to pursue her career as a music promoter.




    Cristian Vega
    Joey Buchanan (kissed before she revealed she was his cousin by adoption)
    Riley Colson (lovers)


    Cordero Roberts (father)
    Tina Clayton Lord (mother)
    Clinton James Roberts (brother)
    Clint Buchanan (grandfather)
    Maria Vasquez (grandmother - deceased)
    Victor Lord (grandfather - deceased)
    Irene Manning (grandmother - deceased)
    Asa Buchanan (great-grandfather)
    Olympia Buchanan (great-grandmother - deceased)
    Kevin Buchanan (half-cousin)
    Joseph Buchanan (half-cousin)
    Jessica Buchanan (half-cousin)
    Natalie Buchanan (half-aunt - half-cousin)
    Tony Lord (half-uncle)
    Victoria Lord Davidson (half-aunt)
    Todd Manning (uncle)
    Demerest Buchanan (half-cousin - deceased)
    Kevin Buchanan Jr. (half-cousin - stillborn)
    Megan Buchanan (half-cousin - deceased)
    Bree 'Brennan' Buchanan (half-cousin)
    Brian Kendall (half-cousin - deceased)
    Megan Gordon (half-cousin - deceased)
    Starr Manning (half-cousin)
    Jack Manning (half-cousin)
    Thomas John McBain (half-cousin)
    Zane Buchanan (first half-cousin)


    Unborn child (father unknown - abortion)



    Wednesday, March 04 2009: Caught Fishing For The Truth!

    At a booth, Cris holds his phone and stares at the napkin with Sarah's number on it. Once Cris calls Sarah, he talks about Vanessa, apologizes then stares at his phone after Sarah hangs up on him!

    Wednesday, January 07 2009: Sarah Leaves Cris - And Llanview - Behind!

    When Sarah storms into the loft and announces, "I told him your marriage was a fake," Cris lashes out at Sarah and tells the agent that she's lying because she's jealous and a vindictive 'witch'! After the agent says he'll be opening up an investigation, he leaves, and Cris demands to talk to Sarah alone!

    Once Vanessa clears the room, Cris tries to apologize but Sarah brings up the New Year's Eve kiss she saw then says, "You have feelings for her." Sarah warns that once Vanessa is shipped off, Cris will be alone - just like she will. Sarah announces that she's leaving Cris - and Llanview - behind, in order to become Puddle of Mudd's manager! Cris begs her not to go, but she reminds him that he can't have them both - then leaves the loft!

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