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    One Life To Live CAST - Markko Rivera - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Markko Rivera Played by Jason Tam on One Life To Live Daytime Soap Opera.

    Jason Tam

    Birthday: June 28, 1982
    Birthplace: The Hawaiian Islands
    Marital Status: Single
    Real Name: Jason Tam
    Web site:


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    Heart Attack At Statesville...

    Friday, March 26 2010

    Still in their apartment, Starr questions if Langston had sex with Ford. Though Langston denies it, she finally admits, "I slept with him, all right! Are you happy?" Starr is shocked, knowing Markko could've caught them, but listens as Langston explains how the affair began and has continued. Starr screams that Markko has been there for Langston, but Langston doesn't want to stop sleeping with Ford. Langston says she's young and doesn't know if Markko is the one, but Starr warns, "Cheating on Markko with Ford isn't going to solve your problems." Langston doesn't know how she feels about Ford, and doesn't want to break things off with Markko, but can't deny how connected she feels to both guys, in different ways. "You're going to have to choose because you can't have it both ways," Starr warns. As Starr threatens to tell Markko the truth, Markko arrives home and hears Langston say, "Promise me you won't tell him!"

    It's Johnny!

    Thursday, March 25 2010

    Cole arrives at the diner, and Markko talks about all the time Cole's been spending with Hannah. Cole takes offense, and Markko apologizes then admits he's upset because he found Langston's button in Ford's office. From around the corner, Hannah listens as Cole asks if Markko thinks Langston's screwing around with Ford. Though Markko trusts Langston, Ford's the one he's worried about.

    The Fight For Sierra Rose...

    Monday, March 22 2010

    When Langston arrives home, after leaving a message for Ford, Starr wonders who she was talking to then informs her that Cole is still at the library with Hannah. Starr wants to pick up on their conversation about Markko, and just as Langston is ready to open up, Markko arrives home. Langston tells Markko her recent mood had to do with her musical, but Starr assures him she's okay with it now. As Starr goes off to call Cole, Markko admits to Langston that he thought there was something really serious going on with her, regarding how she felt about him.

    Back at the apartment, still standing next to Markko, Langston gets a call from Ford, who wants her to come over. Langton acts as though he's a friend and says she has plans to get pizza with her boyfriend, which causes Ford to quickly hang up - acting as though he could care less about Langston! Once she hangs up, Markko gives Langston her button back, the one he found in Ford's office, and Langston thinks back to having sex with Ford. When the pizza arrives, the same girl who delivered the pizza to Cole and Hannah makes a comment about Hope missing her daddy. Starr wonders how she knew Cole wasn't home, and the girl tells Starr that she just saw Cole at the dorms! Starr is confused, as Cole told her he was at the library. Markko assures Starr that Cole is where he said he'd be. Cole lying to her would be like Langston lying to him!

    Detour To London!

    Wednesday, March 17 2010

    Staring out the window, shirtless, Langston nervously dresses when Markko calls to Ford from outside the door! Markko lets himself in and is shocked to see Langston, who's now dressed and claims she came to Llanview University to give him his folder - since he mixed them up and took her script. When Markko notices a button missing on Langston's shirt, she explains she was hoping that she'd find a safety-pin in Ford's office. Markko puts his coat on Langston and cracks a joke about not wanting more guys drooling over her. After Langston gives Markko his folder, she's stunned to hear that Markko gave her script to Starr. Langston accepts Markko's kiss, rushes off then takes off his jacket, once she's out of his sight. Back in Ford's office, Markko bends down and picks up Langston's lost pink button from the floor!

    Uncle Todd?

    Tuesday, March 16 2010

    At the diner, Cole is surprised when Markko finishes his project with the pure intent to rock Ford's world! Before Markko stops by to see Langston, he brings up Hannah and warns that it's only a matter of time before Starr gets jealous of Cole's new hot partner. After Markko leaves, Cole leaves Hannah a message, wondering why she isn't at the diner yet.

    Still in the hallway, Langston gets hot when a text message from Ford comes in. Along with a picture of his abs, he asks Langston to meet him in his office. Suddenly, Starr appears, sees the photo and asks, "Oh, my, God! Are you sexting?" Starr thinks the text was from Markko, and Langston doesn't deny it. She gives Starr a lie about having some errands to run and convinces her to handle the signup for her musical. Later, Markko shows up, wondering where Langston is. Starr suggests she might have gone to the diner, and Markko rushes off, leaving Starr faced with Destiny and Matthew, who agree to signup. Blair joins them to say hi, and to turn in some papers to the office, then heads off to see Cris.

    Just Another Notch In His Belt!

    Monday, March 08 2010

    Across the room, Langston gets a text from Ford, who suddenly appears and joins her, Markko, Cole and Starr saying, "There's my favorite student." As Ford praises Markko about a recent project, Hannah arrives, and Starr and Langston head to class. While Markko and Ford discuss Markko's project, Cole and Hannah take a seat at another booth, where Hannah can't take her eyes off Ford! Markko alerts Ford to Hannah's glare, but Ford texts Langston, telling Markko, "I'm wild about this girl… You know what it's like because you have a wild one, right?" Later, after Cole and Markko leave, Hannah confronts Ford for using her for sex - then pretending like they never met! Ford says he never promised her anything and advises she let it go. After Ford leaves, Hannah says to herself that she never promised she'd let it go.

    A Cramer Girl Is Dead...

    Monday, March 01 2010

    Ford enters the diner and taunts Markko about the huge workout he just had!

    Visiting Day At Statesville...

    Friday, February 26 2010

    Over at the apartment, Starr catches Langston looking at her neck in the mirror then listens as Markko appears and talks about Langston feeling sick last night. After Langston pulls Markko close and apologizes profusely, Starr watches with suspicion. Langston halts Markko's sexual advances, cries then pulls away. Though Langston manages to convince Markko that she's fine, who leaves for school, once alone, Starr says, "Start talking… You are so hiding something." Starr wonders if Langston is pregnant, or has an STD, and Langston assures her she has neither but admits she feels guilty. Starr thinks she's stressed about her musical then suggests she call Ford - he's an expert, who can help. After Starr talks about how Ford asked about her at Capricorn, and knew she was babysitting Hope, Langston rushes out! Cole joins Starr, and they briefly talk about Langston then joke about Hannah. Starr says she loves when girls crush on him!

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