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    One Life To Live CAST - Markko Rivera - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Markko Rivera Played by Jason Tam on One Life To Live Daytime Soap Opera.

    Jason Tam

    Birthday: June 28, 1982
    Birthplace: The Hawaiian Islands
    Marital Status: Single
    Real Name: Jason Tam
    Web site:


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    Room Service: Deceit On The Menu!

    Wednesday, April 21 2010

    At The Palace, Ford decides to answer the door for room service. Langston hides and is shocked to hear it's Markko! Markko calls Ford out for using the director's room and admits he was hoping to meet him. Ford offers to put in a good word for Markko then invites him in! Langston is furious and rushes into the bathroom. She watches and listens as Markko serves Ford and wonders if he has a girl there. Langston notices her bracelet on the desk and begins to panic. Ford hides it and laughs as Markko talks about making love to Langston in the very same room. Markko knows Ford wants to get back to his girlfriend and leaves. Langston comes out of hiding and knees Ford in the groin! She lashes out at him for making Markko look like a fool. Ford assures Langston she's doing a good job of that herself! Though he tries to pull her back in Langston screams, "Go to hell!" then leaves. Ford sits down and enjoys his room service.

    In their apartment, Cole warns Starr that Todd will make her choose between the two of them. Starr begs Cole not to let Todd get to him and says, "Believe in us, Cole." Cole does and kisses Starr to prove it. They fall to the couch and make love. Afterwards, Cole agrees to take Starr to her prom and tells her about Markko's plans for Langston after the prom. Just as Starr assures Cole that Langston ended things with Ford Markko arrives home. They hear that Ford is using the director's room at The Palace to hook up with someone. Starr and Cole exchange suspicious glances. Markko heads to his bedroom to call Langston. Cole asks if Starr thinks Langston is still sleeping with Ford. Langston arrives and Cole and Starr turn to stare at her.

    Our Baby's Gone...

    Tuesday, April 20 2010

    Markko arrives home and leaves a message for Langston about a famous director who's in town. He sees Cole and hears about what happened with Todd, over Hannah. Cole assures Markko that he and Starr don't have any cheating issues. Markko doesn't with Langston either, which causes Cole to cringe. Markko admits he's going to surprise Langston with a room at The Palace on prom night then leaves to go talk to Renee. Starr arrives home shortly after and upsets Cole by saying she'll never push Todd completely out of their lives.

    Back downstairs, Markko makes plans with Renee to rent out the same room that he and Langston first made love in on prom night. After he hears a waiter taking a room service order from the famous director Markko asks a friend who works there for a favor.

    Upstairs, someone knocks on the hotel door. Langston gets out of bed, ready to play the role of the director's wife. Little does she know Markko is dressed as a waiter outside the door, with hopes to meet the famous man!

    Looking For Answers.

    Wednesday, April 14 2010

    At their apartment Cole is ranting at Starr about Langston cheating on Markko. Markko appears and wonders where Langston is. When Cole goes to leave he finds Langston about to enter. "I was just getting some orange juice," Langston explains but Cole wonders, "Is that all you were getting?" Markko wonders what Cole means but Starr and Langston deter the conversation. Markko leaves for school and Cole makes it clear he knows about Langston's affair. Langston is upset Starr told Cole but insists she ended things with Ford. Langston rushes out. Hannah listens from outside the opened door as Starr lashes out at Cole. After Starr leaves Hannah knocks on the door. Cole admits he had a fight with Starr. Hannah talks about her run-in with Ford then spills some coffee on her shirt. She quickly goes to wash it out, reappears in her bra and asks, "Can I borrow a shirt while this dries?" Suddenly, Todd comes through the door and sees them! "What the hell?" Todd seethes.

    Markko runs into Ford at the coffeehouse and wants to talk about school. Ford brushes him off then leaves.

    Halfway Gone With Lifehouse!

    Tuesday, April 13 2010

    Still at the coffeehouse, Cole realizes Langston didn't break up with Markko. He's still upset about Langston's deception but can't hurt Markko when he talks about them all going out on a double concert date tonight.

    Starr comes home and hears Langston couldn't break up with Markko. Langston realizes breaking up with Markko would've been a mistake. She promises to end things with Ford. Langston blames her affair with Ford on being scared to be with one person forever. "Now it's crystal clear. I love Markko," Langston says then apologizes for making Starr lie. "I'm really glad you made the right decision," Starr replies. Cole and Markko arrive home. After Markko and Langston go get ready for the concert, Starr fills Cole in. "It's over with Ford," Starr whispers. "Isn't that great?"

    Brody and Jessica arrive at Ultraviolet for the Lifehouse concert. Jessica has never heard of the band and can't imagine they're better than the Backstreet Boys! Brody promises Jessica no tricks and says, "As far as I'm concerned this is our first date." Layla and Cris appear and see Jessica and Brody. They hope their date works out. Just as Brody appears to make progress, Jessica spots Cris and calls him over. Layla pulls Cris up to dance. Brody does the same with Jessica. However, when Cris and Jessica's high school song comes on she stomps back to their table. Cris asks the DJ to play Layla's favorite song then continues their dance. Without Jessica knowing it was them Brody talks about a couple he knew who once danced alone at a bar. Across the room, Ford is looking at Langston's number on his cell when Karen, the pizza girl, makes him aware of her presence. Starr and Langston arrive and Langston quickly pulls Ford off. Markko and Cole come in soon after and Starr whispers to Cole that Langston is breaking things off with Ford now. Cole can't stand the sight of Langston after what she's done to Markko.

    Langston rejoins Cole, Starr and Markko back in the club. Lifehouse takes the stage and performs their new hit song "Halfway Gone." Langston sadly looks at Markko then smiles when she sees Ford. Across the room, Jessica appears to like the band, which causes Brody to smile.

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