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    One Life To Live CAST - Markko Rivera - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Markko Rivera Played by Jason Tam on One Life To Live Daytime Soap Opera.

    Jason Tam

    Birthday: June 28, 1982
    Birthplace: The Hawaiian Islands
    Marital Status: Single
    Real Name: Jason Tam
    Web site:


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    The Necklace Turns Up A Lead...

    Tuesday, May 04 2010

    Markko and Langston are at their apartment arguing about Cole. While Markko pays for the pizza delivery he assures Karen he won't tell anyone about the other night at The Palace. Karen appears confused but leaves. Markko rejoins Langston who's just received a text from Ford. Markko begins talking about the first time they made love. Langston can't take it and claims she's been lying to him! Langston admits she needs something different then brings up Ford. "It just happened, we're in love and we want to be together," Langston cries. Markko is devastated and screams, "What the hell! How could you do this to me?" Markko throws his video camera and destroys his film project. "I have no future without you!" Markko yells, which brings Langston back to reality. "You were lying to me?" Markko asks. Langston backtracks her words and claims she can't get her work done with him being there. Markko understands and gives her some space. The first thing Langston does is texts Ford.

    My Dad Needs Help!

    Wednesday, April 28 2010

    With everyone watching in the gym, Starr screams for Cole to stop beating her father. Cole throws Todd around the room like a ragdoll until he's completely bloodied! Cole is finally restrained as Starr and Blair rush to Todd's side. "Somebody call 911! My Dad needs help!" Starr screams. Tea holds Dani close as everyone fears the worst…

    Out in the hallway Markko urges Cole to leave now! He demands that Cole go cool off and check on Hope. After Markko goes back in the gym, Cole hides as the EMTs take Todd away. Dani cries, "Is Todd going to be okay?" She explains to Tea how she started to feel differently toward Todd but rants about him pushing Marty down the stairs. Crying, Dani asks if Tea thinks Todd's guilty. Tea can't be absolutely positive and goes to make a call. Matthew comforts Dani while Destiny warns Nate, "If you've got eyes for Dani shut them now!" Dani insists on going to the hospital with Tea.

    Brody arrives at the school and hears what Cole did to Todd. He questions Langston and Markko, who have different views on what Cole did. Langston doesn't believe Cole had any right to beat Todd but Markko thinks he did. Once Brody leaves, Langston fears this could end things for Starr and Cole. Markko doesn't think so and implies Starr and Cole's relationship is as strong as theirs.

    I Saw Who Did It!

    Tuesday, April 27 2010

    Inside the gym, Matthew asks Destiny, "Langston's cheating on Markko?" Matthew feels for Markko after hearing about Ford. Across the room, Markko glances toward Langston's phone, as it sounds off an alert for a new text. Langston joins him and Markko wonders who the text is from. As Langston texts Ford back, she lies and says it was from a girl at school. Langston joins Destiny and Matthew and wonders 'what lie' they are talking about. Matthew and Destiny cover and claim they were talking about the musical. Matthew and Destiny agree to stay quiet about Ford and Langston. Markko goes to his camcorder, noticing it's been on this whole time. On the bleachers Dani tells Nate that her mom's going to be surprised to hear that she felt something for Todd.

    Todd, Dani and Starr head into the gym, just as Markko is starting to watch the playback on the camcorder. "You're a murderer!" Cole screams as he charges in and confronts Todd. Starr tries to hold Cole back but he accuses Todd of killing his mom's baby. "Hannah saw him," Cole tells Starr then faces Todd, "You're not going to get away with it this time because I have a witness." Todd denies pushing Marty and walks away. Cole grabs him and throws Todd to the floor! Markko tries to pull Cole off of Todd, as he pummels him. Cole tosses Markko away then stops to look at Starr, who begs him to stop!

    Caught With Your Lips In The Cookie Jar!

    Monday, April 26 2010

    Ford and Langston are kissing in the gym at Llanview High. Destiny sees them, exits quickly then stops Matthew from entering. Destiny explains there's a couple in there making out and Matthew thinks it's Dani and Nate. Nate and Dani approach and overhear Matthew. He claims he was just talking about the musical, leading Nate to bring up his and Dani's rehearsal last night. Dani thinks back to kissing Nate. Markko appears and Destiny tries to stop him from entering the gym. Markko barges in just as Ford takes off. Just as Markko is about to tell Langston something everyone enters for rehearsal. Markko explains he's there to create a video diary of the musical for Langston. "Nobody loves you like I do," Markko tells Langston. The teacher announces that he's going to play the part of Todd again then rehearsal begins…

    Todd enters the gym as Dani is rehearsing a scene where Todd tells Starr how much he loves her. Dani thinks back to the first time she met Todd. Later Dani tells Nate she saw her dad in the gym. Nate says that explains why she'd acted as though she was seeing Todd for the very first time, when they were rehearsing. Dani admits she did feel something… Matthew and Destiny rehearse the first time Markko told Langston he loved her. Langston stares at Markko with sadness in her eyes. Destiny glares at Langston and admits to Matthew that Langston is the biggest hypocrite on the planet! As Destiny tells Matthew about Langston making out with some other guy, Markko's recorder tapes it all! Markko goes to get Langston some water. He opens her purse to retrieve it, as Langston's cell phone reads: New Message from Ford.

    A Shoulder To Cry On...

    Thursday, April 22 2010

    In their apartment, Langston gets a text from Ford. Markko promises her a prom night she'll never forget then leaves. Cole brings up that Ford was with another girl last night and demands to know if it was Langston. She denies it. Cole gets in Langston's face and they argue. Marty calls and everyone gets word that she lost the baby. Starr holds Cole close. Langston gives him her condolences then Cole leaves for the hospital, even though Marty asked him not to come. Starr wonders why Langston didn't appear upset to hear that Ford was with someone else and suggests she's the one he was with. Langston swears on their friendship that she's done with Ford then leaves.

    At the diner, Cris says, "Layla, I want to ask you something and I really hope you'll say yes." Ford interrupts and brags about his romp at The Palace. Markko arrives and Ford lies to Cris and Layla, claiming he was with Karen again. Once Ford leaves, Cris asks Layla to be his chaperone date at the prom. It appears Layla thought Cris was going to propose. Cris assures Layla that Jessica won't ruin their date and she accepts. Layla didn't have a good prom night but Cris plans to make it up to her. At the counter, Markko warns Ford that Karen's a nice girl and he needs to treat her right. Before Markko leaves, Ford promises him he won't tell Langston about his plans to rent the room at The Palace.

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