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    One Life To Live CAST - Markko Rivera - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Markko Rivera Played by Jason Tam on One Life To Live Daytime Soap Opera.

    Jason Tam

    Birthday: June 28, 1982
    Birthplace: The Hawaiian Islands
    Marital Status: Single
    Real Name: Jason Tam
    Web site:


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    Starr X'd Lovers Comes Full Circle...

    Tuesday, May 18 2010

    Inside the gym Markko watches the footage of Matthew and Destiny claiming Langston cheated on him with Ford. He goes off in his mind and starts wailing his arms and dancing out in anger. When he comes back to reality Markko begins searching for Destiny.

    Outside of the gym Destiny becomes further irritated with Darren who sings "The Way You Make Me Feel." Kids gather and join in on the song and dance. As everyone leaves the area Destiny and Darren find themselves close and dancing alone. Just as Destiny leans in to kiss Darren Markko interrupts. Darren heads back into the gym. Matthew appears and Markko demands to know everything about Langston and Ford. Reluctantly Destiny admits she saw Langston and Ford kissing. Markko finds out Langston left and says, "I think I have an idea where to find her."

    Over at Ford's Langston demands to know what's going on. Ford and Karen hide behind the couch. "It's not what it looks like," Ford explains. Karen scampers away and Ford dresses. He begs for Langston to hear him out then starts singing "A Lot To Say." After the song is over Ford sighs, "Please believe me." Ford claims Karen hit on him. Karen reappears clothed, calls Ford a liar then chastises Langston for hurting a great guy like Markko… for a jerk like Ford. Karen leaves and Ford claims she meant nothing to him. Things just happened. Langston can't believe his excuses and wonders if Ford just used her. Ford couldn't stop thinking about her being with Markko tonight. That's why he gave in to Karen. He begs for another chance. Just as Langston accepts Ford's kiss Markko barges into the apartment and catches them!

    Starr X'd Lovers: Prom Begins...

    Monday, May 17 2010

    Destiny, Darren, Matthew, Dani, Layla and Cris arrive at prom. They go to the dance floor and join in with other kids and sing "I've Got A Feeling." Brody, Jessica, Langston, Markko and Starr arrive next. Jessica walks away from Brody as the crowd dances around them. Things slow down. Jessica sadly watches Cris and Layla slow dance then warms up to Brody. Ford sends Langston a text. He wants her to slip away into his room but Langston refuses him. Shortly after everyone prepares to place their vote for prom king and queen. When Matthew goes to vote for Dani Nate admits to her that he almost asked her to prom. Across the gym Matthew confides in Starr that he's upset over Nate and Dani's interaction.

    Later, Jessica asks Cris to dance but he turns her down and says Layla is the only one he loves. Brody and Jessica start singing "If I Could Turn Back Time." Jessica thinks about Cris and Brody thinks about Jessica. Layla joins in and thinks of Cris. Langston sings too, thinking about how she's hurt Markko. Starr is next, thinking about having hurt Cole. Watching Cris and Layla enjoy each other, Jessica grabs Brody. They dance. Jessica touches Brody's uniform medals and remembers a time when they danced at Rodi's! Brody wonders if Jessica remembered something but she denies it. Markko upsets Langston when he admits he got them a room at The Palace. Destiny and Matthew watch them, wondering if Markko knows Langston's cheating on him. Destiny becomes more irritated with Darren but agrees to dance with him. Nate joins Starr. They watch Dani and Matthew. Starr agrees with Nate about two people knowing when they belong together. Starr thinks of Cole and sings "I Can't Live If I Don't." Later, Cris wants to head home but Layla thinks Ford and Karen are probably having sex as they speak. Neither realizes that Langston has heard their whole conversation! Langston can't get a hold of Ford then storms off. Nearby Starr cries to Markko. She wonders how Cole could just let them go after everything they've been through. Markko pulls Starr up and sings "We Fall." He urges Starr not to give up hope.

    Over by the ballot box Jessica starts filling out votes for prom king and queen and stuffs them in the box. Cris wants to tell Layla something but she insists that he just hold her and dance. Markko starts to take off to look for Langston but is reminded he has to videotape the announcement of the prom king and queen. He's out of tape but looks for something to tape over. On his camcorder Markko sees Destiny and Matthew's conversation about Langston cheating on him!

    Starr X'd Lovers Begins!

    Friday, May 14 2010

    Markko runs into Brody at the diner. They talk about prom and Brody says Markko's lucky his date doesn't think she's in love with someone else. Across the room Carlotta asks Cris if he's sure he still doesn't have feelings for Jessica. Cris claims he loves Layla then reluctantly replies, "So what if I do? Would that be a crime?" Cris claims he'll always care about Jessica. "You can't have it both ways," Carlotta warns. "You're going to hurt them both if you don't make a choice." Cris takes a call from Layla who agrees to meet him at the diner. Carlotta takes photos of Cris before he goes. Markko's parents do the same with their son.

    Shortly after Starr goes downstairs and answers the door. It's Cole! "We were meant to be together," Cole says then kisses Starr, who is startled to see Markko and Matthew staring at her from the open doorway. She sadly invites the guys inside…

    Could The Lockbox Hold The Key?

    Monday, May 10 2010

    Brody brings Markko to Cole's cell. Cole vents about Starr and turns down Markko's offer to lie about the attack. He appreciates Markko's support, especially since Starr chose Todd over him. Cole explains Starr's belief that Hannah is lying but thinks she's saying it just to make excuses for Todd. Cole wanted prom to be so special for Starr but hopes Markko has a good time. He deserves it. Cole almost spills the beans about Ford when Markko says Langston is the one who deserves it. "She's had such a rough time lately," Markko claims. Once Markko leaves Cole thinks about Starr and their plans to be together forever.

    Starr arrives home and thanks Langston for babysitting. She explains what happened to Cole and how Hannah was by his side for the whole hearing. Starr feels as though she's stuck between the two men she loves most in life. Starr wouldn't doubt if Hannah pushed Marty down the stairs herself just to get her hands on Cole. Langston makes a comment about not wanting them to break up too. "Too?" Starr asks. Langston claims she was talking about something else going wrong in Starr's life. Starr talks about prom being tomorrow and wonders if Cole would even want to go with her if he were free. Langston doesn't want to go to prom if Starr isn't. She listens as Starr admits Hannah almost killed herself over Ford. "Good thing you broke up with Ford when you did," Starr says. "Hannah might be after you too." Starr insists Langston go to prom. Just as Langston is about to fess up to her ongoing affair Markko returns home. Markko tries to be a go-between for Cole and Starr but Starr begs him to stop! Later, alone, Starr thinks about Cole and his promise to never leave her.

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