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    One Life To Live CAST - Markko Rivera - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Markko Rivera Played by Jason Tam on One Life To Live Daytime Soap Opera.

    Jason Tam

    Birthday: June 28, 1982
    Birthplace: The Hawaiian Islands
    Marital Status: Single
    Real Name: Jason Tam
    Web site:


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    Is This What I Think It Is?

    Wednesday, October 20 2010

    Rex goes to the diner and fills Gigi in. He thinks there might be someone who can help shed some light on this new revelation to the mystery surrounding his parents. Rex plans to head back to New Mexico for answers. Across the room, Markko apologizes to Cris.

    The Shock Of Their Lives.

    Friday, October 15 2010

    Langston finds Hope's stuffed frog at Marty's. Markko just thinks Hope forgot it there. James arrives and wants to see Cole. James was hoping he could help him and Nate find Starr and Dani. Markko gets a call and has to pick up a prescription for his dad. Once alone, Langston accuses James of trying to look like a hero for Starr. Is James hoping if he saves her Starr will choose him? James only wants Starr happy, like Ford wants for Langston, and asks, "Is Starr happy?" Langston claims she is and is stunned to hear that Ford didn't tell James that she sent the photos of her and Ford to the Dean. On James' way out he bumps into Hannah who drops James' necklace. "Where did you get this?" James asks.

    I Want To Talk To My Wife.

    Thursday, October 14 2010

    At Marty's, Hannah tells Cole, "I have to tell you what really happened to Starr and Hope." Langston and Markko arrive. Hannah claims she was just going to tell Cole that everything will work out for Starr and Hope. As Hannah goes to get drinks, she overhears Langston and Markko warning Cole not to trust her. Hannah rejoins them. She understands their mistrust but assures them she only wants what's best for Cole. After Hannah leaves, Cole says he wants to go talk to Bo. Markko and Langston agree to say in case anyone calls. Later, Langston finds Hope's stuffed frog.

    If It Weren't For You!

    Wednesday, October 13 2010

    At the mansion, Dorian and Langston share in their worry for Starr, Hope and Dani. After Langston heads to the kitchen, the doorbell rings. Dorian opens it to a camera flash. "Say cheese," Echo orders. Dorian thinks she's part of the press but Echo replies, "Dorian, it's me, Echo!" Dorian recalls Echo's trampy days and tries to throw her out. Echo pushes through the door and follows Dorian into the living room. Echo brings up Dorian's own past misdeeds involving Clint and Viki then makes Dorian aware she knows what she did to Chuckles Banks. Dorian wishes Echo good luck with Charlie. He's devoted to Viki. Echo admits she doesn't want Chuckles. She wants a job at The Banner but Viki made a big mistake by not giving her one. After more arguing, Dorian throws Echo out for good this time. Later, Langston is surprised to see Markko at the door. She breaks down over the kidnapping. Markko holds her close. Just as they agree to be strong for Cole, Ford appears. He came to check on Langston and sees she's in good hands. Langston stops Ford from leaving and says, "Thank you."

    We Gotta Go Now!

    Monday, September 27 2010

    Langston is surprised to see Markko at the coffeehouse. Markko returned for his father's surgery. Langston wonders why he didn't tell her. "Why should I?" Markko asks. Langston cries about how hard it was to let him go without saying goodbye. "I can't help wondering, maybe…" Langston begins but is interrupted when Markko gets a call. She listens as he thanks someone for taking him to the airport and how he didn't want to wake her… she was sleeping so soundly. When Markko hangs up, he admits he and Karen have a thing back at school. Over talk of college, Markko is furious to hear that Ford was fired for taking advantage of another girl. "That isn't exactly what happened," Langston admits but doesn't give Markko any details. Markko has to get back to the hospital. "Will I ever see you again?" Langston asks. Markko plans to head back to school soon, says, "Take care of yourself," then leaves. Ford appears, sees Langston then leaves unnoticed.

    Dani And Todd... Where Are They?

    Friday, September 24 2010

    Langston bumps into someone at the coffeehouse. It's Markko!

    Sex With Me Would Be A Real Treat For You!

    Monday, July 19 2010

    Still in the park Starr tells Cole about her visit with James and claims she won't be seeing him again. Starr starts rambling and Cole asks, "Are you okay?" Markko appears and Starr welcomes the distraction. Markko brings up Ford and James. Starr assures him they are nothing alike. When he asks if Starr and Cole are back together they uncomfortably claim to just be happy they are back home with Hope. They want Markko to move back in. He informs them he's leaving for California. He and Langston aren't destined to be together like Starr and Cole. As Starr reminds Markko that Langston will always love him Langston listens from around the corner. Cole, Starr and Markko say their goodbyes and think back to the great times the four of them had. As Cole walks Markko to his car Langston joins Starr in tears.

    He's Like Ross Rayburn In A Suit!

    Thursday, July 15 2010

    At the park Markko pulls away from the kiss and says, "No, we can't go back." Langston regrets being with Ford but Markko thinks something must've been wrong with them to begin with. Langston's shocked to hear Markko is leaving to attend UCLA and is heading out there with Karen, the pizza girl. They're friends and are splitting the trip to L.A. "So, this is goodbye?" Langston asks. "Yes, it is," Markko replies. After talk of all the firsts they've shared Langston and Markko wish each other luck. In tears, they savor one last hug goodbye then Markko leaves.

    Blair's Just Blair...

    Wednesday, July 14 2010

    Ford stops Langston from leaving the park. He can't stop thinking about her. Langston thinks he's still jerking her around. Ford grabs Langston and asks for a second chance. "I can't," Langston says. Markko appears and demands, "Get your hands off her!" Ford wonders if Langston wants him to leave. She does. "She's all yours. Oh, I guess not," Ford tells Markko as he goes. As Markko and Langston rehash their issues she wonders if it's too late to get back what they had. Markko still cares about her and kisses Langston!

    Hannah Bananas!

    Tuesday, July 13 2010

    Over at the diner Dorian rants at Viki as Markko reads the story about Ford and his involvement in the incident. After Dorian goes to talk to Markko Charlie tells Viki it's time to put their plan into motion. "This is our only way out," Charlie reminds Viki. "I have to sleep with Dorian." Viki wonders what'll happen if Charlie is wrong. What if Dorian takes him up on his seduction instead of realizing she loves David? Viki offers to take one for the team and sleep with David, which causes Charlie to choke on his coffee! Viki reminds Charlie that the jealousy lies between David and Dorian. Not them. David joins them with muffins and claims he was thrown out. Nora couldn't take her eyes off of him! Now he needs a place to stay. Across the room Dorian talks to Markko. She asks him to forgive Langston and give her a second chance. Markko makes it clear Langston doesn't deserve one. She still drools over Ford every time he sees her! After a bit more persuading Dorian offers to give Markko information on where he can find Langston. When Dorian returns to Viki's table Viki announces that David is moving into Llanfair! Dorian is clearly bugged but agrees when Charlie suggests they work from her mansion today.

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