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    One Life To Live CAST - Markko Rivera - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Markko Rivera Played by Jason Tam on One Life To Live Daytime Soap Opera.

    Jason Tam

    Birthday: June 28, 1982
    Birthplace: The Hawaiian Islands
    Marital Status: Single
    Real Name: Jason Tam
    Web site:


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    Phantom Spouse...

    Monday, January 25 2010

    At Capricorn, Blair approaches Markko, wondering where Starr and Cole are. Markko explains what he knows but says that Langston is there - and is having a good time. When Blair hears that Markko invited Ford, she stops Markko from going to look for Langston and agrees to go find her for him…

    Langston joins Markko, who is talking to Ford, thanks Blair for the party then asks him to take her home. Though Ford turns to walk away, Blair says, "Hold on a minute, studly." Blair claims that Langston loves her boyfriend, leaving Ford to say, "I could tell by the way she kissed me." Blair reminds Ford that Langston is a little girl then takes him in a steamy kiss! Blair pulls away and wonders if Ford still wants a relationship with Langston. When Ford says he could be persuaded to go the other way, with a woman, Blair calls him a player - and warns him to stay away from Langston!

    When Markko and Langston return home, Starr introduces them to Dani, as her sister. Dani watches as Starr and Tea interact, like mother and daughter, as Langston daydreams about kissing Ford, and sends Markko off to bed alone.

    Attempted Murder At The Docks!

    Friday, January 22 2010

    Just as Markko and Langston get cozy at Capricorn, Ford interrupts to say Happy Birthday - and to remind Langston that she's a woman now. After Markko goes to call Cole, who informs that they can't come to the party, Langston questions Ford about the role he cast her lookalike in, to which he admits he did it to live out his fantasy. Markko rejoins them and relays the news, that Starr and Cole can't come but will explain later. Langston is upset but lifts her glass, a virgin drink courtesy of Ford, to Markko's toast - to be together forever. As they are dancing, Ford and Langston make eye contact, which causes her to remember finding him in the Buchanan stables. Langston pulls out of Markko's arms and rushes off. As Langston returns from the bathroom, Ford stops her and apologizes for presuming there's something between them. Langston claims he wasn't being presumptuous, which causes Ford to say, "You feel it too…" Ford passionately pulls Langston into a kiss - and she kisses him back!

    Internet Search Results!

    Wednesday, January 20 2010

    Markko is talking to Cris at the diner, about Langston being stoked about Starr and Langston's party, when Ford arrives and wonders what she's stoked about. Markko blows him off, but when Ford tells him to get a good night's sleep - because class is starting soon - Cris brings up the party then suggests that Ford go! Ford only agrees if Markko doesn't mind, and after Markko acts as though he could care less, Ford says, "It's a date." After Markko leaves, Cris asks Ford about the tension between him and Markko, and Ford thinks it has something to do with Langston. Ford claims he's not interested in Langston and says that Markko is just jealous after having found them together, innocently, in the Buchanan stables last summer. "Markko has nothing to worry about," Ford states.

    Still at Starr's apartment, after Langston admits to Blair that she feels terrible for thinking of Ford while having sex with Markko, Blair assures her everyone does that type of thing from time to time. Blair wonders if she is 'into' Ford, which could be a problem, but Langston vows she loves Markko then lists off all of the reasons why. "Except I can't stop thinking about Ford," Langston admits and listens as Blair says she'll be fine, as long as she knows who she loves - and stays away from Ford - but warns for her not to tell Markko about these feelings. Just as Blair says, "It'll be our little secret," Markko arrives home and asks, "What secret?" Blair covers, and says it was about Starr's present, then leaves. Langston's brings up the party, and Markko informs her that he ran into Ford and invited him to the party. "What did you do that for?" Langston snaps but backtracks and stalls when Markko suggests they go take a shower together - to tell him how much she loves him.

    Tea And Dani Return...

    Tuesday, January 19 2010

    Markko, Langston and Cole surprise Starr for her eighteenth birthday - and announce that there's a party waiting for her at the club, and Cole and Starr have the night to themselves for twenty-four hours. Privately, Cole teases Markko about overhearing him and Langston having sex, and as Starr does the same to Langston, Langston starts to confess something to Starr, but Blair and Todd arrive with birthday wishes. While Todd questions Starr and Cole about how they'll survive, giving her a nice fat check for her birthday, Markko warns Langston that they were very loud last night. Todd tells Starr how proud he is of her then leaves, and Blair urges Starr and Cole to head over to the club to enjoy her birthday. Once Markko heads to the diner, Blair wonders how Langston has been then listens as Langston expresses that she needs to make a confession - before she explodes. Just as Langston brings up sex, Blair gets a sexy text from Eli but gives Langston her full attention, to which Langston admits she and Markko were having sex last night - but she was thinking about Ford.

    Matthew finds Destiny at the diner, and after a little catching up, and Destiny having a brief tiff about Dani, she urges Matthew to let her know how he's been, and Matthew admits that he and Dani kissed - and that she's left town for good. "I don't know if I'll ever see her again," Matthew opens up. Destiny tries to be a good friend, and Matthew is happy to hear that he doesn't have to be worried about losing Destiny too. Across the room, Markko takes a seat at a table and looks at a layout of an apartment.

    Gagged And Interrogated!

    Friday, January 15 2010

    In Fish's apartment, Markko sees Langston with Ford, who's shirtless, and demands to know what's going on! As they argue, Ford tries to give them some space, but David stops him, wanting to know when he's going to get his cut from the internet reality show! Ford says he doesn't owe David anything and refuses to fire his look-alike - but halts David from suing him by claiming that there may be some royalties for him. Across the room, Langston explains why she's there, as Markko tells her about Ford's reality show - and how her look-alike was in it. Markko admits he trusts Langston but not Ford, but Langston is sick of Markko's jealousy - because she only wants to be with him! Though Markko agrees to trust her, even around Ford, Langston says, "Prove it." Langston wants Markko to apologize to Ford, who promises David that he'll split the royalties with him. Ford writes David a check for the royalties, while David promises Markko that he'll get his cut. Markko tells Langston about Dorian's visit, but Langston refuses to forgive her. Before they leave, Markko reluctantly apologizes to Ford, but says he hated his video, then David freaks out when he reads the amount on the check - eighty-seven cents!

    Ugly David!

    Thursday, January 14 2010

    At their place, Markko and Langston realize that sharing an apartment with Cole, Starr and Hope isn't going to work then Langston brings up an amazing apartment she found for them! David shows up, along with Eli, and tells Markko about how he's suing for copyright infringement - and Markko is entitled to a fee from the settlement. Langston has to rush out, before someone else takes the apartment, and doesn't find out that David is suing Ford! Eli uses Markko's laptop to show Markko what David's talking about and pulls up a website titled "Ugly David" that has cast an actor who looks a lot like David! Markko doesn't want to get involved but changes his mind when he sees that Ford used an actress who looks just like Langston - one Ford's character romantically ends up with! Eli begins getting texts from Blair, becomes distracted, orders the guys to find Ford then rushes off. Dorian arrives, stunned that David is back in town, and fumes when David lashes out at her for firing his dad. Over talk of Amelia, Dorian explains her change of heart then invites David to move in with her, to resume their relationship, but David wants nothing to do with her - until she rehires Bo. Markko breaks up their conversation by saying he found Ford's address! Before Markko and David leave, they both make it clear that neither they, nor Langston, need anything from Dorian! As Dorian is leaving a little care-package for Langston and Starr, someone comes up behind her and covers Dorian's mouth!

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