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    One Life To Live CAST - Markko Rivera - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Markko Rivera Played by Jason Tam on One Life To Live Daytime Soap Opera.

    Jason Tam

    Birthday: June 28, 1982
    Birthplace: The Hawaiian Islands
    Marital Status: Single
    Real Name: Jason Tam
    Web site:


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    She's A College Girl...

    Thursday, February 25 2010

    Across the room, Star, Cole and Markko talk about Langston and how sorry they are that she missed the concert. Suddenly, a girl appears and hugs Cole! Cole introduces her as Hannah, a girl from college, one who's never seen Starr around campus. Starr admits she goes to Llanview High then Hannah pulls Cole aside to talk about college - and Markko urges Starr not to become jealous and to remember how much Cole loves her. Markko brings up how Starr reassured him about Langston then rushes off to head home - to tell Langston how much he loves her. When Cole rejoins Starr, she asks what Hannah wanted then appears as though she doesn't care when Cole tells her about them becoming partners for a class. Cole insists Starr has nothing to worry about but says if she has an issue with him working with Hannah, he'll work with one of the guys. After Cole jokes with Starr about the project surrounding human sexuality, Hannah reappears to say good night. Starr thinks she seems really nice then tells Cole she trusts him.

    Back at the apartment, Ford and Langston engage in another steamy kiss. Langston allows Ford to unbutton her shirt but pulls away saying, "This is wrong." Though she tries to throw him out, Ford starts unbuttoning his own shirt and asks, "Do you really want me to go?" Langston locks the front door and admits she wants him to stay. As their clothes come off, Langston says, "Wait, we don't have protection." Ford pulls out a condom then Langston pushes him into a chair and straddles his lap. When they move to the couch, Ford rips open the condom, but they are prevented from having sex - because Markko arrives home! Langston used the chain lock, so Markko doesn't see her and Ford, who Langston hides in the closet. She rushes to let Markko in, claiming she used the chain lock because she heard a noise. Markko is glad she did, since she was alone, but Langston blurts, "I wasn't alone." Ford listens from the closet as Langston lies and says, "I felt like I had company because the TV was on." Markko wonders if she has a fever, and Langston acts as though she feels sick. When Markko goes to get her an aspirin, she ushers Ford out of the apartment - and Ford reminds her that tonight happened for a reason! Markko returns, and when Langston pushes him away, claiming she doesn't want him to get sick, Markko is touched because she always puts him first. Markko kisses her neck and reminds Langston, who look weary, that they'll have the rest of their lives to make love.

    Llanview's Very Own... Snoop Dogg!

    Wednesday, February 24 2010

    Outside her apartment, Langston daydreams of kissing Ford when Markko appears behind her. Langston pulls away, and Markko wonders why? Langston apologizes for being distant, blames it on her writer's block and again thinks about Ford. "I just need to get this musical out of my system," she says. Markko looks forward to reconnecting with her over the concert tonight…

    Inside the apartment, while Starr and Cole are getting ready for the Snoop Dogg concert, they talk about Dani - and how much Starr misses her living with them. Suddenly, Cole gets a text that their babysitter canceled because she's going to the concert. Starr cries about their night being ruined, but Cole teases her by saying, "We have the place to ourselves." As Starr and Cole kiss, Langston and Markko come through the door. Markko is disappointed when Langston volunteers to babysit Hope and offers to help her, but Langston begs them all to go have fun - so she can work on her musical.

    Ford helps Cris set up for the Snoop Dogg concert at Capricorn, where Cris asks, "Are you going to invite this new girlfriend of yours?" Ford brushes the question off, but Cris wonders why he's keeping this girl a secret - is she with another guy? After a bit more back and forth girl talk, Cris tells Ford to man the door - and to let Cole, Starr, Markko and Langston in for free. When Langston doesn't arrive with Cole, Starr and Markko, Ford acts as though he's getting the flu, like Layla, and Cris tells him to go home.

    Later, Snoop arrives at Capricorn and chats with the Evans clan. On her way to the bathroom, Rachel spots Tea and says, "Greg thinks I know something." Tea suggests that Rachel come clean. Across the room, Starr, Cole and Markko tell Blair about Langston staying back to watch Hope. From different areas of the club, Todd, Bo and Nora watch Matthew and Dani - until Snoop takes the stage and sings his hit single, "I Wanna Rock," off his new "Malice In Wonderland" CD. Snoop makes his way through the crowd and dances with all of Capricorn's patrons.

    On The Hunt For Adriana!

    Wednesday, February 17 2010

    With everyone gathered around her at Starr and Langston's apartment, Dorian tries to explain why she wanted all of her girls together then assures them that Cassie is safe in Georgia and Kelly and Adriana are in Paris. Blair, Starr and Langston listen as Dorian talks about the poisoned eggnog and how she had to do everything Mitch told her to - like firing Bo and hiring Lowell. As Blair asks Langston and Starr if they should forgive Dorian, the FBI tells Dorian it's time to go to the station. Dorian is forced to admit that Charlie shot Jessica, while trying to kill Mitch, and for her part in it, then is taken away to the station, begging, "I tried to do the right thing, for your sake. Thank heaven you'll all be safe now." Cole and Markko follow close behind, heading off to school, then Blair admits to Starr and Langston that doing something desperate, like Dorian did, may have been the only way to attempt to get rid of Mitch. Later, while Starr is checking on Hope, Langston admits to Blair that she ran into Ford last night and ended up kissing him again. Blair warns that Langston is going to get hurt.

    Still in his office, Ford daydreams about his kiss with Langston when Cris arrives to let him know their apartment is ready. When Cris sees him holding a woman's scarf, Ford admits a girl did visit him, and though they didn't sleep together, he can't help thinking that they will. When Cris talks about getting his certificate to teach art at Llanview High, Ford says until he does, Cris can check out the students all he wants. Cris would never cross that line and then warns that Ford better not either. Cris runs into Cole and Markko as he's leaving. After Cole heads off to his class, Markko asks to talk to Ford, who's still holding Langston's scarf! Ford hides the scarf then leads Markko out of his office to talk.

    I Didn't Know What Else To Do...

    Tuesday, February 16 2010

    Blair arrives at Cole and Starr's and demands that they get Hope and Langston and come with her. Starr refuses until Blair explains Dorian's message. Markko panics when he doesn't find Langston in their bedroom, so Starr suggests they call her…

    Soon after, Langston arrives home, and everyone wonders where she was. Langston explains she was at the university library then demands that someone explain what's really going on. Suddenly, Dorian appears, with the FBI, says she fired Lowell and promises to explain… if they let her. With her girls seated around her, Dorian shows them the Christmas card that Mitch sent her - with their faces x'd out in red.

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