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    One Life To Live CAST - Markko Rivera

    Full detailed profile on Markko Rivera Played by Jason Tam on One Life To Live Daytime Soap Opera.

    Jason Tam
    Markko Rivera

    Actor: Jason Tam

    Who played Markko Rivera over the years

    Jason Tam (May 21, 2007 - November 10, 2010; April 2011, July 28, 2011)

    Useful information on Markko Rivera

    * Lashed out at Langston when asked to audition for the school musical.
    * Fell in love with Langston and defended her to his parents.
    * Lived with Cole, Starr and Langston.
    * Moved to LA to attend college.


    Current: Student at UCLA
    Past: Employee at the Angel's Square Diner


    Markko appeared in Llanview in 2007 a little rough around the edges and not afraid to speak his mind. After fighting his feelings for Langston Wilde, the two became an inseparable couple - and Markko even picked her after his parents found out he'd had sex before marriage and threw him out!

    Though Markko resided with Viki Davidson for a while, he later moved in with friend Cole Thornhart, and his father finally accepted his relationship with Langston.

    Markko was a loyal friend, one who has stood by Langston, Cole and Starr on numerous occasions. However, after becoming suspicious of Langston, Markko found her with Ford and was heartbroken to hear Langston had cheated on him.

    Markko left Llanview to attend a film program at UCLA. Though he returned briefly to be there while his father had surgery, Markko said his goodbyes on November 10, 2010 and headed back to LA.

    Markko returned to Llanview in 2011 after Dorian and David offered him and Langston a job with "Vicker Man." Though he took Langston back to L.A. to get started on the film, he returned for the premiere.




    Langston Wilde


    Ernesto Rivera (father)
    Aurelia Rivera (mother)




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    Friday, January 13 2012: One Life To Live By Allison Perkins.

    Starr arrives at Markko and Langston's in California. After they reconnect Starr sees some mementos from high school. Langton and Markko were remembering Cole. Starr has something to tell them. She thinks Cole would want them to know. They are stunned to hear Cole's alive and with his parents. Starr knows she may never see Cole again but is glad he's safe and with his family. While Markko takes a call, Starr and Langston talk about Ford. Langston's happy he found a family in Jessica and Ryder. A man, sent by Todd, arrives and introduces Starr to her bodyguard. "Nice to meet you, Miss Manning," Cole says. She rushes into his arms and ushers him in to see their friends. Cole shares that Patrick is alive and Marty's doing better. Cole's now where he belongs, with his family… Starr and Hope.

    Friday, July 29 2011: He's Not Todd Manning.

    At The Palace, Dani gasps, as everyone sees Nate drop his graduation gown onscreen in "Hold the Diploma." In the corner, Rick dances along to the porn music. Dani slaps Nate across the face. Dorian and David try to calm the crowd, as Mr. Patel screams about the content corrupting his unborn grandchild. Markko seethes at Dorian and David for ruining his career. They assure Markko these weren't the changes they made. Ford runs into Rama and spills his tray of wiener hors d'oeuvres. The toothpicks stick in Rama's balloon-baby-belly! Ford sees toothpaste seep out of it and wonders if Rama's all right. "I have more important things on my mind than your little wiener," Rama replies and runs off. She joins Vimal and his parents. Vimal sees the toothpaste leaking from her belly. The seal can't hold the water in any longer. The water explodes from her belly, all over Mr. Patel! Vimal tries to take the blame, but Rama admits she lied about being pregnant. Mr. Patel lashes out at Rama. Mrs. Patel thinks she did what she did because she really loves their son. Rama admits she lost her way but never stopped loving Vimal. He loves her too. They embrace. Mrs. Patel orders them to give her a grandchild soon and suggests if they need pointers they should ask 'that boy' from the film. Rick takes the stage and pitches his film to the crowd. David briefly gets sucked in, as Rick talks about being his number one fan. Dorian, David and Markko demand to know what happened to "Vicker Man." Rick claims he gave their movie to some guy. It'll probably be hitting the web any second now. Security takes Rick away. Dani rushes off. Todd stops Nate from following her. Jack yells for Todd to rough Nate up. Rex approaches Jack and says, "You have a hell of a big mouth." Holding the gun, Rex warns that Jack better be careful before someone shuts it for him. Jack apologizes for what happened with Shane and Gigi. It takes everything in Rex not to come unglued.

    Out in the lobby, Tomas tells John that Todd works for some very dangerous people. He has a job, one he's kept a secret. Tomas brings up Baker, who used to work for the CIA but went rogue. Todd's been answering to him for years. Tomas fears for Todd's family and admits, "I used to work for Baker too." He talks about missions and the people who paid the price for them. Just as Tomas is about ready to come clean, Dani, Tea, Starr and Baz appear with news of Nate's deception. Starr tries to calm Dani, saying there has to be a reason Nate did this. Baz takes Dani home, as Tomas and John rush to pull Todd off Nate. Despite Ford's warnings not to, Nate runs off to find Dani. Todd taunts John about not knowing what it's like to be a father. John takes a call from the cop who was knocked out at his place then tells Tomas they'll finish their business when he gets back. Jack joins Todd and whispers that Rex is there. He's stalking him and acting weird. Todd orders Jack to stay close to him. As Tomas and Todd make eye contact, Rex peers from behind a curtain. Rex aims the gun at Todd's family. Tomas calls Todd out, demanding he tell everyone the truth. Just as Tomas admits Todd isn't the real Todd Manning, T.M. appears and says, "I am." Everyone stares in shock.

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