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    One Life To Live CAST - Kate Howard (Past) - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Kate Howard (Past) Played by Megan Ward on One Life To Live Daytime Soap Opera.

    Megan Ward (Nikki Nelson/

    Birthday: September 24 1969
    Birthplace: Los Angeles, California
    Marital Status: Married Michael Shore (1995). Son Oliver (2001), daughter Audrey (2006).
    Real Name: Megan Ward
    Height: 5' 6"


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    Will Dillon Leave PC?

    Thursday, July 05 2007

    Sonny returns home which is where Alexis finds him. She shows him a picture of Kristina with Michael and Morgan. The picture surprises Sonny and he wonders what she's trying not to tell him. She comes clean and tells him about Carly's 4th of July holiday with Jerry Jax. "She was there with him," she says. Sonny is worried. He goes to Carly's to find out the truth. She tells him about their day trip and tells him the boys are fine. Sonny can't believe what she did and gets angry. Carly tries to explain things to Sonny, telling him that she is trying to get Jerry to relax so she can find out where Jax is! Sonny doesn't like her plan at all. Crying, she asks Sonny to trust her so that she can find Jax. Kate arrives and sees them together.

    Jason Goes to Prison.

    Tuesday, July 03 2007

    Sonny asks Kate if Carly seemed agitated when she saw her earlier. "Doesn't she always?" Kate asks. She says that Carly did mention that she and Jason were locked in the boiler room earlier, however. Sonny says that there must be a connection, and he picks up the phone to call the Metro Court.

    In the boiler room, Carly tells Jerry that she hates him for how he treats Jax. "Did it ever occur to you that I might want him to hate me because he'd be better off if he did?" Jerry says. Just then a Metro Court employee rushes in and says that Mr. Corinthos called and told them to check the boiler room. Carly rushes upstairs and tells her employees to change the locks on all the doors. Then she calls Sonny to say that she's okay. He asks if Jerry had anything to do with it and she said no. After he hangs up with Carly, Sonny tries to explain to Kate how complicated the Jerry situation is. He states that if that psycho goes anywhere near his children he will stop him. Kate comments that it's nice that he's so protective of Carly and the boys. "Whatever you had…it must still be alive," she murmurs.

    Jerry and Carly are still arguing at the Metro Court when Diane comes to tell her that Jason is going to Pentonville tonight. Carly rushes out the door and soon Kate comes in. She runs into Jerry as she walks through the lobby. He invites her for a drink and she turns him down. "Sonny told you I was a psychopath, didn't he?" Jerry says as he grabs her by the arm.

    Jason Brings Jake Home.

    Monday, July 02 2007

    Sonny walks over to Kate's terrace and tells her to calm down and not make a big decision right away. She tells him that the boy from Benson Hurst was smart, but apparently not smart enough to choose a decent life for himself. She says that she actually let herself believe that he was in the coffee business and if he did have any mob connections, it had to do with tax evasion or something. She says that she refuses to live anywhere near killing. Sonny says that he doesn’t blame her and she apologizes if she had anything to do with his career choice all those years ago Sonny leaves.

    Jason and Amelia Team Up.

    Friday, June 29 2007

    Kate is at home working with Clarisse. When Kate sees that Carly has arrived, Kate dismisses Clarisse. She called Carly over because she thought that she might like to know what Sonny is doing to her brother-in-law. She says that Sonny threatened to cut Jerry's heart out and Carly tells her that Jerry has it coming because he's a dangerous man. "Apparently so is Sonny," Kate says. She asks how she could have been married to Sonny for so long without being appalled with what he does for a living. Carly says if she has a problem with what she saw today she should walk away before she gets too involved.

    Kate is on the phone talking to a realtor. She's saying that the extensive remodel is off and now she wants to sell the house ASAP. Sonny has come onto her terrace and overheard. She explains that she has no desire to live next to him, but he says that she has a lot of desire.

    Tracy Plays Her Hand

    Thursday, June 28 2007

    Amelia is meeting with another producer when Kate arrives with a proposition - that Amelia publicize her affair with Sonny! Amelia walks away in disbelief but Kate follows. She refuses to admit to any kind of relationship with Sonny. If she won't, Kate suggests that she leave Sonny alone to find a new woman! Both leave. Sam arrives at the station, annoyed to find Amelia gone and the other producer giving orders. Maxie comes in with a garment bag which Sam sends away with orders that she begin picking out her own clothes and choose her own stories. The producer leaves but Maxie stays. Sam confides in her a little bit and Maxie suggests she just leave Jason! Comparing Sam and Jason to her and Lucky, Maxie tells her she is setting herself up for a lot of hurt by sticking around! Later Amelia returns, annoyed to find Sam at work but not working. She tells Sam to get to work or get out. Rubbing it in that Jason didn't call her from lock-up and reminding her that she is losing him, Amelia gives Sam orders to call a story contact. Sam refuses!

    Kate heads to the Metro Court. As she talks on the phone she literally runs into Jerry. His charm flatters her and Kate begins to flirt a little bit. Jerry appears to be just as taken with her. He asks her about her acquaintance with Jax. They talk for a bit and Jerry asks her out for a drink. Kate realizes they are garnering a lot of attention, believing they are focused on her. Jerry set her straight, telling her that the staff is focused on him because they think he's homicidal! "You don't seem the type," she says as they sit down. Jerry tells her about his resemblance to the hostage taker and Kate doesn’t think anything about it. She invites Jerry to her home once it is ready for public viewing. Kate leaves. Jerry writes a check for the broken window and delivers it to the concierge to give to Jax. As he walks out two thugs approach and order him to come with them. The thugs march him to Sonny's! Jerry plays it cool. Sonny threatens Jerry, not realizing that Kate is right behind them!

    Dreams and Nightmares.

    Tuesday, June 26 2007

    Sonny is holding to his theory that Kate really has it for him. She gets rattled under the pressure of his accusations and calls him "Michael". Sonny thinks that proves it but she says that she simply wanted him caught with someone who isn't her. Sonny comes inside her room and says that he's flattered that she has carried a torch for him all these years. She denies it and says that she barely knows him. He contends that Kate Howard may not know him, but he taught Connie Falconeri how to French kiss. She tells him to stop flirting with him. He says if he can't have sex with someone else and he can't flirt with her, so what can he do? There's a knock at the door and even though Kate would love for Sonny to hide, he answers the door and greets Clarisse, her assistant.

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