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    One Life To Live CAST - Dr. Douglas Kline - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Dr. Douglas Kline Played by Mark LaMura on One Life To Live Daytime Soap Opera.

    Mark LaMura

    Birthday: 1948/10/18
    Birthplace: Perth Amboy, New Jersey
    Real Name: Mark LaMura



    Someone's Been Smoking Pot!

    Tuesday, February 10 2009

    Still at the mansion with Moe and Noelle, as Viki rants, hoping that Dorian doesn't hurt David, Dorian appears, looking like Little Red Riding Hood - trying to hide her orange robe! Though Dorian is furious to hear Viki talking about her, she snaps back into new-Dorian mode and asks if Viki needs anything else in regards to the Go Red Ball. Noelle then agrees to let Dorian borrow something to wear to the Ball then Dorian announces, "I think it's going to be a night to remember." Once Dorian and Noelle head upstairs, Moe says, "I think she's up to something," and Viki agrees!

    My Son's Alive?

    Friday, April 06 2007

    Over dinner at The Palace, Dorian expresses to Clint how nice it was to make love that afternoon. Just then, Dorian spots Viki across the room and suggests they go say hello to her! Although Clint refuses, Dorian pulls him along and says, "Hello, Viki, are you dining alone?" Suddenly, Dr. Kline arrives and Viki introduces him to Clint and Dorian, then says, "Enjoy your meal." Clint and Dorian leave… When Dr. Kline senses the tension between Viki, Clint and Dorian, he thinks she's trying to make Clint jealous and suggests that they give Clint and Dorian a show! However, Viki assures him that she's not, "I'm here because you invited me." Dr. Kline seems pleased and orders a bottle of the best champagne, leans in close, tells Viki he wouldn't mind getting to know her better, then kisses her!

    Back at their table, Dorian gloats to Clint that Dr. Kline held onto her hand a bit too long, "He's a womanizer! That guy is going to try to get Viki into bed tonight." After Clint tries to act as though he doesn't care, he asks Dorian to please, for him, stay off the subject of Viki. Just then, Clint turns around to catch Viki and the doctor in a lip lock! With Dorian close behind, Clint marches over and demands to know what's going on! Although Viki and Dr. Kline claim to be having a great time, Dorian insinuates that Viki's doing it to get back at Clint! Viki stands up and screams, "I was having a good time and I wish you two would leave me alone!" Viki storms off… After she returns from the bathroom, Viki informs everyone she is leaving alone. Dr. Kline appears to be a bit tipsy.

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